Food Transition

March 2022 - Ukraine War - Food Supply

Ice Age Farmer keeps up with supply chain issues and the coming food shortages as a result of sanctions against Russia.  EU may not allow farmers to grow on fallow land.  "A deliberately engineered situation".

Grain rich nation Hungary has stopped exporting.  Egypt scrambling to find alternative wheat suppliers in Biblical scenario.  Lebanon and Libya import from Russia.  Germany has set in motion the ‘food crisis’ where government takes control of food supply.

With the after effects of Covid still ringing, it wouldn't be too far fetched to believe that the west have forced Putin's security plans, in order to impose sanctions, which is now affecting food supply chain.  Everything since Covid mania could be part of the WEF 'great Reset'.  European farmers may not be allowed to grow on fallow fields allocated for the 'green agenda' now that Germany has instigated its 2016 Food Crisis agenda, which means government takes over supply of food.  Its impossible to know if Putin is part of this plan, but he has denounced the NWO and extricated Russia from the US$.

Lancet's 'Great Transition' for 'Planetary Health' (eat ze bugs) Nov 2021

Follow up on Christian's 2020 'Reset the Table'  Ice Age Farmer Lancet report on The Sao Paulo Declaration on Planetary Health (a Harvard project)

‘Great Transition’ is the language now being used; on the back of covid, as if it makes any difference to eating.  The use of words ‘deep’ and ‘planetary health’  jargon.  100 universities have signed up for pushing ‘planetary health’ - the new buzz phrase.  Again using covid as a bandwagon, to offer degree in 'Conservation Medicine and Planetary Health'

The big new push - ‘how we produce and consume food’ - "one hamburger a week".