The War with Natural Law

Scientific and cultural developments in some areas seem to run against natural law.  This includes government, pharmaceutical industry and bankers.

Mark Passio has been talking about this since he rejected involvement in cults.  He states that today's leaders of technocracy are working through mind control: "epigenetic technology" an ancient psychology (transmitted through ancestral epigenetic inheritance) and "technocratic occultocracy" to implement their rule through force.

"sorcerers of consciousness" Mark says are running the highest ops on populations. Due to much cross coordination between groups, not everyone realizes they are playing a part in the psy-op.  They put fear into peoples' minds which shuts down conciousness to enable manipulation of human beings.

"Human consciousness is always driven by the Love/Fear Polarity.  Fear is the main weapon of choice in the psy-op. Other psy-ops work readily because of humanity's continued ignorance regarding human psychology and basic laws of Nature."
"Most human beings, sadly, have not developed to a level of consciousness in which they can properly discern truth and reality from falsehood and fantasy."

The hidden ruling class occultists are not as depicted in films, but as CEOs of global corporations, banking institutions, medical institutions.

Technocrats, the entrenched ruling class, are initiating a global technocracy, which has become very apparent since 2020. They see themselves as god-like, such as the AI dreamers developing transhumanism.

Psy-Op Types

Demoralization - People feel they have no choice of a situation

False Flag - Problem - Reaction - Solution: Hegelian Dialectic.

Disinformation - Inject false information into targeted data sets. Make certain groups look foolish. Technology has increased this potential.

Stand-Down:  - People feel they don't have to do anything, that someone else will save their own situation. 'No one is coming to rescue us'.  [Add Prather Point quotes]

New Age Movement - Destruction of the sacred masculine principle of action.

World View:- Psyops so ingrained within human cultural 'norms', so whole populations can be controlled. Slavery

[To be continued]

SARS Pandemic Preparedness

Jay Dyer goes over the pandemic preparedness document 'SPARS' projected onto 2025.

Surprisingly similar events are described as have happened during covidmania.  The document finishes at a point sounding similar to where we are now in 2023.

Corona Planned Psyop

The document's purpose is to get people to take vaccines; for health officials to know how to act to outcomes, and how to scare people to take them

...Ficticious ’novel virus' 'SPARS' originates in amorphous Asian region, then spreads in America....Seems it will spread through airports...Dangers of death toll being exaggerated Ch.3 ...Cure of ‘Kalocivir’,(like Remdesivir)....Mass culling of animals as believed spread through livestock...'corovax' is rushed due to Emergency Powers Act...Expectation of adverse effects...Government under heat because non of it is tested...Social media key element as comments go viral, so crucial to control the narrative on social media...Use of rappers, who might go against it...Reactions against fake science movements...Rushed vax might bring actions against Pharma.

Main purpose is to curb anti vax on social media

...Convince governments to work together to implement intense surveillance to monitor the real time discussions...Push a narrative that it’s not fair for only few to get vaccine...Ch 12, power grid fails, tolling blackouts...Multi disasters at once...Encourage religious leaders to step up and promote vax...Televised vax by leaders will prove safety...Utilise leftist student movements who worship science. p.53...Target youth, throughout document...Bizarre outbreaks of pneumonia...Shortages of drugs and antibiotics....Predicts tremendous growth of anti-vax programs and the side effects....p.57 be prepared to steer the echo chamber, using anti virals promotion among health types...Big tech and gov must ensure the tech industry can convince people to take vaccines...Adverse effects...Vaccine Injury Ch. 17...Children experience neurological problems...Parental anxiety brought mass lawsuits...Demanded removal of liability shield for the harmed...Protection act was set up to pay out in advance...Science bloggers start quoting VEARS...Only gov can talk about science, no payments out until proof...Formally vaccinated people will begin to oppose vaccinations...Dissuade people from getting information from crowd funding. P64, Public officials could have pointed out that the people went along with the vax...Large scale anti pharmaceutical groups will arrive, but CDC and FDA officials will take the heat P67 and step down, to preserve and protect the global vaccinations movements, to combat distrust of anti Pharma movements....Have a prep act in place to pay off people

Jay Dyer lectures on books of occult controllers throughout modern history.  His background is philosophy and media propaganda.

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