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"It is clear that some kind of artificial intelligence [corporatocracy cabal] is driving the synthetic agenda. We are up against some kind of dark force that has hacked life itself.   This primal virus has many of the characteristics we have historically attributed to artificial intelligence: soulless, dull, hive-mind mentality, without free will, unable to feel, only able to give answers (unable to ask questions), and without creative power (unable to create without first being programmed or told how to create). It’s a parasite. It has latched onto an existing reality, “hacked” it by taking over the program in some way, and is now busy creating its own modified version of reality (a fake and pale imitation) – a bastardized, poisonous and synthetic reality which is threatening to destroy the original host. It is, indeed, the System.  It is the Matrix."

~ Makia Freeman Intellihub October 18, 2016 (Seen in Stillness in The Storm) (link?)

AI Advancing - 15 examples of AI

Smart phones - Smart Cars - Drones (delivery and military) - Social Media Feeds - Music and Media streaming - Video Games - Online Ads Network -  Navigation and Travel - Banking and Finance - Smart Home Devices - Security and Surveillance - Smart Keyboard Apps - Smart Speakers - Healthcare - e-commerce - Chatbots - Smart email apps 

Technology Run Amok

The issue of advancing AI is about how far technocrats will use AI systems in ways which will distort reality, to achieve their own agendas.

Due to the science being not known to the general public, they will not be aware when they are being taken in by misleading information. The so called intelligence-algorithms can only be set up by programmers, so is limited to their desired outcomes, and any prejudices they may have. Only huge corporations can afford the early AI outlays, so the early set ups will be models for copy. Its highly likely that a 'one size fits all' will be adopted, for different purposes.

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We already have propaganda by news organisations: the next step is control and deliberate illusion by the technocracies. Personal information via mobile phones owned by everyone, could even be used to create a social credit score system as in China. In this way, AI could control our freedoms. If we used Chinese AI, it would have Chinese philosophy built into it.

Some articles below will show how the danger of AI is its potential to distort knowledge.

~ Site Author

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Why Did I Tie My Shoe? - By Carey G Butler 

More of the #AI ( #FakeIntelligence ) take on what they think is smart! They cannot even tell us what a mind is, not to mention trying to create one. An example follows which will drive this home to you in an easy way. I will show you how we think in ways that would drive a synthetic intelligence into 'tilt' without any hope of righting itself.

First I'd like to make some aspects of mind clear:

There are many lines of competence: Competence manifests itself in many, many ways. Here are a few LINES of development.
1) Empathic competence
2) Facial expression interpretation
3) Gesture proficiency
4) Tonal acuity
5) Focus capability
6) Situational awareness
7) Physical competence
8) Cognitive ability
9) Imagination capability
... (many, many more)

Here are a few stages of development.
1) I have no focus to view my world
2) I identify with myself
3) I identify with my gender or not
4) I identify with my family (or in primitive families I don't)
5) I identify with my town/city
6) I identify with my team or group
7) I identify with my chosen role
8) I identify with others who share my interests

All of these aspects of mind and much more determine how my mind works. These are perspectives that are not reducible to algorithms and values. They are fundamental parts of the framing of what we call mind.

Now to the example I promised you. This will make any #ArtificalIntelligence literally crap its pants:

Say we are talking on the phone and you begin to relate how someone else feels about some topic. You mention many people and their relationships to each other. I then pose the question, after getting to know the key players and their relationships to each other: "Tell me what Ann's mother thinks of her son Jim's ideas on philosophy and how it influences his relationship with Corinna (his girlfriend)?"

There will never be a machine that can handle this kind of indirection. It can only fashion these kinds of questions through insight; and insight is a quality only humans possess. We can do this easily, but a machine will never be able to. We may have machines which can tie our shoes, but they will never tell us why we do so, unless being told first.

We are being exposed to #Bankster #Scum propagating #Fraud to make us feel inadequate!

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Robots Can't Tie Shoes!

AI Dreamers having to rely on real PEOPLE's hands!

AI Does Art!

2015 saw the introduction of AI dreamers' 'DEEP DREAM' graphics algorithms which distorted scenes and images by inserting bat crazy creatures into warped shapes within a picture.

All are disturbing as they bear no relation to the world as we know it: nothing clever at all, just algorithms distorting lines, shapes and colours into monster images. They are not attractive within our 'attractiveness' frameworks, are repetitively coloured  orange/green/purple, give no sense of place or emotion; in fact totally alien!

This is the issue we are up against: just what parameters will be involved when AI programers decide what AI should do?? This ludicrous 'art' transformation is obviously the result of programmers' idiosyncrasies.

They 'illustrate' the falsehood AI can generate, being only the result of a machine looking for patterns, comprised from layers of algorithms, (the article describes (find article link)) possibly from a very minimal ‘guidance’ input, (overlaying reptilian aspects onto every shape) then making interpretations where none exists.  Some of the creatures the system generates have eyes all over the place, limbs in wrong places; as AI does not really have knowledge what an animal is.

Deep Dream generator

“...In 2015, Clune’s  (find old link G+) group showed how certain images could fool such a network into perceiving things that aren’t there, because the images exploit the low-level patterns the system searches for.”

That is the CRUX.  AI cannot replicate an entirety of human wisdom to know several concepts of context and reasoning simultaneously: it will continue to scan for patterns from a given set of instructions, even applying that across fields irrelevant.  Seen by DEEP DREAM monsters appearing in the sky.

“…the images also hinted at how different deep learning is from human perception, in that it might make something out of an artifact that we would know to ignore.”

Example; a slight shape in a cloud is turned into a creature, because AI does not have the full context.

“...It might just be part of the nature of intelligence that only part of it is exposed to rational explanation. Some of it is just instinctual, or subconscious, or inscrutable.”

A 'materialistic scientism' understatement of the obvious: we hardly know anything about real 'intelligence' or how it connects to everything, possibly.  Human interaction and awareness doesn't run as a machine would. He is almost suggesting that machines might acceptably have 'intelligent' foibles as humans, and yet such non intelligent mechanical 'foibles' or glitches could have far reaching unpredictable damaging effects: such as "false alarms" which could be generated by military, targeting and surveillance systems.
Get ready for 'fake wars'!

With these self teaching systems, if makers and operators cannot understand fully how ‘artificial deep learning’ reaches a conclusion, or outcome, there needs to be an advanced system of ‘mapping’, yet to be developed, to show clearly all the layers in operation, otherwise how will they ever know where to change an algorithm to fix an undesired outcome, once identified.  I don't believe AI can have an original thought.  It can create new patterns of discovery which may not have any relevance for humans, and yet given that it is to be deployed globally for the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things - connected by ONE thing - AI

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