2023 - We now know the population is being experimented on to produce SYNTHETIC HUMAN BEINGS!  Highly respected experienced epidemiologists, pathologists, cardiac doctors and bio scientists are discovering whats BEING DONE TO HUMANS with nanotech vaccines.

“Different forms of assembly, even in non-vaxxed.
Need to eliminate the substrate of the clot building blocks!
Quantum dot technology is used for bio sensing.  Hydrogel is able to fuse with living cells and create synthetic biology. (transhumanist agenda)
Quantum dots are sensing every aspect of our physiology and sending that data to the cloud.
So this is a semi conducting material that acts like a battery.
Continues to grow, like ‘zombie blood’.”
All towards creating automatons and cyborgs

~ Dr Ana Mehalcea

Dr Mihalcea is part of an international collaborative research group investigating nanotechnology in the so called Covid 19 mRNA shots.
She observes ‘carbon peaks’ and self assembling molecules.
On a nano scale this graphine oxide has been used with gold to basically make the spike protein.

‘In NIH document 2020, Francis collins discussed the development of ‘quantum dot nano crystals making spike proteins which created an antibody response as if there was a virus, and that they were using this.’ 

She finds colours changing from green to blue, and the self assembling is accelerating. Clots are made from the polymer which is rubber-like.  Nine solvents couldn’t dissolve it.  Polymers are using the blood as a substrate to grow.  Cancer rates also associated, from cadmium in quantum dots.
(clots like in film ‘Died Suddenly').

All detail in her Substack Blog.   Important article with many microscopy photographs.  (Mihalcea Substack July 12th 2023.)

'Self Assembly Quantum Dots And Similarities To Morgellons Plaques, Metallics and Hexagons'  




Extensive pathology research by Dr Ana Mihalcea - its obvious now that the vaccines contain a new science - self assembling shapes, with quantum dot lights, often seen joined via filaments similar to those found in Morgellons disease in 2014 by Carnford.

Ana says the quantum dots are building the nano tech structures.  

Whistleblower from WHO - Dr Astrid Stuckleberger

"Covid 19 jabs are not biological. 100% synthetic."

Dr Stuckelberger suspected something wrong and big from the start. She has worked 20 years with WHO on life longetivity.

“Graphene oxide is the element of the hard disk of this computerized bimolecular lipids that are giving signals to the body, and creating nanocircuits in the human body.”

(many, like Dr Robert O Young and Ana Mihalcea have shown these in microscopy).  See Mihalcea...[above]

Stuckelberger  believes the mRNA narrative was a gov psyop to deceive researchers and make them think the shots were biological.  She thinks people like Malone are part of the predictive programming, to steer people into believing the jabs are biological, to follow the wrong track.

When Stew asks her “Are they a weapon”?  she adamantly says yes, of course.

The World Council of Churches got briefings from Tedros weekly (one world religion of NWO) Saying what religious leaders must say about covid.

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2022 - 2021 - 2020

mRNA vaccines are new and trick the body into producing some of the vital proteins itself by re-writing the DNA inside a cell, thereby changing the epigenetics of future generations.


Benjamin Netanyahu Israel PM, admits on Jordan Peterson interview that he agreed with Pfizer CEO to use the data from Israeli population 98% with digital identities, to determine the results of the vaccines.

DANGERS AND WARNINGS - The vaccine rollout - 2021

Injected gene therapy as Covid-19 treatment has been pushed globally at an incredible rate even continuing long after a time when it would normally have been withdrawn from trials, after many adverse reactions and deaths recorded in UK and US, but generally kept from the public media.  Virologists say highly vaccinated populations are spreading variants from the vaccines.

Late 2021, unbelievably, authorities are recommending vaccines for children.

"Thats just the way it goes" !! Editor in Chief - New England Journal of Medicine


 "In legal theory vaccines are recognised as being unavoidably unsafe"

Greg Reece video report

Early history and some thoughts on continued vaccine trial experimentation on the public.  Famously... In 1955 'The Cutter Incident' polio vaccination paralysed 200 children with 10 fatalities. Today the majority of polio cases are caused by the polio vaccine. Numerous vaccine damaged victims have been recorded and vaccine manufacturers had to pay out damages.  Vaccine companies were given legal liability protection. During the seven-year period 1978-84, the average amount claimed per suit has risen from $10 million to $46.5 million.  In 1986 the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act gave vaccine manufacturers legal liability protection against law suits, creating a gold-rush for big pharma.

