Gene Editing

CRISPR-Cas9 and Nanoclew

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Gene drives take over embryonic development in 4 generations. Image:

CRISPR technology was first derived from a bacterial immune response that uses RNA to protect itself against plasmids and viruses by breaking specific DNA sequences in the pathogen's genome. With the CRISPR technology, researchers have co-opted that system to edit any gene, allowing them to make precise genetic changes for a desired effect.

The gene drive mechanism may allow scientists to control malarial mosquitoes or pesticide-resistant pests, for example, by using CRISPR to introduce a mutation (allele) into a few individuals in a population and have that mutation quickly spread through the entire population. But researchers fear such gene drives could have unintended consequences, such as spreading into an unintended species. article

Nanoclew gene editing tool

The nanoclews are made of a single, tightly-wound strand of DNA. The DNA is engineered to partially complement the relevant CRISPR RNA it will carry, allowing the CRISPR-Cas9 complex - a CRISPR RNA bound to a Cas9 protein—to loosely attach itself to the nanoclew. "Multiple CRISPR-Cas complexes can be attached to a single nanoclew," says Wujin Sun, lead author of the study and Ph.D. student in Gu's lab.

When the nanoclew comes into contact with a cell, the cell absorbs the nanoclew completely - swallowing it and wrapping it in a protective sheath called an endosome. But the nanoclews are coated with a positively-charged polymer that breaks down the endosome, setting the nanoclew free inside the cell. The CRISPR-Cas9 complexes can then free themselves from the nanoclew to make their way to the nucleus. And once a CRISPR-Cas9 complex reaches the nucleus, gene editing begins.

GMO Land Grab Argentina

Staggering land grab by big pharma!

'Seeds of Destruction -The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation'  ~   2007 F. William Engdahl

'Rockefeller's Argentina Land Revolution'

Start (P. 182)   By the mid-1990's, the Menem government moved to revolutionize Argentina's traditional productive agriculture into monoculture aimed for global export. The script was again written for him in New York and Washington by foreign interests, constituted above all by the associates of David Rockefeller.

Menem argued that the transformation of food production into industrial cultivation of GM soybean was necessary for the country to pay its ballooning foreign debt. It was a lie, but it succeeded in transforming Argentine agriculture into a pawn for North American investors like David Rockefeller, Monsanto and Cargill Inc.

Following almost two decades of economic battering through mounting foreign debts (P. 181 causes), forced privatization and the dismantling of national protective barriers, the highly-valued Argentine agricultural economy would now be the target of the most radical transformation of them all.

In 1991, several years before field trials were implemented in the United States, Argentina became a secret experimental laboratory for developing genetically engineered crops. The population was to become the human guinea pigs of the project. Menem's government created a pseudo-scientific Advisory Commission on Biotechnology to oversee the granting of licenses for more than 569 field trials for GM corn, sunflowers, cotton, wheat and especially soybeans. There was no public debate on the initiative of either the Menem government or the Commission on the controversial issue of whether or not GMO crops were safe.

(P. 183) 

The Commission met in secret, and never made its findings public. It merely acted as a publicity agent for foreign GMO seed multinationals. This was not surprising as the Commission members themselves came from Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow AgroSciences and other GMO giants. In 1996, Monsanto Corporation of St. Louis Missouri was the world's largest producer of genetically-manipulated patented soybean seeds: Roundup Ready soybeans.

In 1995, Monsanto introduced Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans that had a copy of a gene from the bacterium, Agrobacterium sp. strain CP4, inserted, by means of a gene gun, into its genome. That allowed the transgenic or GMO plant to survive being sprayed by the non-selective herbicide, glyphosate. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, killed conventional soybeans. Any conventional soybean crops adjacent to Monsanto Roundup Ready crops would inevitably be affected due to wind-borne contamination.  Convenientlythat greatly aided the spread of Monsanto crops once introduced.

The genetic modification in Monsanto Roundup Ready soybeans involved incorporating a bacterial version of the enzyme into the soybean plant that gave the GMO soybean protection from Monsanto's herbicide Roundup. Roundup was the same herbicide used by the US Government to eradicate drug crops in Colombia.

Thereby protected, both the soybeans and any weeds could be sprayed with Roundup, killing the weeds and leaving the soybeans. Typically, rather than less herbicide chemicals, GMO soybeans required significantly more chemicals per hectare to control weed growth.

Since the 1970's, soybeans had been promoted by large agribusiness seed companies to become a major source of animal feed worldwide. Monsanto was granted an exclusive license in 1996 by President Menem to distribute its GMO soybean seeds throughout Argentina.  (P.184) Simultaneous to this wholesale introduction of Monsanto GMO soybean seeds and, necessarily, the required Monsanto Roundup herbicide to Argentine agriculture, now ultra-cheap (in dollar terms), Argentine farmland was bought up by large foreign companies such as Cargill-the world's largest grain and commodity trading company-by international investment funds such as George Soros's Quantum Fund, by foreign insurance companies, and corporate interests such as Seaboard Corporation. This was a hugely profitable operation for foreign investors, for which GMO Monsanto seeds were ultimately the basis for a giant new soy agribusiness industrial farming. Argentina's land was to be converted into a vast industrial seed production unit. For the foreign investors, the beauty of the scheme was that compared with traditional agriculture, GMO soybean needed little human labor.

