Tortoise Symbolism in Media and old Fabianism The Slow March

A TURTLE or TORTOISE, a WOLF and a SHEEP - symbolism on the slow path towards totalitarianism, so when a new news media names itself 'Tortoise', we can guess the agenda; or they would avoid the usage!

Many posts on this site are concerned with pollution of environment and humans by toxic pharmaceuticals, however when culture is being altered by controlling forces and politicians who seem to be leading nations in dystopian directions under globalist technocratic control, then we might call such a society somewhat 'synthetic'; not of the people's making, and not to many of their likings.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Fabian Society Tortoise or Turtle badge symbol

Many cultures use the symbolism of the Tortoise or Turtle to represent admirable characteristics and long life.  Such symbolism is of course hijacked by those who would hide not so good intentions for humanity behind a facade of 'good things'.  The slow movement and patience of the tortoise is symbolic of the long planning of Fabians to implement their strategy into society.  Their other image of a wolf disguised as a sheep is of course exactly this; to appear as mild as a sheep, whilst having the intentions of a wolf.  Quite blatant!

Peace - Resolution - Protection - Patience - Wisdom - Motherhood - Loyalty - Spiritual Growth

The 'good intentions' of the turtle/tortoise symbolism of many cultures, is turned upside down if we consider the slow march through the institutions of Fabian Marxism, the apparent philosophy of the global corporatocracy, currently bringing us a communications technocracy, pharmageddon as a prelude to bio-digital surveillance and war, and financial takeover into a system of social credit as used by the Chinese, based on surveillance of the population by increasingly ingenious devices.  (Before we even broach the topic of nano tech platforms in the vaccines)


By the very naming of itself as Tortoise Media, I suspect the organisation hopes to imply it takes a slow and wise view of things.  However, there is nothing middle of the road in their immediately obvious anti-Russia deep state narrative, and attacks on Donald Trump's character.   News article heard on UKColumn March 15th 2024, by Ben Rubin, investigative journalist.

Ben notes a maskot of tortoise, same as Fabians, along with a mantra of ‘slow down, wise up’.  The media organisation presents itself as counterpoint to 24/7 news cycle; as if similar to UKC but actually with a different editorial.
“buttressing and reinforcing the rapidly deteriorating globalist mainstream media narrative by people like Michael Gove” 

“Not so secret society of Marxists, working to implement the singular global government.  Extremely well funded.”

Organisations like Bilderberg and DAVOS give the proponents an 'acceptable' looking platform.
James Harding, Tortoise founder, at DAVOS in front of Greyson Perry tapestry mural featuring abortion and Satan

Tortoise Media [my observations] 'about us' page trots out the same old yarn that too much info on news is fake or junk (if its not the news they agree with!).  Founded by ex BBC news director, we can't expect any different.  Their anti-Russia and anti-Trump are the same as MSM.  People who have watched alternative news broadcasters who go into the history and background of events, may have a different take on those things.  It seems some of these news organisations are plainly ignorant of the wider views of the public, that they peddle the same old narrative; all the while in a time when the public are being threatened with law enforced censorship for any kind of anti-anything writing!

Right off the bat, Tortoise Media's Deputy Editor asks why no news organisation anticipated 'Brexit vote nor 'Trump election' !  How could an ex TIMES chief leader writer say such a daft thing?  Editors locked in their silos, digesting the news put out by deep state's civil servants, weren't following the alternative news which would have shown all this in progression.  To those of us who gave up on the BBC and listened elsewhere, the course of events was no surprise.

Social engineering via news information is clear on the first page of Tortoise website where its bashing Trump time. 'Trump has normalised lying':  Really?   'Truth is the first casualty of Trump'.  Really?  Just like the mainstream media, its a vendetta against an American patriot.  Regardless of what Trump may have done wrong (such as allowing the now proven dangerous vaccines to continue), while everything else he did was in America's interest, and for peace of the world: the only reason this organisation has for its existence is to back up what the deep civil service are doing.  Who else might they think suitable then?  Just another warmonger, judging from the anti-Russia articles.  They fear Trump will bring peace, and stop their military industrial agenda. He may even break up NATO, having said Europeans would not come to the aid of USA.  And this is quite apart from the long known, and contracted plans for EURABIA, the incessant population replacement continuing unabated both sides of the Atlantic.

Sensible people absolutely HATE the idea of supporting Ukraine against Russia, when Russia warned long ago not to advance NATO on the Russian frontier.  The west has caused this problem and brought matters to a head since intervention in 2014.  Many writers and websites explain the real reasons for this crazy escapade and hideous loss of life of those willing to die ignorantly in battle which looks from media images as bad as WWI in trenches.

With donors like Google, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation, its hard to believe Tortoise has any independent thinking beyond the technocracy, and pharmatocracy: therefore a US big tech influenced globalist organisation.

'Fabians and their socialist collaborators do sit on the boards of multinational corporations, influential think-tanks and intergovernmental organisations such as the United Nations. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is a former president of the Socialist International, an organisation originally founded by Karl Marx and re-established after the war by the Fabian Society for the purpose of coordinating international socialism and imposing world government.'

[from The Truth about the Fabian Society.  Ioan Ratiu 8.10.2020 (originally 2012 by freetheworldnow)

GRADUALISM - (brief history blog) rather than revolution, political and consequential societal changes occur over long time stretches, so any one generation does not see easily how things are being changed to erode liberty, veiled in confusion and social engineering.  FABIANISM is still infiltrated via governments.  

Jay Dyer has made videos on analysis of corporate technocracy books, with reference to the Milner-Fabian Society, which show how far reaching the Fabian Society still is these days into science and global control. Notes in my BrainSite]. VIDEO BELOW discusses.

 “Corporate Socialism" - a scientific dictatorship: Merges monopoly capitalism with slow approach of Fabian Society socialism.

