Natural  vs  Synthetic

Today's technocratic world is a huge step away from mankind's origins in the wilderness of nature.  Environmental concern used to be mainly limited to agri-pharma, pesticides polluting the earth, GMO seeds, plastic waste and environmental disasters like Fukushima and the Ohio toxic train dioxin burn off.  Now in the age of bioweapons we must consider people-poisoning by big pharma.  All authorities seem to be controlled by the pharmatocracy which enables corporations world wide to be free from liability of manufacturing, in the pursuit of trillion dollar profits.  2021-2023 has resulted in a coerced 'pharmageddon' by gene therapy, where they put their trust in the modern developed pharmaceutical industry.

In 2021-22-2023 humans globally have been coerced into experimental gene alterations incorporating nanotech delivery systems, where thousands have been recorded with serious adverse reactions, causing suffering and death, even neo-natal, to many.  The goal is an actual internet of bodies, along with the 'Internet of all things'. (IoT)  Everything must be monitored and converted to data for micro-control.   This trend is considered dystopian by many, along with increased authoritarianism of global government dictating global measures for surveillance, news broadcasting and health monitoring.

The inspiration for this website name Synthetic Agenda originated in an article by Makia Freeman.

'There is a multi faceted attack on the human environment by corporate technocracies'

'Techtopian agendas for the control of human needs are based in profiteering from synthetic manufacturing, rather than working in harmony with Earth's natural resources.  The over proliferation of chemicals causes environmental damage.  The air we breath and the food we eat are subjected to heavy metals and pesticides.  Pharmaceuticals, including vaccines have proven damaging.  Invisible elements such as electro magnetic frequencies, all mesh within our bodies yet we do not know the long term effects.'

“The synthetic agenda is the over arching agenda of the New Word Order conspiracy directed by a ‘self aware’ AI; supplanting the real with the fake, and the organic with the inorganic” 

Makia Freeman's article used by Dustin Deschamps for Stillness in the Storm 2016, was my inspiration for using 'synthetic agenda'.  Makia Freeman is the editor of  The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at'

Geo-engineering, bio-engineering, communication technologies and now blatant genetic-engineering, can interfere with nature's chemical balance in both our external and internal environment.

All that forms our synthetic environment originates from the multinational corporations who are continually developing uses for technology: Biometrics, Bioweapons, AI surveillance, 5G, Robotics and the Internet of Things. Technology changes, supplanting each gone before, in search of more 'efficient' design of function, whilst always ensuring greater profitability for the manufacturers, but in 21st Century we are very unsure of the efficacy of these in regards to our health and in some cases convinced of their malaise.

Nature's harmonies beyond mankind's interference and synthetic inventions.

"...45 minutes in the forest breathing millions of spores of life, increases your body’s killer cells by 50%. Due to this recent phenomenal discovery, scientists decided to call this “Forest Bathing” ~ Dr Ariyana Love

This quote was included in a list of remedies against Covid and vaccine damage 2021.  A 'new discovery'!!

The counterpoint to the ascendance of big pharma pollutants, toxins, nanotech and smart city dystopia is to revere all that is natural in the state of humans and  incorporate its value into our endeavours.

There is harmony with all nature through infinite variations and adaptations to maintain interdependence with the environment; through living cells and frequencies which technological creations cannot replicate.  The further from nature we live, the lesser resonance we have with our planet.  Science has travelled in a direction away from nature, arrogantly determined to ignore much 'intelligence' in the natural world. (example the elimination of natural medicines See Rockefeller post).