In effect, as a consequence of the economic crisis, millions of acres of prime farmland were put up for auction by the banks. Typically, the only buyers with dollars to invest were foreign corporations or private persons. Small peasant farmers were offered pennies for their lands. Sometimes, when they refused to sell, they were forced off their properties by terrorist militia or by the state police. Tens of thousands more farmers had to give up their lands when they were driven to bankruptcy by market flooding of cheap food imports brought in under the free market reforms imposed by the IMF.

Additionally, fields planted with the GMO "Roundup Ready" soybean seeds and their special Roundup herbicide required no ordinary turning over of the soil through plowing. In order to maximize profitability, the sponsors of the GMO soybean revolution created huge Kansas-style expanses of land where large mechanized equipment could operate around the clock, often remote-controlled by GPS satellite navigation, without even a farmer needed for driving the tractor.

Monsanto's GMO soybean was sold to Argentine farmers as an ecological plus, utilizing "no-till" farming. In reality they were anything but environmentally friendly. The GMO soybean and Roundup herbicide were planted with a technique called "direct drilling," pioneered in the USA and with the purpose of saving time and money.

2021 - We see Bill Gates bought up large swathes of land, making him the largest landowner in America.  WHAT are his plans, since he states we must move away from pastural farming to printed syntheti cmeat?

Rockefeller Medicine Men

Corporate capitalism - Crony capitalism - Roots of fascist corporatist system.

A 1979 book gives the background to the medical tyranny we are living in 2020.  Corbett Report covers the development from homeopathic medicine to alopathic; to the extent of even outlawing natural traditional medicine.

Corbett Report ‘Rockefeller Medicine Men’ ~ 1979, E Richard Brown.

Make medicine serve their own interests.  A medical system, as a health care industry, that poorly serves society.  At first doctors didn’t want government to control their business but they were inevitably indoctrinated with training in Rockefeller funded medical schools, especially to promote their 'modern' medicine; not only with new fundamental knowledge, but to cure everything with chemicals.

In the 1920s Rockefeller tried to change Chinese medicine.  His foundation bought the Union Medical School and renamed it the Peking Union Medical College; in effect a laboratory for their social ideas.  They introduced John Hopkins model.

1800s society sanctioned both approaches: aleopathic and homeopathic medicine.

Allopaths used scientific theory as ‘heroic medicine’; using toxic mercury and lead to displace disease, in their ignorance whereas homeopathics (Impirics) worked with the body's ability to heal itself.  (Whilst we know now only surgery can help in some instances, there is still a large place for homeopathic treatments)

AMA, American Medical Association, joined with big money (Karneggie, Morgan) to finance surgery, radiation and drugs.  This would  become the new medical economy.  G Edward Griffin, 'World Without Cancer' quotes. Bankers had people on board of directors in exchange for grants.  Schools were taken over by bankers overnight.  All leading towards pharmaceutical drugs.

Within 20 years, doctors were all taught about drugs, trained to give prescriptions; supporting a Patented medicine business

Corbett says "What compels them?"  Profit motif? Medicines also rely on petro chemical based medicines, which they already had access to and funds from.

Rockefeller’s have their men on all the drug boards.  Nature is no good as far as big pharma is concerned, due to low cost of raw ingredients, available in abundance.

Their motivation is power and control since they have access to all sources of money.

Eugenics and Depopulation - Rockefeller funded the Population Council 1952  (overpopulation would ravage the earth) and appointed Frederick Osborne, leader of American Eugenics Society, as President.

In 1960s Rockefeller’s funded WHO funded task force in fertility vaccines for fertility regulation which eventually succeeded in developing an anti-HCG, a vaccine which caused spontaneous abortion in vaccinated women.

Corbett - “There is a driving motivating guiding ideology behind these economic elites: and it is a desire to get rid of you and me....."

The Medicine Men: by Dr. Vernon Coleman, Publisher Temple Smith 1965 - Reviews

Big pharma has been against Coleman since 70s: consequently his YouTube videos mentioning vaccines are often censored by deletion.  The transcripts are always on his website.

