Zoonotic Threat – Biodiversity Lie

The UN seeks to remove humans from 30% of land and inland water, and considers this "even more important than climate change!" A narrative is being crafted with COVID-19 to justify forcibly moving people off the land and farms, into the smart cities, in the name of "habitat" and "biodiversity." It may sound reasonable, but what does it REALLY mean?  Total control.  Christian breaks it down.

The propaganda now is about chimeras getting into viruses as a covert excuse for the weaponised Wuhan virus SARS-Cov-19 with bat backbone and gain of function.  Agenda 31 advocates are saying its due to the destruction of wilderness, and using this 'theory' in order to validate their rewilding plans.

The agenda is to take over all wild land, land grabbing, while people are forced more and more into Smart Cities.

Scientist prof Ian Boyle in UK saying re-wild half of farmland. To fight climate crisis.

Re-wilding from P.993 US Global Biodiversity Assessment Wildlife Project - Credit: Video - 'Totnes Talk Sandi Adams - Agenda 21'

Add all Sandi Adams screenshots in Appendix.