Chemtrails 2

Chemtrails – Geo-engineering

METAL Pollutants are being added to the atmosphere through sky spraying, (chemtrails) including strange threads which are called Morgellons

Or poem about the sky!

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Big-Tech advancing BIO-Tech

We see more and more bio-tech companies like Helix promoting 'clinico-genomic' data: they are inseprable from big-data and big-tech providers.

Helix offers Covid Testing.  A new source of profit.  PCR tests have been discredited due to 97% false positives: (countries using 30 - 45 cycle process), which its inventor Kary Mullis said was not suitable for detection.  Still we see big-bio-tech cashing in on this 'demand' led by governments and now employers, and airlines as we move towards more restrictions without testing.

The DNA is an amplification test and not meant to be used to indicate infection.   The side effect of his experimental testing was to duplicate the signal. He was looking for something else.

Glyphosate Pesticide

'Faux-ganic' Hydroponic Food Production

"With No Soil to Certify, They Can Contaminate the Earth and Sell Faux-ganic Produce to Unsuspecting Consumers"  ~

Faux-ganic hydroponic food with ground treated with glyphosate: Image

' “Organic” hydroponic production is a form of factory farming: the ground is levelled, compacted, and often covered with plastic, while plant roots bathe in synthetic nutrients or are supported by sterile substrates like gravel or coconut coir. The rows and rows of identical indoor plants resemble the worst of livestock production where hens are crammed into battery cages or cattle are packed into barren feed lots—all unable to touch real soil or live natural lives.'

In his long e-mail addressing the situation, Dave Chapman, Executive Director of Real Organic Project, explains how faux-ganic produce is being sold to unsuspecting consumers.

“I have been hearing for months that glyphosate is being sprayed on fields about to be certified organic for hydroponic berry production. The way this use of herbicide is incorporated into “organic” certification is to laser level a field, compact it until it is like a parking lot, wait a little while until the weeds (that slows follow disturbed soil) have germinated. And then spray it with an herbicide..."  ~  Dave Chapman.

Cornucopia.orgbrings to light Real Organic Project concerns 2019

The argument is such...

"The National Organic Program (NOP) continues to assert that hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic production is allowed, although these practices appear incompatible with the precepts and even the regulatory basis for organic production. The NOP’s argument in this case seems to be that because the glyphosate does not “touch” the plants being certified, it is all above board—or at least legally defensible."

"Cornucopia disagrees. Glyphosate is insidious and can cause contamination in non-target plants via airborne drift and other routes of exposure. In addition, research shows that glyphosate is strongly bound up in soils, and residues pose a risk to subsequent crops. But hydroponic producers seem to have a special license to do many things that are incompatible with organic principles."

Update 2020-


DARPA's Transformation of Humanity Into Synthetic Entities - updated 19th May 2020. Celeste Solum 

Replace censored/deleted video with another one or with Alison McDowell talking to Celeste

[Update: 2021 July: Spanish University of Almeria find graphene oxide in vaccines to create magneto platform.  See Vacines / update / La Quinta Columna]

"In essence, what this is doing is engineering your own synthetic microbiome.  You must understand that your microbiome controls your whole body, everything from your organs, blood, brain, hormones, and more.  You are translated into a synthetic or artificial being or entity.   

DARPA wants to bring in other types of organisms that can live on and in you.  These are foreign invaders who have “evolved” over millions of years and have potential to live within you in a proposed symbiotic way (you scratch my back, I will scratch yours) known as commensal relationship. Commensalism is a type of relationship where one of the organisms benefits greatly from the symbiosis. The other is not helped but is not harmed or damaged from the relationship. In other words, this is a one-sided symbiotic relationship. 

DARPA is going to engineer and gene-edit these ancient entities that they plan to make ubiquitous to protect us.  They can produce antibodies, vaccines, compounds that interact with bacteria or viruses or even chemical agents and enzymes.  Once again, supposedly breaking them down before they can hurt us."

This is a 5-year program and all of humanity will merge with SynBio by 2025. Proposing teams must be multidisciplinary with expertise in nanocomposite, smart textiles, smart molecular or nanoscale sorbents, commensal organisms, gene and protein expression systems, immunogenicity, metabolomics, and medical device development. Proposing teams are strongly encouraged to include expertise across fields, as well as with industry partners familiar with FDA or equivalent regulatory approvals."  ~ Video maker

No verification but video maker's article:

Include Alison McDowell's work

[Link to Graphene Oxide stories of nano tech platform]

Covid Food Reduction

A bizarre attack on food everywhere around the world.  Covid rulings seem to be destroying food production and grain stores. 2020 reasons being not enough workers available, and food has to be thrown out before it can get to market.  2021 sees delays in container shipping, and increase in shipping costs.  Stories of a lack of lorry drivers. 

This is all pre planned.

'The global food supply is being destroyed, production dismantled, and farmers put out of business: California is sending in "COVID-19 Strike Teams" to shut down farms that are not "properly distanced." China bans cellphones in granaries. Australian food shortages. Beirut loses main port and grain stores. Middle East food production & distribution is on fire. Christian breaks down the latest as the #FoodWars go hot'   ~  Aug 2020

Codex Alimentarius