‘…what he says of the present is true: and it is the great merit of the book that he says it from the viewpoint of a practising general practitioner, who sees from the inside what is going on, and is appalled by the consequences to the profession and to the public.’
     Brian Inglis, Punch 21.5.1975

‘’The Medicine Men’ by Dr Vernon Coleman, was the subject of a 14 minute ‘commercial’ on the BBC’s Nationwide television programme recently. Industry doctor and general practitioners come in for a severe drubbing: two down and several more to go because the targets for Dr Coleman’s pen are many, varied and to say the least, surprising. Take the physicians who carry out clinical trials: many of those, claims the author, have ‘sold themselves to the industry and agreed to do research for rewards of one kind or another, whether that reward be a trip abroad, a piece of equipment, a few dinners, a series of published papers or simply money.’
     The Pharmaceutical Journal, May 17 1975

‘The Medicine Men’ is well worth reading.’
     Times Educational Supplement 6.6.75

‘Vernon Coleman, aged 28, is not a mine of information – he is a fountain. It pours out of him, mixed with opinions which have an attractive common sense ring about them.’
     Coventry Evening Telegraph 12.5.75

Covid Sinister Agenda

World Economic Forum - Covid planning integrated
I studied the WEF Reset graphics early - about April 2020.  Covid had already been highly planned to integrate with every aspect of their plans.  This is a banksters reset under guise of faked pandemic, whether a bioweapon illness or not.

July 2021: Doctors and lawyers speaking out in analysis of Covid falsifications.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, psychiatrist, believes the Covid variant sequencing is only computer modelling.  David Martin, lawyer gave evidence to Reiner Fuellmich's Corona Ausschuss lawsuit describing all the Patents on Coronaviruses and details on how the sequencing is only computer modelling.

“The right hand doesn’t know what the lefthand is doing”

“From scientific establishment perspective. Few report on how they do the computer genome sequencing because they make it impossible to understand.”

Three different disciplines: computer scientists who know knowing about biology, geneticists who know nothing about viruses, and virologists.

“No one fully understand that the whole thing is a sham.”

Dr. Andrew Kaufman (almost exact wording, adapted for sentencing)

News of so many adverse reactions to vaccines, is making people question the entire Covid strategies of medical agencies and governments.

Dr. Peter Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine science admits the vaccines aren't good for everyone, and warns they are not suitable for children.

"...'public private partnerships' The monopolisation and consolidation of power in every field imaginable - the monetary power is going to be consolidated under the central bank digital currency - CBDC  ...the corporatisation to be in fewer and fewer hands"   ~  James Corbett.  Corbett Report; the Great Reset.

September 2020 - The NUMBERS Hoax is UP!     CDC updated their Covid death number to admit that only 6%, i.e 9,000 of 153,504 deaths were attributable to Covid!

The Gateway Pundit covers the story, which they suspected back in March.

"Developing and patenting Coronavirus has become a biotech arms race with political overtones"

David E Martin Phd, National intelligence analyst appearing on Plandemic 2.  Documentary discovers the fraudulent Patents of the CDC Center for Disease Control - August 2020  Video downloadable 

David E Martin, Phd., looks for companies which "...either blur the line between biological and chemical weapons or cross that line; in 168 countries..."

In 1999 a million patents were digitised by IBM, the first time that human innovation had been put into an electronic digital searchable format.  Martin took that information and using linguistics genomics technology he made the horrific assessment that approx one third of all patents filed in US were functional forgeries.

In March 2003 a coronavirus outbreak in Asia was a gold strike for the CDC; a virus which could be easily manipulated, so they made sure that they controlled the proprietary rights to the disease. the virus and to its detection; all the measurement of it. They controlled 100% of cashflow which built the empire around the industrial complex of Coronavirus.

2012-13: National Institute of Health (US) had a moral and legal reason to create a moratorium on research and stop funding of ‘gain of function’ research on Coronavirus:  ‘Role of uncharacterised genes in high pathogenic human coronavirus infection’ - Ralph S. Baric, PhD project Leader'

"Developing and patenting Coronavirus has become a biotech arms race with political overtones".

By 2014, after funding ceased, they off-shored the research by channelling funding gradually through various agencies (Martin shows); setting up the research in Wuhan Bio weapons lab.

W.H.O. Global Take-over

Many people have been investigating the statistics of Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2) due to the fraudulent guidelines on Covid diagnosis, including 'cause of death emergency guidelines'; given by World Health Organisation (WHO), the results of which have been briefed to countries by governments.  Nurses and doctors are coming forward with stories of fraudulent practice; as they are being asked to give people a Covid diagnosis (however the WHO guidelines have been interpreted by PHE).


Corbett Report examines the WHO in detail: "Who is the WHO?" Questions for Corbett #066

It was supposed to be a 'milestone in the history of human rights' but now it seems to have too much control and too much geared towards the pharmaceutical industry, now the WHO business is PANDEMICS.

Article 29: 'These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.'    This means everything has to be the WHO's way.

'The health of all peoples is fundamental to the attainment of peace and security and is dependent upon the fullest co-operation of individuals and States.' - Corbett explains how this implies people must comply and cooperate to achieve bio security.

A big question is how much are the WHO propagandise merchants for pandemics as an agent of big pharma?

