Phase Contrast Microscopy Blood Cell Crystallisation

Shows blood cell alteration

D Robert Young, cellular biologist, explains electron microscopy findings in blood cells

"We have conducted the scientific testing on each vaccine and have identified several ingredients or adjuvants that have not been disclosed which are contained in these four SARS-CoV - 2 -19 vaccines. Currently, these vaccines are being administered to millions of humans around the World under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) issued by each country without full disclosure of all ingredients and in some cases mandated by governments or employers in violation of individual human rights under the Nuremberg Code of 1947."~ Dr Robert Young

Micrograph 5:  healthy blood cells are even in size and smooth shape. Hydrated.

Micrograph 8:  holes in centre of cells. Dehydrated. (lost its haemoglobin, one of symptom of covid)

Haemoglobin provides immunity to body. (white blood cells sanitation engineers).  Deterioration of cell membranes causes spikes on blood cells. (cell 25,000th of an inch).

Shows blood cell alteration

'live blood 24 hours after the mRNA Vaccine now containing crystallized red blood cells, biological transformations of red and white blood cells, large symplasts of graphene oxide crystals center and Orotic acid crystals in the upper right hand corner of the micrograph.'  (Fig 1b)

'Carbon Cluster of Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) Viewed in the Live Unstained Human Blood with pHase Contrast Microscopy at 1500x. Note that the Red Blood Cells are Clotting in and Around the rGO Crystal in a Condition Known as Rouleau! A French Word Which Means to Chain' (Fig. 1)

'Liposome Capsid containing rGO that Pfizer uses for its product to vehiculate the graphene oxide by attaching the Liposome capsid to specific mRNA molecules for driving the Liposome contents of fGO to specific organs, glands and tissues, namely the ovaries and testes, bone marrow, heart and brain. The image was obtained by a SEM-Cryo preparation.  (Fig 4)

What causes oxygen deprivation of the blood (DIC) and then lungs

Re-alkalinazation needed for blood

He determines many problems are improved by re-alkalinazation of the blood environment when it is too acid, described in detail in video He recommends Niacin flush (B3) Bicarbonate of Soda, more water and Avocados. And we need salt.

Due to our external environments having EMF, we need to become more actively aware of sympathetic resonance technology; which is another area of Young's studies.  [more images to add]