Pfizer Liability


Deaths from Phase III were ignored, to prove 'safe and effective' mantra, still being mouthed by politicians in 2024!

Diligent journalists and knowledgeable whistle blower experts have been exposing pharma's illegal vaccine operations since 2021.   Pfizer has been fined for malpractice. $4,747,652,947 since 2000.  Karen Kingston said in 2021 that Pfizer can be sued for harmful substances (plasmid DNA) found in mRNA vials.  Interview with Brannon Howse .
Litigation against Pfizer could have begun under Title 21, Section 382

Pfizer reported an alarmingly high number of cases of mild-to-moderate disease, severe disease, and deaths in their Phase 2/3 trial data submitted to the FDA, a trial that was primarily comprised of healthy individuals (prior to being injected with mRNA that is). Pfizer informed the FDA in their data submissions that they were simply not going to count most of these cases in their safety and efficacy analysis for purposes of FDA approval.

If any ingredients are harmful Pfizer is liable

AGC Biologics supplied Plasmid DNA

FD&C Safety requirements 501(a)(2)(B)

Non compliance with safety is extrinsic fraud

 SIMIAN VIRUS 40 added to covid vaccines, which may link to increased cancers, from its history with polio vaccines.