Image Credit: Elke Gabriel – brain organoid with optic cups

ORGANOIDS - Brain stem cells develop retina receptive to light

These brain-blobs develop retina facility like a human brain.  Cones develop after 30 days and the optic cup after 50 days, a similar time frame to human development.  This doesn't seem ethical, as who knows whether the 'brain organoid' could become sentient.  Proclaimed to be developed to help blindness, I suspect funding is also related to transhumanism and robots.

  • Brain organoids are engineered to define primordial eye fields
  • OVB-organoids progressively develop bilaterally symmetric optic vesicles
  • OVB-organoids develop neural and non-neural cell types
  • OVB-organoids are light sensitive

'The human brain organoids formed optic cups, which appeared as early as 30 days and matured as visible structures within 50 days. This time frame parallels that of retinal development in the human embryo and could make certain types of developmental neurobiology experiments more efficient.' From Eurekalert

“Our work highlights the remarkable ability of brain organoids to generate primitive sensory structures that are light sensitive and harbor cell types similar to those found in the body,”

"The optic cup brain organoids also contained lens and corneal tissue and exhibited retinal connectivity to brain regions. “In the mammalian brain, nerve fibers of retinal ganglion cells reach out to connect with their brain targets, an aspect that has never before been shown in an in vitro system,”

Senior study author Jay Gopalakrishnan of University Hospital Düsseldorf (2021) (German Research Foundation and by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation)

'In Alysson Muotri's laboratory, hundreds of miniature human brains, the size of sezame seeds, float in Petri dishes, sparkling with electrical activity.  (THE TRANSHUMANISTS' DREAM!).   Neuroscientists have no agreed way to define and measure consciousness.  Without a working definition, ethicisrfs worry that it will be impossible to stop an experiment before it crosses a line... Cell Stem Cell reporting the creation of human brain organoids that produced coordinatred waves of activity, resembling those seen in premature babies.  The waves continued for months before the team shut the experiment down.  This type of brain-wide coordinated electrical activity is one of the properties of a conscious brain.'  NATURE article (behind paywall).

Organoids require Hydrogel and need to be cryo-preserved at -80 to -135. Organs-on-a-chip.

Organs on a Chip