The Invisible World Frequencies of Communication Technology

Dystopian Technoverse - Invisible Frequencies

Earth – Air – Water - Energy


The seen environment we take to be natural, whilst we cannot discern the unseen and unnatural hidden biological and technological pollutants out of harmony with natural forces.  GMO, pesticides, chemtrails, EMF, 5G, microbiology: (Post Categories)

Understanding natural science vs technotronic interference.  Synthetic impositions on the planet contrast with the physics magic of the natural environment.

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Corporate Profit first:  In 1976, US produced list of all illnesses which could be developed from microwave radiation.  They asked all the other governments to deceive the public, to avoid law suits and to protect industrial profit. Silent Weapons Technology The White House Spectrum Management:  Stanford University (funded by military), Google, Microsoft, Harvard University (the latter involved in origination of the quiet wars technical manuals), Berkley, FCC, NSA.

Psychotronic weapons for mass mind control:  Different reasons for monitoring populations.  40-45 countries are blanketing countries with microwaves (Barrie Trower videos).  The main weapon is blackmail.  The military can put voices in peoples’ heads: even the supermarkets have technology to put voices in peoples’ heads that they want to buy something. "Microwave is the perfect stealth weapon"  The Consequences of Wifi, Microwaves by Barrie Trower


'WIFI could be changing your DNA'  DNA is a receiver and transmitter of information.  Frequencies of polluted water and GMO food, combined with wifi surroundings, are distorting DNA.  Russian changed Salamanda embryos to Frog embryos and transformed it.  So says DARPA funded Diamantides:

"Intelligent Self-directed evolution guides mankind’s metamorphosis into an immortal planetary meta-intelligence."

SMART METERS  'Take Back Your Power'


Victor Schauberger: 'Comprehend and Copy Nature' study of water energy flow.  Forces, vortex. Water memory, Water bridge pulsing, Bacteria amplify, Water changes - different sources, giving us different types of water.]

Walter Russel: The Universal One audio reading.  Physics of light and energy. Forces.

Dan Winter: body physics, energy flow. Prime electricity vortex. (also featured on Resonant Visions 'Illumination')

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