They declared 'a pandemic for the relatively mind H1N1 outbreak (2009) in order to trigger billions of dollars of automatic vaccine contracts.'  Also the WHO changed their definition of 'pandemic virus' just as it was considering whether the emerging swine flu fitted that criteria.  They changed it from 'enormous numbers of deaths'  to a 'mild pandemic'.  Their flu pandemic definition changed from April 2009 as needing 'enormous numbers of deaths' to 'an influenza pandemic may occur when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity.' (just prior to declaring H1N1 a pandemic)  ~

Report: Council of Europe: The Handling of the H1N1 Pandemic: More Transparency Needed. (2010)   The BMJ also noted conflicts of interest on the advisory panel which was advising the WHO on H1N1.

BMJ notice of change of pandemic definition. (Update note July 2021: VERY IMPORTANT, being used in Reiner Fuelmich's Class Action Lawsuit - Crimes against humanity.)

William Engdahl - WHO 'Swine Flu Pope' under investigation for gross conflict of interest. - (2009) [Corbett's articles]

English Journalist (ex doctor) Vernon Coleman is very vociferous on all matters 'covid'.

He is, like American Alex Jones, confident of the medical tyranny hoax. I would differ in believing there was a bioweapon, or a new strain of pneumonia, or flu radiated with 5G, which didn't kill many for very long, only affecting elderly with premorbid conditions.

The Screw is Tightening ~ Vernon Coleman (daily videos 2020)  but as of September Vernon is no longer putting videos on YouTube as 20 have been taken down.

Vernon Coleman is a doctor who has written extensively about vaccine since 1970s 'The Medicine Men', and is extremely concerned by all aspects of the Covid cull scenario.  His YouTube videos are being banned. He now is seen on Brand New tube and Odysee.

Peerless Reads Youtube channel

Using government data to explore the rise and fall of Covid-19 through governments' own numbers and the graphs, to expose potential fraud.

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College caused fake prognostics for the spread of the disease; all encouraged by Bill Gates. Statistics seem to be created to fit his model, which he has admitted is a wrong algorithm [find article]

Genetic Engineering

Big Pharma Takeover of Fruit, Veg and your Health

Monsanto GMO Maize with Georgia Guide Stones graphic

"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.

— Henry Kissinger

When all the seeds are owned by one corporation, they have almost total control of the global food.  This is the Codex Alimentarius - Agenda30.  We are starting to see food manufacturing plants being closed due to Covid testing, even when the curve is flat (Sept. 2020)

Genetic modification of plants (and animals) is very unnatural.  By consuming GMO plants and animals (who have been fed GMO crops), humans are changing their own biological construction. 

Big-pharma  provides the seeds and pesticides to kill weeds. Glyphosate originated as a gene taken from a lone surviving plant on a chemical weapons dump after WWII. It was subsequently utilised by Monsanto to develop into 'Roundup' weedkiller, which kill all surrounding plants (weeds) except plants 'edited' with the 'weapon surviving gene'! Of course, anything killing weeds cannot be too good for the vegetables either!  In countries like India farmers are forced to buy GMO seeds every year as they don't replicate. Please watch 'Seeds of Death' film below which covers all aspects, and will surely persuade you to go organic.

The food industry does not have to comply in all countries with labelling of GMO products.  

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMOs

'The global launch of a second Green Revolution, spearheaded by genetic engineering and corrupt corporations such as Monsanto and DuPont, shows every sign of being as catastrophic as the first revolution. As the big agro-chemical complex morphs into one of the world's most powerful lobbies, educating people about the dangers of genetically modified crops, or GMOs, and the growing threats of toxic intensive agriculture can hinder GMO's domination of our food supply.'

'Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs, by award-winning documentary film director Gary Null, takes on the seed cartel's propaganda and political influence to expose a fabric of lies and deceit now threatening the safety and life of every species. Predictably, GMOs will reduce sustainable agriculture and humanity's ability to meet global food demands. GMOs are founded on a baseless science, originally approved through political manoeuvring and disregard for human safety. Hundreds of scientific studies reveal GMOs' serious health risks to animals and these same adverse conditions are rapidly observed in the epidemic rise of human diseases.'

'...It depends upon massive amounts of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and greater water resources. The result is soil devastation and lower crop yields.'

Gene graphic: Courtesy film screenshot 'Seeds of Death' - kills sperm, causing infertility: Patent bought by Monsanto from Epicyte Biotech company in 2001.

"The whole concept of genetically modified organisms is throwing a monkey wrench in the life on this planet and until we change that we are heading downhill at a rapid rate of speed toward our own extinction"

~ Bruce Lipton PhD, Developmental Biologist

[add Bruce Lipton video on genes responding to environment]

Mass food production and mass monitoring is all about big pharma corporate profiteering at any cost to health; whereas what we need is more farmers learning and redeveloping sustainable farming practices, which can in fact increase yields.

Monsanto-Bayer has a long history of being sued by farmers.  Many previous articles to be put here!


