Language Hijacking

Language assimilation to utilise meaning for Machiavellian purposes, is a tool in the arsenal of the new world disorder.

Language is used, borrowed, to give an illusive meaning to general understanding.  Sometimes it describes the cult at the heart of any new world disorder project, used to divide people; also as a distraction of gaining more 'rights'.   'HR' used to be referred to as Personnel Department.  Now we can understand that HR was introduced as a 'human resource' in contrast to an 'artificial' AI resource.

The 'woke' cult of inclusivity being exaggerated via propaganda media is destroying normally acceptable language.  Oxfam have a new 'language guide', which states that 'healthy' and 'normal' are wrong words.  The emphasis is slipping towards identify everything in terms of some disability or minority, so that descriptions of 'normal' are not to be used.  This is needed for a dystopian, nihilistic culture.




'Androcentrism is the practice, conscious or otherwise, of placing a masculine point of view at the centre of one's world view, culture and history, thereby culturally marginalizing femininity.'

Its a fact of history that men have activated outcomes for society, because as 'non-breeders', they have been free to change the world (for good or bad).  This language appears to be supporting of women, often in a lower societal position than men in some cultures and religions, but its more than that: its to promote transgenderism, their descriptive reason stating "all" genders, rather than just 'both' which would describe two.

Oxfam is supposed to be about supporting areas of famine, where I doubt people in need have any interest in woke propaganda.  Its likely Oxfam and other charity organisations have been 'fed' this language guidance by global forces pushing the minority agenda.  If charities move away from basic helping of people, they may lose some donors, not wanting to pay towards transgender indoctrinating.

To refer to normal people as 'non disabled' is to imagine that the majority of people ARE disabled, insinuating 'normal and healthy' is a minority'; further, the word 'healthy' is to be avoided.  This goes too far to change meaning of dispositions.  Truth is being disguised, obfuscated.

Sophia - Hanson's AI Robot

Of course Hanson Robotics wanted to use a 'wisdom' word for a robot to spout 'information'.  This is NOT wisdom, but regurgitation of data. 'Sophia' is being written using the female pronoun 'her'.  A robot cannot be assigned a gender.    [Add link to ESL lesson on 'Lessons' Page]


Greek pottery. Immortal gods drinking Ambrosia. From Ancient Origins site.

'Ambrosia' Food of the Gods

Ambrosia is known as tinned rice pudding in UK, but Peter Thiel of Silicon Valley has a company called Ambrosia, offering young blood at volume discount $12,000 for two litres.  Ancient Greek meaning of Ambrosia is longevity or immortality.

'Founded in 2016 by Jesse Karmazin, an MD never licensed to practice medicine, Florida-based Ambrosia claims to be able to combat aging through infusions of blood plasma from younger people.'

Tech entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel, who co-founded PayPal and Palantir and said in 2014 he was taking human growth hormone in hopes of living to 120 or beyond, has expressed interest in Ambrosia and said of death, “I prefer to fight it.” ~ 

The disturbing and unsavoury question is: Where is the blood coming from?  Accident deaths? Aborted foetuses?

Technocracy News:   'That practice is known as parabiosis, and, according to Thiel, it’s a potential biological Fountain of Youth–the closest thing science has discovered to an anti-aging panacea. Research into parabiosis began in the 1950s with crude experiments that involved cutting rats open and stitching their circulatory systems together' 'There are widespread rumors in Silicon Valley, where life-extension science is a popular obsession, that various wealthy individuals from the tech world have already begun practicing parabiosis, spending tens of thousands of dollars for the procedures and young-person-blood, and repeating the exercise several times a year. In our April 2015 interview, Thiel was seemingly explicit that parabiosis was something he hadn't "quite, quite, quite started yet."A Thiel Capital spokesman said nothing had changed since then.' ~Jeff Bercovici

'Ambrosia was said to come from the horn of a magical goat named Amalthea, the foster-mother of Zeus. The horns of Amalthea provided a limitless supply of ambrosia but were also capable of producing any kind of food for any kind of living being.  White holy doves would carry the ambrosia and a large eagle with shiny wings would fly at an extraordinary speed through the sky where he would get the nectar and then bring it down to the baby Zeus'.

'It was said that ambrosia was used by the gods to cure diseases, fix scars, and make the body beautiful again. If dead people would be treated with ambrosia, their bodies would remain in perfect condition forever. In other references, we can see that ambrosia was abundant in the gardens of Hesperides.   Hesperides were nymphs who tend to a blissful garden in the far western corner of the world, a place where ambrosia was brought to the God Zeus'.   ~ John Black co-founder Ancient Origins

There are many historical references to elixir of life to attain immortality in Sumer, Egypt, China, Iran; also Biblical references to land of milk and honey and forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life.   Scythians drank their enemy's blood. In Zoroastrian and Vedic mythologies, Soma or Haoma are plants which give immortality.

'We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered.'    Rig Veda 8.48.3

It is interesting that lactose persistent gene reaches highest percentages in Northern Europe, whereas 90% of Africans and Asians are lactose intolerant.

GRACE - A 'caring' Robot Nurse - another hijack of language meaning

'Grace' has been carefully chosen to imply a robot feels kindness of human empathy, or divinity of purpose. Its a complete antithesis to 'caring' given to a machine programmed to give synthetic 'empathic' care to sick and elderly.  Instating robots to 'care' is psychological fraud on the vulnerable.   It will not take any 'sentient' visual clues which are so important in treating patients. It will feel no divine mission for life.

'Grace' will only 'reiterate' responses taught, from clues in the patient's sentences, which might be indiscernible in very ill people.  Responses could therefore be irrelevant to an individual.   All patients will be 'the same' to a robotic program.   All the money spent on R & D could be paid to nurses who want to spend time on empathic work.

'Grace' – Hanson Robotics 'Nurse'

Grace and Sophia will go into mass production end 2021-2022; no doubt to replace basic nursing (take temperatures) when half of medical staff have left their jobs unvaxxed.  They could be sent on the streets as health squads to take populations' temperature, alert authorities, and have people 'collected': they could also be armed with stun equipment to 'control' the patient.  Dystopian techtopia if ever we could imagine!  Notice one meaning of 'grace' is 'regeneration' which has a biotechtopian potential towards transhumanism.

Russel Brand's very apt assessment of Grace

We can consider what mechanisms influence behaviour and decision making on language use, from a few of the tendencies and principles below by Carey G. Butler. Pages 5, 11, 12, 13 of his Treatise .


Formation Behaviour which becomes automatic through repetition and reinforcement


Subtle indirect suggestions, reinforcements, and small environmental changes

Overton Window

Discourse which is deemed acceptable or politically viable


Techniques of communication to change someone’s actions, attitudes, or beliefs


Subtle exposure to certain concepts, ideas, or stimuli to influence them

Public comittment

Encourage the “coming out” of a desired model behaviour to play self-image against disapproval by others in order to propagate and motivate others to accept, adopt, or retain that behaviour

The Authority Prinicple

Propensity to comply with requests or persuasion by people perceived as having authority expertise

The Framing Principle

Presenting information in a positive or negative frame to influence their perceptions and decisions