Mortality Statistics Analysed

'DIED SUDDENLY'. (Warning horrific viewing)

Documentary by Stew Peters on the sudden deaths in adults and children, who have taken the covid vaccine: shows explicitly the strange fibre mass elongated growths taken from veins by embalmers.

List of health problems after vaccines that authorities are not admitting to, nor answering the health events and death or issues around their cause.  Steve Kirsch is labelled 'misinformation superspreader' as gov and media try to cover up crimes of pharma negligence.

Malthusian Concept of Depopulation

[add Limits to Growth screenshots from video]

Statistics from health authorities must be scrutinised: MHRA (UK) FDA (USA)

2022 Autumn:  Many reports by alternative media on statistics of 'all cause mortality' seen to rise suddenly since 2021. Life insurance companies tell the story.  Voices are being silenced on media, but too many medical people and journalists have the numbers.

Ed Dowd and Mike Adams deep dive into EXCESS MORTALITY following covid vaccines. November 2022

Ed Dowd, an ex Wall Street stock picker, looks at patterns and noticed higher death rates among younger in 2021, compared to deaths among older in 2020.  He collaborated with physicists in Portugal who did UK and European data, showing vaccine uptake by age cohort, quarterly, weekly, yearly: usable for future court cases.

Group life policy companies in USA make good profits from young payees.  Insurance industry analysis covers only 30% that of the general population, who don’t die much as are working and healthy.  In 2021 that group experienced 40% excess mortality, whereas the general population experienced 32% excess mortality.  The difference is work place mandatory jabs.  In 2022 Millennial Life policy holders showed 36% excess mortality.  3.5 - 4Mn people have been affected. Disabilities in employed 26%, general population 11%.  Effects women more.

Dowd was prepared for system collapse - sovereign debt bubble.  War, terrorism, or something else.  Then he realised Covid was being applied to bring in a system to help manage the sovereign debt collapse, which he is setting up groups to expose.

Videos about mortality statistics are being removed from YouTube such as: 'Vaccine Effectiveness and Safety Based on All Cause Mortality Data', making it clear that truth is being censored to protect the pharma industry. Also Danish Study Reveals All Variants Mostly Infect The "Fully Vaccinated" & Pfizer's Hidden Safety Data' December 2021 by The Last American Vagabond, viewable on Rofkin.

Professor Fenton goes at length to analyse government statistics on deaths 2021. (PDF)