The vaccine rollout -  July 2021 - Updates
Injected gene therapy for Covid has been pushed at an incredible rate, globally, even continuing long after a time when it would normally have been withdrawn, after many adverse reactions and deaths recorded in UK and US, but generally kept from the public media.

La Quinta Columna is putting out video information from Spanish University of Almeria which has found evidence of Graphene Oxide (GO) in ALL vaccines.

Electron microscopy of vial content compares with actual graphene. Click image for Orwell City's English translation with image captions from Spanish video. Includes embedded initial report.

Orwell City has translated from the Spanish videos by Richardo Delgado, of La Quinta Columna into English subtitles.

“Simultaneous and gradual mass poisoning of the entire world population”

“A magnetic phenomenon on the one hand, but also one that turns inoculated people into superconductors.”

‘We realised that the industry or rather the graphene stock market had high uptrend peaks’

‘Graphene oxide in the body causes thrombogenicity; bloodletting and multi organ inflammations’.

Quotes:  Dr Regardo Delgado Video

Dr. José Luis Sevillano talks about how he realized the relationship between 5G and COVID waves, and calls on people to save lives

Orwell City's extract and english translation. Click to page.

"The doctor was one of the few and first to realize the incidence of electromagnetic waves in the body. In this excerpt, he explains how he became aware of everything and how he formed a team with Ricardo Delgado to warn people of what was really happening and that what was behind COVID-19 was not a virus.

On the other hand, in the same conference, Dr. Sevillano refers to the official interim report made to the Pfizer vaccination vial and how people can use it in their favor in case they are being coerced in their jobs or if they are being forced to inject something wrongly called vaccine since from the moment graphene oxide is seen in the vials, obviously we are no longer talking about a vaccine, but a poison"

~ - translation from La Quinta Columna video

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez talks about the toxicity of graphene and scientific literature with false publication dates

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez talks about the toxicity of graphene and scientific literature with false publication dates. Click image to Orwell City English translation page, or view video in Spanish from same page

"The interview covered topics such as the non-existence of the Spike protein and the presence of graphene and other nano-components that should not be in a vaccine.

One of the points Dr. Martínez emphasized the most was that now that we are learning what's in the vaccine, we can draw conclusions about the real objective behind the mass vaccination.

It is not the protection of the population against a virus, but something that we do not know, and that makes us think that it is obscure in nature, since no doctor was ever informed that the vaccine contained graphene or any of the things that have been found in it."

~  translation into English


28 de Junio de 2021

What would be a possible use of having GRAPHENE in our bodies?

Graphene has been found to be a possible treatment for pathogens and so possibly useful for delivering cancer treatment specifically to a site, among other applications.  However there is a much larger futuristic agenda, as explained by Thomas, especially in light of the Spanish University's recent findings (above La Quinta Columna videos).

First we must look at the idea of a 'digital twin' .  My notes, almost verbatum, from Thomas  on Infowars news show at 2:40:00

  • At first it was hard to see how an industrial use material relates to gathering or transmitting biological information from recipients.  No need of any battery.
  • How come people's arms are now so magnetic after vaccination??
  • China research - ‘Magneto Thermo Dynamic Therapy’. Originally proposed for cancer treatment but possibly changing purpose.
  • Increase the magnetism of graphene oxide by blending with iron oxide and chitosan from shrimp shells, which responds very strongly to electro magnetic signals, such as 5G, 6G.  
  • Mike Adams interviewed Dr. Lee Merrit [add link] who said how professor of biochemistry at Harvard University, Dr. Charles Lever, arrested by FBI, had in fact, while working for Harvard and US Dept of Defence, been working for Chinese government's '1000 Talents' program, regularly flying to China.  He was working on how to use graphene oxide and wrap it around nerves, so it could actually read the impulse data even before it got to the brain.  !  
  • German magazine looked to human digital twins, how they might form a network of 'friends' and form complex structures which could either involve their masters or not.  This is an idea of what your twin might do to warn you about ‘disinformation’! They would prevent other devices from gathering and selling your personal information.  “probably become conscious at some point”. (AI dreamers' 'singularity' dream. ) 
  • If you have been duplicated in a digital ecosystem, you have to train your own replacement. Why would they attempt this? Complicated explanation... (some missed)
  • A twist  on HR (Human Resources), now abundantly clear: HRC - Human Robot Collaboration. (So that was the intent all along!). The aim is for an interoperability of robots in factories.  Human workers found out they were indeed being replaced by robots.  ‘Policy Horizons’ (Infowars doc 13) 'The Next Digital Economy,’ (Canadian).  Over the 'transitional period' their anger would be placated by supplying them with universal basic income!!  Already started.
  • Forbes, 'Smart Dust' 2013, becoming IOTA, funded by Obama. [Note Dr David Martin mentioned 'Iota', as a suggested 'term' which might be adopted as a 'Covid deviant' (but added no specific details) in his evidence to Reiner Fuellmich 09.07.21]
  • Whitney Webb journalist - detailed article (and recent video talks‘The Leap towards Humanities Destruction’ .  Wellcome Trust recruited the ex Director of DARPA, Regina E Dugan to use 300$million to further secret projects. 'Multi Channel Psychology' looks at how people can be motivated to work harder with brain-computer interface. [This is meaningful because Wellcome Trust is a UK big pharma pretend 'Trust' with links to Gates etc. so implicates Wellcome, UK and global affiliates in human-digital experiments via vaccinations!]
  • Test to wire up babies for digital surveillance for first 3 years of life to help machine learning.  ‘Executive functions’!!!!  (Now we are in Brave New World territory!)

