Vaccine Cell Lines

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Dr Judy Mikovits PhD: virologist who exposes truths about vaccines.   She made groundbreaking studies on how HIV didn't cause AIDS.

INFECTION BY INJECTION!  Dr Mikovits's research has convinced her that injecting people with chimeric blood lines, is very bad for humans:  we are not animals.  Any vaccine or pill has substances unnatural for humans: which cause a string of events on a cellular level which affects our immune system adversely. We know there are chimeric constituents to the Covid 19 vaccines.  We know that boosters are causing more adverse events, as predicted by Dr Geert Vanden Bosche at the start of the vaccine rollout.  Dr Mikovits believes the only reason this shocking experiment is being continued must be to kill us.

See her interview video describing this on page below with description.

Vaccine creators have been using the same cell line base for a long time, containing monkey kidney cell line, and foetus cell line.  She believes, and has facts to prove, that immunity is compromised by vaccines.  Only 3% of our DNA is translated into protein, 97% is there to protect us.  For non virologists its difficult to get the full meanings of her findings.  We can trust that her passion for truth is well placed.  She explains vaccines for HIV are non starters.  From her descriptions of her findings, it appears that vaccine manufacturers have never really changed the base cel lines.  President Regan had told pharma to 'make them safer'.  In 1986 it became obvious vaccines were dangerous, and so to avoid criminal prosecution, an Act was passed to indemnify vaccine manufacturers against future damage lawsuits and death.  THIS WAS EVIL.  Robert F Kennedy Junior has been active in exposing vaccine damage origins.

She found the gain of function which creates a cytokine storm (similar to the covid symptom) exists in Ebola virus, which she was working on back in the 90's. She worked on two strains of Ebola; one was the Zaire strain which had the gain of function.

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