Manipulation of the planet’s atmosphere and geology. Chemicals and frequency used in the atmosphere and the substrata. Communications frequencies, HAARP and 5G.

Diagram shale gas extraction


Fracking diagram shows how deep the drill is and how it splits rock which can shatter the geology.  There can be no real assurance that...

polluted sky natural earth


Author’s photographs of chemtrails over Porlock, North Somerset coast, and Devon.  The contrast between the remote and totally unspoilt land and the abuse of the...

polluted sky natural earth


HARRP –  Chemtrails – 5G deployment – Fracking [add overview summary + links to related posts] [site under reconstruciton 2021]

Glyphosate Pesticide

Created by I G Farben (bioweapons in WWII), when a plant was found growing on a bioweapons dump ground.  Monsanto developed it for pesticides, now...

5G Menace

5G Telecommunications Bandwidth 5G is in the fore of technology, as it will be used to connect the Internet of Things. Early tests show it...

Glyphosate in Organic Hydroponics

‘Faux-ganic’ Hydroponic Food Production “With No Soil to Certify, They Can Contaminate the Earth and Sell Faux-ganic Produce to Unsuspecting Consumers”  ~ “Organic” hydroponic...