This is all planned for 2030. (Agenda 30)  "The US is fully on board with this although a bit behind Canada, India, Europe".

  • People with the chip are broadcasting enormous amount of information over 5G.  How will it be stored? DNA data storage.  ‘The Hard Drive For The Future Has Been Swimming Through Our Veins All Along’ - Will Nicol 2020 - Emerging tech - Digital Trends (show image, link)
  • Use synthetic DNA to download and store entire content of global internet into a device the size of a shoe box!
  • Forbes - 'DNA Storage is About to Go Viral' - April 3 2019
  • In practical terms that volume can be stored... Refrigerate to preserve data for 1,000,000 years.  Future species or visiting species could interpret it. (Infowars articles 20, 21, 23, verify all of this, states Thomas)

"All information can be detected, received, stored, by quantum or DNA computers.  The inoculations maybe part of a much larger long term scheme and the outcome for a large % of humanity is very bad indeed.They become unnecessary"

“They are trying to guinea pig all of us to figure out how to create a digital avatar so they can live forever”  Alex Jones says that the globalists want immortality but it won’t work. However, whether they are successful or not, they are continuing.

BELOW - Synthetic Agenda started Posts from research during Spring 2020 until Autumn 2020. Vaccines had not been administered when I wrote the posts below. Many people were warning of the untested mRNA gene therapy.

Implanted Biometrics is the end goal of the Biotech engineers

This has come up as possibly the reason for Covid

AI Bio-Metrics

AI Biometrics

This concept of a “digital certificate” to store medical information (including vaccines received) and to grant access to rights or services was not a mere suggestion. It is part of a massive project that is propelled by a powerful group called ID2020 which is backed by the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation and … Bill Gates’ Microsoft.

mRNA vaccines are new and trick the body into producing some of the vital proteins itself, by re-writing the DNA inside a cell. Any new Corona vaccine will be re-writing our DNA thereby changing the epigenetics of future generations.

Micro-needle Flourescent Vaccine Tattoo

'The invisible “tattoo” accompanying the vaccine is a pattern made up of minuscule quantum dots — tiny semiconducting crystals that reflect light — that glows under infrared light. The pattern — and vaccine — gets delivered into the skin using hi-tech dissolvable micro-needles made of a mixture of polymers and sugar.'

Source:  Futurism 'Invisible Ink 'tattoos' could be used to ID vaccinated kids'.  Science Translational Medicine Vol II, Issue 523, 18.12.19 Image by Second Bay Studios.

RNA Vaccine Trials

ModeRNA and other companies are trialing RNA type vaccines for Coronavirus.  MRNA vaccines are a new form of genetic engineering called “germline gene editing”.  Robert Kennedy Junior's  post (image below) was removed from Facebook.

"Moderna plugs a small piece of coronavirus genetic code into human cells, altering DNA throughout the human body and reprogramming our cells to produce antibodies to fight the virus.  Fauci’s support got $483 million in federal funds, despite world ethicists and scientists having called for an end to this experimentation. Even Modern’s former R&D chief was shocked"

ModeRNA's new trials in Seattle, ordered trial participants to avoid unprotected sex and sperm donation.  A significant indication of their wariness of the unknown effect on future generations!  Dr Judy Mikovits says its criminal to test MRNA vaccines on humans.MRNA can cause cancers and other dire harms that don’t surface for years”.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. on mRNA vaccines

Genetically Modified Cell Line  (notes)

We cannot patent anything natural, but can do anything engineered, hence Monsanto own the GMO seeds.

Transpose to human cell line, means potentially human cell line can be patented, and therefore can have owners.

If we are modified are we transhumance?

Recumbant DNA. Genetically modified organisms.

Inovio GSK Sinulfe, ModeRNA.  Never been used on humans before.

Vaccine trials being fast tracked.

Not following the gold standard of placebo trials.

Manufactures exempt from product liability and randomised controlled trials.

Exempt from needing evidence that the vaccines will do what they say it does.

[which video?]

The Pseudoscience of Vaccines

There is a great interest in vaccines in 2020, specifically the Gates Foundation, now we are faced with a global determination to produce and implement a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus so called 'Covid-19' as SARS-Cov-2.   Such new vaccines are totally unproven, despite the criminal record of all major big pharma vaccine corporations, for which they remain immune from prosecution, written into law since 1986. Bill Gates has even said manufacturers will need governmental assurance of indemnity from damage claims, while admitting there will be harm caused to as many as 700,000 people.

