Harvesting Human Energy

Todd Callender talks to Seth - Man in America

“They have turned our bodies into computers, as battery sources”.
“When Cesium 137 is introduced to living tissue it turns that tissue into a transistor, a transducer, an amplifier, a receiver”
“Data entering in gHz, tHz is going to go out” We are the definition of free energy.

VIDEO NOTES:  44,000 military, and families, were used in an experiment. C45191
Data was harvested transmitted through 5G to Israel. 12,000 died and 80% abortion rate. Cleaned up data sent back to Pfizer and DOD.
Changes in bodies within 6 hrs of shot.

“Turning people into slaves, chattel property, which we stopped in 1865!”

13th Amendment ‘you can't own people’; stand firm.  Says Todd.

“Premeditated mass murder, and its more than that”

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