Homo Borgiensis

The human 'borg' is no longer science fiction  -  as gene modifying nano technology in vaccines is introducing transmitter and receiver technology into the human blood stream, arguable creating a new species.  This is just the START.

"mRNA technology makes you a cyborg, property of patent holders"

Todd Callender:  "Question before Court is  ‘Are these people jabbed a new species’ ”?
Every person consented to their jab. Consent is a necessary component.  They may have consented from a legal perspective, but coercion and fraud can play a role.  He actually put this question to courts which was not denied.

He coined 'homo-borg-giensis', from pharma and DOD's own documents, while working with military cases, where vaccines were mandated; and for victim compensation.  He is keen to expose the truth of this synthetic armageddon under way being created by pharma technocrats and their mad scientists.  I think of the term as borg-genesis; the genesis-(first) of synthetically enhanced-(borg) humans.

As if banking fraudsters and wars weren't enough to keep psychopaths happy, the ultimate control is to be of HUMANS directly from their own bodies, connected to a control grid.  Covid chaos was a way to get started on modifying as many humans on the planet as possible as roboid futurist Yuval Harari suggests at start of video and at 0:9:06

"basic health care system for entire human race.....covid accelerates and legitimises the deployment of mass surveillance.....even in democratic countries, and it makes surveillance go under your skin’".



Todd says its already here; started with clinical trials with 44,000 service members with an EPCR device, with an in touch e-diary so their cell phones could send studies of data from soldiers with shots, sent to Israel, then sent back to FDA and Pfizer for their authorization!

Clay Clark video interview February 2024: Todd Calendar & Jeffrey Prather - The Great Reset:   Todd introduces this after Harari clip. Then an alternative voice over clip about 'crystal oscillators' a 5G component.  Followed by a very revealing futuristic WARNER MUSIC AI propaganda.  Kardy B a "5G goddess of the air" dances on and floats about the demon towers and male Kanye sings from a submerged car of death cult in the "kill zones" and "dances on a sea of graphene".  Indicates "crystal towers will trigger the black goo which will release the violence."

All predictive programming to indoctrinate young people into wearable tech and future implanted tech to achieve Internet of Bodies connection and therefore CONTROL.   [make separate post on Kardy and Kanye] ...Then video returns to Todd and discussion on tech planned and needed to implement the Chinese styled CBDCs, (central bank digital currencies) carbon footprint tracker and sustainability, in form of restrictions.

'Borgification' is for controllers to succeed with CBDCs. (like China, restrictions on spending).  Todd is clear in various interviews that there is an undergoing and legalised borgification of humanity.  See  'Covid is a Military Operation and Always has Been'
Humanity is arising. “Our transhumanism is the mission”

VIDEO COMMENTS:  How did Pfizer get 120 countries to go along with the jabs?  "You would make it a military operation; hospitals involved, military precision""Agenda for 21st century had 3 missions:  elimination of borders, (sovereignty), own nothing and reduction of population.  In their documents!"

DOD gave contracts to vaccine companies "to utilise synthetic RNA for reverse transcriptase” See [add Substack]  Sasha Latypova’s BARDA analysis 

"It took 40-50 years to get it all in place; with laws all seen to that there would be no redress in courts". "this is a military operation and always has been.  2016 Citation 42. SFC Pt 70, 71."  His recent case thrown out of Supreme Court in January 2024.

See a 2014 warning blog:  "LENR, ZPE, Graphene, Nanotechnology, Robotics,Virtual IT, Supercomputers, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioengineering; all these arts of science and advanced technologies are of interest in this document."

NASA and Langley CIA did a study on 5th Generation Warfare re ability to do this in 2025 with synbio upgrades to create super soldiers.  Todd quotes 'Future Strategic Issues, Future Warfare circa 2025 - The Future is Now' - Dennis M Bushnell Chief scientist at NASA research centre.  They call it 'BORG' on Page 2.  

VIDEO BELOW:  Stopthecrime.net discusses 2001 'Future Strategic Issues, Future Warfare [circa 2025] - The Future is Now' 

Page 66. 'Human limitations and human downsides':

'Humans are too heavy, too large, too tender, too slow, and require huge logistical trains and humans have rapidly decreasing negative value.  They stop referring to people as people, but as ‘assets’, 'property'.

Page 45. 'Beam weapons increasingly prevalent'.    (We know of the steel melted on cars, and houses destroyed, where trees remain unburned, California and Maui; indicating use of Direct Energy Weapons)

'Future Strategic Issues, Future Warfare - The Future is Now’ circa 2025'  

SCIENCE DYSTOPIA IS HERE - 2001 NASA document:  (113 slides in all on the Internet Archive page.  Removed from some websites).  Several slides here picked out for mention of NANO ROBOTS, SWARMS, SMART DUST; 'Swarms' of nano or smart dust, easily deliverable by drone now; all related to borgification.  Note societal specific bioweapons and smart weaponised dust staying airborne for 2 years.  Scientists are discovering that C19 vaccines have nano self assembling transmitter-receivers in them.  Now in 2024 - this is on target for race specific bioweapon delivery and injected self assembling even self-spreading nano tech.

Todd:  "Quantum physics is relevant. Cesium 137 (in shots) has unique property of binding living tissue into transducer, transmitter, battery and amplifier."  Technology tested on 44,000 service members 2019 [the e-diary from recent Prather video].[Link also Dr Young][Mike Adams also did interview on this]

2019 - Army paper on cyborgs by 2050, but they have technology they are testing out now.  Rumsfeld had allowed genetic modification on soldiers without their informed consent, since 2005.

Also video vaxed are non human slaves property of Patent holder.

In Prather Video Feb 2024   Todd explains US use of Ukraine for biolabs being legal, as Ukraine was not signed up to Int. Bioweapons Treaty after fall of Soviet Union.  'There always were gene modification technologies. Companies were contractors for DARPA and BARDA "to utilise synthetic RNA for reverse transcriptase”.'   
He spent 3 yrs litigating this but there is already a law:  “2013: Supreme court Molecular Pathology vs Myriad Genetics held that use of mRNA to effectuate gene modification creating a synthetic product thereof, results in the ownership of that product”. Todd says these vaxed people are now a slave species.

August 2021 Todd sued the DOD for changing people (injections) to own them. Vote was 5 to 4 against the case going forward, which assumes no human rights any longer for people who got the shots; not if they have been altered, as HUMANBORG.  Thats why Todd is questioning Patent ownership of people in courts.  They have never addressed, nor denied it in court documents.

Add to this that the Red Cross early 2024 are not requiring blood from vaccinated people!

So there we have it: admission by silence.  Borg Genesis as 'homo borgiensis' is here.

This post is about the definition of 'homo borgiensis': the change of human definition if their DNA has been altered, argued by Todd Callender.  Others are looking into electron microscopes to see what is now inside human blood.  Dr Robert O Young is one such biologist presenting the shocking findings of self assembling nanotech in the interstitial fluid (around blood cells); some exhibiting the habit of transfecting blood cells to form spikes. [Its likely that the very name 'coronavirus' is just a pseudonom for synthetic manipulation in blood, caused by the so called 'mRNA' inoculations; 'modified' RNA, and yet this too may be termed to mislead].  Dr Young is among many professionals who now feel the C19 so called 'vaccines' are designed to connect humans to the 'cloud' and have a surveilled 'internet of bodies'.

Dr Young explains in this video report to SGT Report

"Bad people have done a terrible thing, a horrific thing, to humanity by transfecting them with technology never signed up for... boosters given at Harvard contained 100% of the nano technology... and the purpose is to connect everything thats moving and living to the cloud"