RNA Interference Technology

Genetic alterations to RNA have been highlighted previously.  Natural News article writes of its application by Monsanto to crops, via GMO seeds or pesticides which interferes with mammalian genes.

"In legal theory vaccines are recognised as being unavoidably unsafe"  Report

"In 1955 'The Cutter Incident' polio vaccination paralysed 200 children with 10 fatalities. Today the majority of polio cases are caused by the polio vaccine. Numerous vaccine damaged victims have been recorded and vaccine manufacturers had to pay out damages.  Vaccine companies were given legal liability protection. During the seven-year period 1978-84, the average amount claimed per suit has risen from $10 million to $46.5 million.  In 1986 the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act gave vaccine companies legal liability protection against law suits, creating a gold-rush for big pharma.

A new vaccine registered under the CDC (Center for Disease Control) was worth $1 billion per year for manufacturer.  Diseases have increased though. MERCK, PFIZER, SANOFI, ASTRO ZENEKA, GLAXO SMITH KLINE are all convicted of crimes involving falsifying science and defrauding regulators and killing hundreds of thousands of people. yet they continue to make billions from selling their experimental mandatory vaccines."

Bib Pharma fines from Vaccine harm

2014 - $490 million dollars by China:  2019 - sued by parents for $4.2 million:  2010 paid out $1.14 billion over Praxil and $500 million for Avandia:  2011 paid $250 million to settle 5,500 death and injury claims:  2012 paid £3 billion: fined £37.6 million for cheating the National Health Service

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Dr. Judy Mikovits - 'Plague of Corruption'

Dr. Mikovits published Plague of Corruption early 2020 during Corona-crisis, in which she describes events during her years of experience in virology and exposes big pharma for the corruption in the development and profiteering from damaging vaccines.

(Dr. Mikovits) "Delves into the midst of this rampant corruption, which hides from the public scientific truths which might go against these corporate economic interests" ~ Dr. Luc Montagnier 2008


Judy Mikovits believes we don't need all vaccines, but should work more with anti virals, natural remedies and strengthen our immune system. 40 years of vaccine injury has crippled children and accelerated ageing, as people are dyeing younger of diseases most people never got, at least not until their 80's or 90's.  See film Vaxxed II.

Patrick Howley interview with Dr. Mikovits May 2020.  National File webpage with video.

"I believe the real agenda of Tony Fauci here is to completely cover up the 40 years of vaccine injury and introduction of animal viruses... with crippling chemicals like aluminium, formaldehyde, polysorbate and mercury into American children, severely damaging, causing what I call this plague of chronic disease ... is the cover-up of Covid19."

Bill Gates partners with DARPA & Department of Defence for the DNA nanotech Covid-19 vaccine! ~ Spiro Skouras

Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World ~ The Corbett Report

Main points made by Corbett... Info on  Corbett Report website

The global vaccine plan is run by GAVI TheVaccine Alliance... utilising countries that have signed up to take new vaccines, by paying in advance.  Countries have leapt to donate $millions to GAVI to solve coronavirus.

Coalition for epidemic preparedness CEPI (Japan, Norway, Germany, Wellcome Trust) is preparing ‘rapid development and deployment of vaccines’, a big push to have in place vaccine plan for any pandemic. 

When The Center for Global Development formed a working group “to develop a practical approach to the vaccine challenge”, they concluded that the best way to incentivise pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines for the third world was for governments to promise to buy vaccines before they were even developed, in their report “Making Markets for Vaccines”. Third world countries have Insufficient research funds and development capacity. So Gates GAVI The Vaccine Alliance was there to sponsor $1,500,000,000 in partnership with World Bank, and vaccine manufacturers. Stated goal was “This includes introducing new vaccines into the routine schedules of national immunisation programmes” and to engage inmarket shaping efforts”.

When you ramp up production with companies involved you do that at risk, you don't wait until you get an answer before you start manufacturing. You assume it will work."  ~  Anthony Fauci, Center for Disease Control, USA.

"mRNA concept for Corona injects the RNA molecule that codes for the spike protein.. makes your cell do the work that creates the viral protein that is going to be recognised by your immune system and trigger the development of these antibodies' (Corbett) ... “a relatively new unproven technology and there is still no example of RNA vaccine that has been deployed worldwide in the way that we need for the Coronavirus." There is a possibility for unknown adverse effects."

It has been known that some vaccinations enhance or cause the disease vaccinated against. ‘Immune enhancement phenomena’ ~ Dr. Hotez 

Such a new rushed through vaccine is “One of the most dangerous experiments in the history of the world”. The public is being asked to accept this without question. Even Gates acknowledges the risks of such a project, but instead of being concerned about any damage to the global population, he is more concerned that the pharmaceutical companies and the researchers are given legal immunity for any such damage.

