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"History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods"

AI Dreamer Technocrats - Free will is over

 "..The idea that humans have soul, spirit, free will… that’s over.”

"For the first time in history we have the power to basically hack human beings...

If you have enough data and you have enough computing power, you can understand people better than they understand themselves, and then you can manipulate them…

in ways which were previously impossible...and in such a way the old democratic system stops functioning.  We need to reinvent democracy for this new era in which humans are now hackable animals.     ~ Prof. Yuval Harari, History, Hebrew University.

So humans are considered 'animals' by techtopians!  Maybe because the transhumanist dream would produce 'beings' with robotic stupidity.

Harari at Davos 2020

[Add from TheGreat Reset  book quotes from Harari - 'Sapiens']

Davos 2020 talk:  [yet to read]

“No Soul, No Free Will" - The End of Humanity

Video Introduction: Christian Westbrook @IceAgeFarmer

"The idea that humans have free will, or a soul -- these are over!" Technocrats have not just declared war on humanity, they have declared victory in that war. From your vote in the election, to your diet, to your medical choices, these are no longer your decisions to make as the elites openly celebrate that they now know better and exercise near perfect control over our lives. We still have the opportunity to NOT comply en masse with this rewrite of humanity -- but we must be ALL IN, RIGHT NOW. ~