Mass Formation Psychosis

Mass Hypnosis Totalitarianism

The people are being subtly controlled to follow leaders who are not acting in good faith on their behalf, but in cahoots with global corporations and financial markets; towards an economic reset.  The extreme measures during covid which have destroyed businesses and affected mental health of the young were propagandised to create a mass psychosis.

Dina Osman - Mass Formation

“Wrong information always shown by the media,
Negative images is the main criteria,
Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria” - Black Eyed Peas

Mass Psychosis - How an Entire Population  Becomes Mentally Ill

A mass psychosis is an epidemic of madness and it occurs when a large portion of a society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions. Such a phenomenon is not a thing of fiction. Two examples of mass psychosis are the American and European witch hunts 16th and 17th centuries and the rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century. This video will aim to answer questions surrounding mass psychosis: What is it? How does is start? Has it happened before? Are we experiencing one right now? And if so, how can the stages of a mass psychosis be reversed?  video above with hand drawn images; click to enlarge.

NOTES: Fear primes a population for mentacide.  'A ruling class can imprint their own opportunist thoughts on those they plan to destroy' ~ Joost Meerloo.  Isolated individuals loose contact with the forces of correction. Humans are more conditioned to new habits if isolated.  Playhouses of irrational forces.  Ruling elite offer a way out to those obedient.  Totalitarian systems of C20th offer Collective Psychosis.  Can mass psychosis be reversed?  Jung says first step is to bring order into our own minds.  Parallel structures exists morally outside of it to function as an enclave of freedom and society in a totalitarian world and can then extricate itself radically from the totalitarian system.  Action by as many people as possible.  Thomas Paine noted:  'Tyranny like hell is not easily conquered'.

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Click title for Epoch TV - Interview June 16 2022

Desmet explains that totalitarian regimes only emerged in 20th century, when state systems not only control public and political spaces, but private space; as opposed to dictatorships which the people fear due to force and control.

Desmet has ideas of new values, rather than rationalism, which fails to satisfy truth and justice on many levels.  He  holds similar thoughts as the Blakean philosophy that industry and technocracy will alienate humans from their natural world.

Mechanist, rationalist thinking in itself, led to a certain isolation of people from their environment”

This is only increasing in the technotronic era.  Technocracy runs everything.  Prior to Covid, people were already feeling alienated, isolated: 60% of people thought their jobs had no meaning at all.  People develop ‘free floating anxiety’.  When they are pulled together under a collective dictat, such as Pandemic rituals and lockdowns, they feel connected and want to obey the rituals which are propagandised on media.  In such times, they will report those who do not obey the state.

BOOK:  The Psychology of Totalitarianism' - Mattias Desmet

We started to believe that the human rational mind was a corner stone. History of science shows us it is very limited. What we need is ethical principles. [See chapter 9. The Dead vs the Living Universe]

The group who does not go along with the masses will reinvent the world, if they stick to their principles of humanity.

They become no longer aware of their own egotistical interests. They can become radically intolerant of dissident voices, and stigmatize others.  They attempt to destroy even as if it is ethical to do so.  The higher level of education, the more vulnerable to mass formation.  Disconnected people from social environment.

2017 a loneliness epidemic was assessed. With a lack of meaning in life, people had developed free floating anxiety.  People don’t know what they feel anxious, frustrated, or aggressive about.  It forms when every individual is connected to the ‘collective’, which has been aided by the rise of online social media and connectivity.  The influence of Media propaganda is all they are exposed to, and they soon follow the rituals.  People end up in a radically paranoid atmosphere.  People become insensitive to rational counter arguments, hence they become willing to report others to the collective. 

The more the covid measures become absurd, the more they become ritualistic.  Masks and social distancing are ritualistic.

Billions Of People Are Affected By This & They Don't Realize It | Dr. Robert Malone 2021


or mass hypnosis- the madness of crowds - Dr Malone's speech

'As many of you know, I have spent time researching and speaking about mass psychosis theory. Most of what I have learned has come from Dr. Mattias Desmet, who realized that this form of mass hypnosis, of the madness of crowds, can account for the strange phenomenon of about 20-30% of the population in the western world becoming entranced with the Noble Lies and dominant narrative concerning the safety and effectiveness of the genetic vaccines, and both propagated and enforced by politicians, science bureaucrats, pharmaceutical companies and legacy media.' ~ Robert W Malone MD, MS   Read his article.

Prof. Mattias Desmet, University of Ghent, Belgium: gives evidence to Reiner Fuellmich on the theory of 'Mass Formation Psychosis' which has hypnotised populations to follow the covid cult as told by governments.  Mainstream Media has been an essential component towards totalitarianism.

Greg Reese Report on RUMBLE


5G correlations with Covid from medical papers

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