A new vaccine registered under the CDC (Center for Disease Control) was worth $1Billion per year for manufacturer.  Diseases have increased though. MERCK, PFIZER, SANOFI, ASTRO ZENEKA, GLAXO SMITH KLINE are all convicted of crimes involving falsifying science and defrauding regulators and killing hundreds of thousands of people. Yet they continue to make billions from selling their experimental mandatory vaccines.

Attorney Thomas Renz reveals DoD data proving covid vaccines WORSEN infections and hospitalizations - Video Interview with Mike Adams [October 2021]

[2020 Blogs]

FAUCI knowingly taking risks - Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

“When you ramp up production with companies involved you do that at risk, you don't wait until you get an answer before you start manufacturing. You assume it will work."~  Anthony Fauci, Center for Disease Control (CDC), USA.

The more information is researched by doctors, Virologists and sympathetic journalists, the more it seems not enough is being done to educate people of the risk from this new type of 'vaccine'.  UK government is pushing full steam ahead with the vaccination program; as if they have a global obligation to big pharmaceutical corporations they may have been ordered to comply with.

A new interest in vaccines surfaced in 2020, specifically the Gates Foundation due to history of vaccine damages; now we are faced with a global determination to produce and implement a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus so called 'Covid-19' as SARS-Cov-2.  Such new vaccines are totally unproven, despite the criminal record of all major big pharma vaccine corporations, for which they remain immune from prosecution, written into law since 1986. Before vaccine rollout, Bill Gates has even said manufacturers will need governmental assurance of indemnity from damage claims, while admitting there will be harm caused to as many as 700,000 people.

"There will be some risk indemnification needed before that can be decided on"  ~  Bill Gates  [link to full Gates, GAVI post]

Such a new rushed through vaccine is “One of the most dangerous experiments in the history of the world”. The public is being asked to accept this without question. Even Gates acknowledges the risks of such a project, but instead of being concerned about any damage to the global population, he is more concerned that the pharmaceutical companies and the researchers are given legal immunity for any such damage.

The Dept. of Health and Human Services USA has created the immunity from prosecution framework:  Issued March 17 but retroactively goes back to February 4th 2020.Liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against Covid-19 ... any vaccine used to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent, or mitigate Covid-19”

[October 2021]: Now, a year later, there are indisputable official figures showing global adverse reactions and deaths; while manufacturers are still indemnified.  Legal action is being drawn up in some countries.

How can people trust experimental injections from Big Pharma who have already paid huge fines for Vaccine lawsuits

"In 2010 GSK paid out $1.14 billion because of claims over a drug called Paxil. And they settled lawsuits over a drug called Avandia for $500 million.  In 2011 GSK paid $250 million to settle 5,500 death and injury claims and set aside $6.4 billion for future lawsuits and settlements in respect of the drug Avandia."  ~ Dr Vernon Coleman 'Just a Little prick' Video

2014 - $490 million dollars by China:  2019 - sued by parents for $4.2 million:  2010 paid out $1.14 billion over Praxil and $500 million for Avandia:  2011 paid $250 million to settle 5,500 death and injury claims:  2012 paid £3 billion: fined £37.6 million for cheating the National Health Service  [Add details from Corbett Report and others named]

[2020]  Robert Kennedy Jnr. writing on RNA vaccines and vaccine trials.  His post was removed from FB.

"Scientists and ethicists are sounding the alarms...  mRNA vaccines are a new form of genetic engineering called “germline gene editing”.  Dr Judy Mikovits says its criminal to test MRNA vaccines on humans.  “MRNA can cause cancers and other dire harms that don’t surface for years”.

"Moderna plugs a small piece of coronavirus genetic code into human cells, altering DNA throughout the human body and reprogramming our cells to produce antibodies to fight the virus.  Fauci’s support got $483 million in federal funds, despite world ethicists and scientists having called for an end to this experimentation. Even Modern’s former R&D chief was shocked"

Moderna ordered trial participants (new trials in Seattle) to avoid unprotected sex and sperm donation.  A significant indication of their wariness of the unknown effect on future generations.

RNA gene editing information

Dr. Shiva exposes Fauci, Birx, Gates, and the W.H.O. Covid-19 ENDGAME

Dr. Shiva exposes the pharma fools: he explains the links with pharmaceutical corporations and academia in the field of medicine, vaccines and biometrics.

Bill Gates, whose father worked alongside bankster Rockefeller, is no stranger to banksters who have no doubt funded his projects from IBM, Microsoft to vaccines.  Gates in fact created the first computer 'virus', thereafter making a career out of viruses. He is NOT a doctor whatsoever and merely fronts the pharmaceutical vaccine industry.

Full post on Bill Gates...

To be continued....