Category: Geoengineering

Manipulation of the planet’s atmosphere and geology. Chemicals and frequency used in the atmosphere and the substrata. Communications frequencies, HAARP and 5G.

Weather Warfare

There is a lot of evidence that some extreme weather events have been engineered; partly to promote ‘climate change’; partly to re-engineer ’15 minute cities’...

Scorched Earth

Fires, fires everywhere, but not necessarily natural. First clues were melted car wheel hubs in California fires 2018, and trees which burn from the inside. ...


Ian R Crane (ex oil executive) visited the fracking wells in Southern Queensland, Australia making groundbreaking shocking documentary film about frack wells where families were...


‘Angels Don’t Play this HAARP’ – Nick Breggich. [Find quotes]


My photograph of chemtrails over Porlock, North Somerset coast, and Devon.  The contrast between the remote and totally unspoilt land and the abuse of the...

polluted sky natural earth


HARRP –  Chemtrails – 5G deployment – Fracking [add overview summary + links to related posts] [site under reconstruciton 2021]