Decadence vs Sublime

I was writing about the ancient Greeks' intuition about physics on my site Resonant Visions. Part of their philosophical knowledge base was the interconnectedness of the basic elements of matter in the universe, the rising and falling of all things, anytime to infinity, the all in the One.  Their thinking was very close to modern understanding of atomic physics as Heisenberger pointed out in 1958.

All elements of nature grow in harmony within its environment. There are vibrations we cannot see, which create patterns of harmony and disharmony, which is seen in cymatics examples.  Good reference site Cymascope

Art should be something of the GOOD, TRUE, and BEAUTIFUL, causing us to feel harmony and to lift our spirit wither from nature or an abstracted creation.

All the above images are mathematically based.

If 'The good, the true and beautiful’ is not followed, then we are on the road to hell.  People accept degenerate art if they have never been exposed to finer thoughts and ideas, for reasons of poor upbringing, suffering or indoctrination, so they have latched onto a cult which appears to have meaning, when in fact it has nothing but superficial drama; and even a death cult of child sacrifice in some countries, which is ignored by rulers.

Taken further... some of the cults apparently being followed and ritualised these days, through satanic art, and satanic performance art (such as Maria Abramavitch and 'spirit cooking' which includes bodies and blood; sacrifice as 'art') could be the result of this sickly introverted energy field, which appears to radiate destruction rather than growth; even to glorify destruction.

The dumbing down of culture is social engineering foistered on the masses eager to latch onto anything with meaning.  These deviations can only develop in an affluent society: a post industrial benefit socialist society, where most people in western countries don’t struggle for food and shelter, and become divorced from the actual world of striving for provisions in any natural order, which would keep them level headed: especially in large cities, people are separated from the natural world.

Decadence takes over when no striving is called for.  People are easily influenced and even controlled by any forces which propound art and activities not of the sublime.  It is promoted by media and therefore normalised to be accepted in society, along with adulation of sexual perversions (Pride celebrations and further encompassing transgenderism). In the early 21st Century, children are being brain washed into disbelieving their natural gender, and even to agree to change it.  Leaders have so neglected their flock, that these trends are not attended to, nor nipped in the bud.

Also on a national and global scale, leaders do not reflect Art in any way.  They don't do beautiful enriching things, so drab strife results, and wars leading to terrible destruction. The high pay attracts the egotistical, the greedy and those hungry for power and control.

Cults in public spaces, all is not right in society.  Bahometh   satanic cult...

This sculpture does not represent the animals in any natural way of their life.  It is NOT a natural rabbit or bull/goat.  Represented outside UK Council offices. Makes no sense to children who may even be disturbed, which the designer doesn't seem to have considered.  This is not 'Little Grey Rabbit' story.  The animals are given human stances, which infers 'Goaty' is surely after to get missy rabbit.  [Photo unknown from Twitter]

Jung's light painting with trees