There is a multi faceted attack on the human environment by corporate technocracies

Nothing is designed today without being attached to 'smart technologies'.  Big data and bio-tech corps are advancing in a way we have little understanding of. Media moguls try to silence truth and spread disinformation, by calling truth by that same name.
Technocracy is running science; the air we breath and the food we eat - frequencies and pharmaceuticals - the great unseen elements -  which we are never given real knowledge of, all mesh within our bodies, yet we do not know the long term effects.  Big data enables a vast array of monitoring of genomic testing.

There is harmony with all nature through infinite variations and adaptations to maintain interdependence with the environment; through living cells and frequencies which technological creations cannot replicate.

Nature's harmonies exist beyond and despite mankind's interference and synthetic inventions which can even destroy - by interfering with, re-inventing and over proliferation of sub-strata intervention.

Technology changes, supplanting each gone before, in search of more 'efficient' design of function, whilst always ensuring greater profitability for the manufacturers, but in 21st Century we are very unsure of the efficacy of these in regards to our health.  New communications technology such as 5G is introduced with no proper debate as to health effects (as was 3G, 4G), despite it being known that even 4G has detrimental effects.  The W.H.O. issue no warnings on this as the business is worth trillions.

Biotechnology is now (2021) seen as overarching with governments' coercing attempts to have the entire population vaccinated against a non-pandemic.  In 2023 we see the first 'vaccines in plants'!

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The Film 'ENDGAME - Blueprint for Global Enslavement and Extermination - shows how eugenics has been part of the technocrats' dream for a long time and shows no sign of diminishing, rather it is increasing to role out their agenda.  Documentary by Alex Jones.

TechnocracyNews by Patrick Wood covers all aspects of technocratic takeover. Books and videos.

Jay Dyer writes and broadcasts extensively on books about technocracy.

Technocrats prepare new rules on information and privacy.  Concern is that much personal information such as NHS records will be available by other actors.  Government goal is to monitor the public more closely in order to identify all aspects of our lives; all related to The Internet of Things and to identify activity on digital media.