There will be some risk indemnification needed before that can be decided on"   ~  Bill Gates

The Dept. of Health and Human Services, USA, has created the immunity from prosecution framework:  Issued March 17 but retroactively goes back to February 4th 2020. 

“...Liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against Covid-19 ... any vaccine used to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent, or mitigate Covid-19”

Gates Foundation's ‘decade of vaccines’  has an appalling record, even criminal.  In India, adverse events resulted in 7 girls deaths, gross violations of consent, and the Indian government concluded Gates had been involved in a scheme to encourage healthy markets for GLAXO SMITH KLINE and MERCK, those companies who had so generously donated Gardasil’ and ‘Cervarix’  for use in the trial.

Had PATH been successful in getting the HPV vaccine included in the universal immunisation program of the concerned countries, this would have generated wind fall profit for the manufacturers by way of automatic sale, year after year, without any promotional or marketing expenses”.  Report by Parliament of India

It is well known that once introduced into the immunisation program it becomes politically impossible to stop any vaccination”.

It is shocking to see how an American organisation used surreptitious methods to establish itself in India” ~ Dr. C M Gulhati

This is an obvious case where Indians were being used as guinea pigs” ~ Dr. Samiran Mundy, Editor Emeritus/NMJI

India’s concern grew when the health organisation was financed by Gates Foundation.  Between 40-500 children suffered seizures and convulsions and eventually many children had become paralysed.  80% cases of polio are now vaccine derived.  2018 paper International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, concluded 490,000 Indians developed paralysis as result of oral polio vaccine program 2000-17

Even WHO director of malaria program Dr. Arata Kochi, complained in an internal memo that Gates influence meant that the world’s leading malaria scientists were...

“locked up in a cartel with their own research funding being linked to those of others within the group” and “was stifling debate on the best ways to treat and combat malaria, prioritising only those methods that relied on new technology or developing new drugs”.~ Dr. Arata Kochi

The use of Foundation funds to set public policy to drive up corporate profits is not a secret conspiracy, it is a perfectly open one. Kochi’s complaint 2008 highlights the most common complaint that the public health industry has become a racket run by and for big pharma and its partners for the development of big business.

Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak?

Event 201- World Economic Forum, John Hopkins Center for Health Security, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

'An inside look at Event 201, which took place in NYC on October 18 2019. Event 201 is a high-level pandemic exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

This pandemic simulation exercise of coronavirus took place about 6 weeks before the first illness from the coronavirus was actually reported in wuhan china!

This simulation also includes news reports that were fabricated just for this exercise, please keep that in mind because they are eerily similar to reports we are currently seeing regarding this real world coronavirus outbreak.'

Pandemic Exercise Event 201 - Scenarios. Selected videos

Fact Checking the fact Checkers: Bill Gates, ID2020 & Vaccine Microchips

How Bill Gates Monopolised Global Health - Corbett Report

'Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?' 

"Who is Bill Gates? A software developer? A businessman? A philanthropist? A global health expert? This question, once merely academic, is becoming a very real question for those who are beginning to realize that Gates' unimaginable wealth has been used to gain control over every corner of the fields of public health, medical research and vaccine development. And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth into control over the fates of billions of people". ~ James Corbett


History of Bill Gates origins and career with bankers

Drawing threads together: Gates's comments and past actions with vaccines.

UK Column news investigates, Doctors and ID2020 - March 18th 2020 - Peak Covid

Genetically Modified Cell Line

We cannot patent anything natural, but can do anything engineered, hence Monsanto own the GMO seeds.

Transpose to human cell line, means potentially human cell line can be patented, and therefore can have owners.

If we are modified are we transhumance?

Recumbant DNA. Genetically modified organisms.

Inovio GSK Sinulfe, ModeRNA.  Never been used on humans before.

Vaccine trials being fast tracked.

Not following the gold standard of placebo trials.

Manufactures exempt from product liability and randomised controlled trials.

Exempt from needing evidence that the vaccines will do what they say it does.

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'Exclusive: Dr. Shiva exposes Fauci, Birx, Gates, and the W.H.O. Covid-19 ENDGAME'

Dr. Shiva exposes the pharma fools, explaining the links with pharmaceutical corporations and academia in the field of medicine, vaccines and biometrics.

Bill Gates, whose father worked alongside bankster Rockefeller, is no stranger to banksters who have no doubt funded his projects from IBM, Microsoft to vaccines.  Gates in fact created the first computer 'virus', thereafter making a career out of viruses. He is NOT a doctor whatsoever and merely fronts the pharmaceutical vaccine industry.

GAVI conference

Boris attends fund raising drive for GAVI. UK contributes most to GAVI - 1.65 BILLION over next 5 years. All were reading strictly off scripts.

Top page image credit:  From 'Seeds of Death' documentary about GMO, pesticides and Monsanto. Graphic for 'Epicyte' gene (purchased from Epicyte by Monsanto) which makes sperm infertile in both males and females.  Eugenic genetic engineering could be put in food anonymously.