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Voices from the Gasfields - It started with just ONE well - Ian R Crane

Ian R Crane (ex oil executive) visited the fracking wells in Southern Queensland, Australia making groundbreaking shocking documentary film about frack wells where families were victims of their land grab where the property became worthless and while their health deteriorated as did the environment.  This film showed me what a dreadful thing it is. Fracking companies drill, move on and do not pay any damages to families.

Ian R Crane has campaigned against fracking tirelessly, and possibly a main battering ram against the government's plan for country wide fracking, with licences already given to areas and companies.  The UK anti-fracking community has contributed significantly to the fact that the Country has remained 'Frack Free' since spring 2011! However, this quest has not been without much drama and personal cost, with one of the Fracking Companies, Rathlin Energy, pursuing Ian through the Bankruptcy Courts for over two years!

INEOS also didn't get far with fracking in the UK due to protests and campaigns, while their millionaire CEO Ratcliffe got knighted in the process! [article]

Fracking diagram shows how deep the drill is and how it splits rock which can shatter the geology.  There can be no real assurance that the shattering of rock will not cause fissures reaching into the water table.  In America water can be set light straight out of the taps!  In the Murray Basin Australia, the river can be set alight from a dingy!

Fracking for shale gas has been prolific in America and Australia.  There is also risk of underground earthquakes caused by the fracturing; which happened in UK, and closed exploratory wells.  Fracking disasters are not unknown as seen in Albania, where Tony Blair gave government advice on fracking.

Ian Crane explains fracking in AVR8 video.

Fracking pollution

Pollution of fracking waters

Fracking pollution

Albania fracking disaster. Dirty water spouts high into the air.

Diagram shale gas extraction