Pandemic Bonds

IMAGE only:  Video below 'Harvard Bets Against America'.   Daniel Natal  -  The New American.

Interviewed by Harrison Smith on The American Journal 21st October 2021...

'Catastrophe Capitalism':  Goldman Sacks and Deutsch Bank issued Catastrophe Bonds after 2008 which gave 8% returns.  Trillions of dollars got transferred from working class to Wall Street.  Pension funds managers were buying bonds with 8%, to recoup losses from 2008.  In 2017 ‘pandemic bonds’ were created and came on the market in 2018.  If a pandemic was announced, the bank get to keep all the money.  Pandemic preparedness funds are global; started by World Bank, related to WHO declaration of pandemic bond.  During covid, Wimbledon got larger payout for not having tennis than if they had it.

People look to ivy league institutions for guidelines but Harvard are using the bankster system. Harvard is quite a rich institution, more than many countries on an Insurance based economy.  "All should be indicted under Rico laws" (1970 against mafia) "a new economy based essentially on insurance fraud...Harvard had same fore-knowledge; more of a hedge fund than higher education."

After the Global Central Bankers created “Catastrophe Bonds” in 2017, they invented a permutation known as the “Pandemic Bond” the next year. Investors could bet against a calamity and receive a robust 8% return. This is textbook disaster capitalism, whereby certain powerful interests benefit from bad things happening. Harvard was one of the institutions that started to profiteer off of America’s hardship. The worse the country does, the more money Harvard rakes in. Is it wise for us as a society to allow powerful people to prosper at the expense of the country? What if they’re complicit in rigging disasters?

"Adam Smith warned about this. International financial classes profit as the nations fall.  Smith said never allow them to get near legislators."  (Corporate CEOS are on governmental boards in USA:  Monsanto, Pfizer etc.)

Notes from 'American Journal' interview.

Daniel Natal book recommendations: (interview)

  • Monesque; 17th century. "When no external threat, men encouraged to become efeminite".
  • Aristotle Book 5: the tyrant has to censor and send spies out. Replace men from positions of power!
  • Public Opinion Walter Litman 1926.   Creating a pseudo reality.  Propaganda can’t work without censorship.  "Neuro-physiologically, fear becomes habitual".  (Covid cult)  See Film: '12 monkeys' 1999 (remake from 1962 French film with nuclear weapons).  In the remake it’s a biological weapon.

("Bezos busted union efforts through diversity"!)

  • ‘Industries of The Future’ - Eric Ross (tech Tsar for Obama and Hilary.)  The NEW FUTURE is a biotech based economy, which generates a staggering amount of money.
  • Plato.  Animals will be equalised with people. Too hard to bring everyone up, so easier to push everyone down. (social justice groups)  (chimeric biotech, pig-humans, mouse-humans)
  • ‘Anticipations’  H G Wells - 1899
  • (coined acronym NWO)   Rise of middle class after industrial revolution, balance of power shifted from aristocrats to middle class. Now it’s reversed; collapsing into a corpratocracy. ‘End goal of democracy is equality’. (too much)

Harvard Bets Against America