Jay's video in note form:   Plans they’ve had are already effective: NWO to emerge out of dialectical conflicts.  They might say ‘nationalism is part of the problem’. Reference Klaus Schwab's  “angrier world"; economic collapse, food shortages etc.  Recent development/assumption: Lack of ability of national governments to solve their own problems.  So more power is given over to centralised bodies.

Older plan: Weishaupt ‘Fire in the Minds of Men” James Billington.  Karl Marx was in a secret society called ‘the League of the Just’.  He was asked to create a manifesto.  Various planks, levels.  It got reconstituted.  Abolition of private property.  (Marx’s final stage was a final revolution, liberalism)

Laws like ‘eminent domain’ are socialist ideas tried in communes/communal farms, where government compensates for taking over of land.  Plan started in 1850s for cities:  graduated income tax. Fed reserve debt based system (more Marxist). Centralisation of all banking and credit into the hands of the state.  (Fed Res).  Marxism always funded by wealthy people, to take private control.  Heavy inheritance taxes.  Fortune 100/500 technocrat system is ‘corporate socialism’.  Private companies with gov interface: Google, Facebook.  BIS is same model, bank for the world.

1840:  Plank for shutting down free speech.  Lots of the old plans didn’t succeed.

The state will take over all factories.  Right to work.  Equality of outcome (even Marx thought absurd). Lowering of education nowadays, has effect of that plank.  Coalition of all farming.  No self sufficiency.  Pack everyone into cities.  Can destroy livelihood in country.

Free education: but public schools are the free 'indoctrination'.  Generation after Marx, a socialising institution (John Dewey); to bring about the socialist world order.  Kindergarten would bring a Pentecost.

Hegelian dialectic synthesis, all going as the Milner Fabian elites planned.  Original Marxist plan didn’t work.  Early French Jacobins kind of similar.  Bolshevik revolution was next phase.  Red terror. Rip apart previous society.  Some were demonically possessed.  (Funded by elites in West, by Fabian Society).  They wanted to see ‘scientific governance’, [note expand this point] via international order, and destruction of the family.  Families are roadblocks to global order.

In ‘Milner Fabian Conspiracy’: some of the inner members of Marxist party had figured out Marxism itself does not have ability to build a gigantic infrastructure.  Big corps are needed.  Consolidate wealth and owner and transfer off shore.  Technocratic order ultimately with design of mass depopulation.  'One World order, the Socialist Dictatorship' - Dr John Coleman comes to same conclusion as professor Sutton: the enemy in cold war was not Moscow and Stalin, but the enemy was in Washington!  Banking elites and Fortune 100's are allied in the Anglo American establishment, which includes Israel.  Their new approach was the slow Fabian model: gradually bringing in each of the Marxist ideas.  They wrote it up back in days of Woodrow Wilson, (WWI), which set up Fed Res.  Plan to send nations to war to get them involved; to create League of Nations.  It failed but plans drawn up to revamp Marxist theories.

7 points to take down USA
Retooling and repurposing for internationalist social order objectives; have been successful and visible to day.
Makes no difference who you elect, but the plan marches forward.

F D Rosevelt drew up the plan 'New Deal'.  (As Klaus Schwab of the WEF says ‘ we must penetrate the governments’: and create institutions like National Council of Churches (who pushed jabs!). They got money from British elite, and wealthy american entrepreneurs: Henry Ford, David Rockefeller, feminists.

Part of the plan was to permeate and destroy Christianity from within; make it a tool of the one world state. Level all religions; through institutional capture. (Abrahamic religions).  But not all same belief unless you reject New Testament. (Jews don’t follow Jesus).
National pride has to go away.  Flags cant be put up, or its termed ‘racist’.  Fabian socialists in 1920s came up with idea of things being ‘racist’.  Even ahead of critical race theory which is taught today.  To have an international order, you must get rid of nation states.  Flood all the cultures with foreign cultures : a strategy of warfare.  Kelly Greenhall book.    Pacifism is a socialist technique of disarming.  Patriotism must go away.  (much described in Brave New World). EU are all Fabians.  John Maynard Keynes.  Eastern seaboard colleges.  Ann Rand type professors are a super minority.  Thought process is all towards socialism.  All socialist countries become slave states.  People believe in it, thinking evil capitalists are sabotaging it, when they are actually funding it.

H G Wells actually said to Marxists stop being dumb, thinking capitalists are your enemy (they need the wealth). He asks who will build the international structure.

Another tactic - Must change US Constitution. Things getting eroded by design.  1910-1920 plan to completely change landscape of America.  (Constitution limits the desired socialist idea.)

Implement graduated income tax, which Europe has.  Free trade.

Marx and Engels allowed for free trade, because it allows for prices to collapse.  Economic chaos to bring down country.  They knew it damages middle class.  Thought would lead to everyone calling for an international order. (NWO).  WWIII is therefore predictable.  So they can say all problems come from bible, religions, nationalism, any kind of individualism.

Aldous Huxley - Fabian Society leader

'Tortoise AI Regulation Peeps Out Of Rothschild Shell: Work Slow, Bite Hard?'

Ben Ruben's piece on UKColumn 15h March 2024 @19:07.   [move to AI page]

Rothschild Foundation Manor

AI meeting at Waddesdon Manor

If an organisation like 'Tortoise' is meeting about AI at bankers' Rothschilds's manor, we might wonder what plans they have for implementing rulings about AI: factors under consideration maybe digital banking with social credit scoring; and at the very least possibly AI as surveillance systems.

OFCOM could have the power to regulate that everyone in UK downloads spyware to regulate their messages.  We hope these talks would be against such a thing, but with new censorship 'hate' laws being introduced, its likely censorship would indeed use AI, with government approval.