Synthetic Agenda - Synthetic Armageddon Techtopia

Mankind must stay in tune with nature, not control it.

“The synthetic agenda is the over arching agenda of the New Word Order conspiracy directed by a ‘self aware’ AI; supplanting the real with the fake, and the organic with the inorganic”  ~ Makia Freeman

Makia Freeman's article used by Dustin Deschamps for Stillness in the Storm 2016, was my inspiration for using 'synthetic agenda'.  Makia Freeman is the editor of  The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at'

'There is a multi faceted attack on the human environment by corporate technocracies' ~  Makia Freeman

Globalist agendas for farming, medicine (basic human needs) are based in profiteering from synthetic manufacturing, rather than working in harmony with Earth's natural resources.  The over proliferation of technology and chemicals causes environmental damage.   The air we breath and the food we eat are subjected to heavy metals and pesticides.  Pharmaceuticals, especially vaccines have proven damaging.  These invisible elements including electro magnetic frequencies, all mesh within our bodies yet we do not know the long term effects.

Big data and bio-tech corps are advancing in a way we have little understanding of developing a vast array of monitoring by genomic testing.

All that forms our synthetic environment originates from the multinational corporations who are continually developing uses for technology: bioweapons, AI surveillance, biometrics, 5G, robotics and the Internet of Things. Pharmaceutical multinationals with a Synthetic Agenda coerce students with funding 'bribes' to do the 'right' kind of research in order to produce yet more synthetic products for profit; even as we know bisphenol leaches from plastic to food, the oceans are full of micro-plastics and textile fibres, and specifically to 2021, we learn vaccine development is a chimeric science.

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Technology changes, supplanting each gone before, in search of more 'efficient' design of function, whilst always ensuring greater profitability for the manufacturers, but in 21st Century we are very unsure of the efficacy of these in regards to our health.

Sister site [under construction] explores through images, the sublimeness of nature; how nature's designs function explicitly in harmony with all environment - compared to the imposition of high tech frequencies and pharmaceuticals.

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.— David Rockefeller

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Nature's harmonies exist beyond and despite mankind's interference and synthetic inventions which can even destroy - by interfering with, re-inventing and over proliferation of sub-strata intervention.   There is harmony with all nature through infinite variations and adaptations to maintain interdependence with the environment; through living cells and frequencies which technological creations cannot replicate.

I have always enjoyed the natural environment and gardening, so have a concern about pollution.  The development of genetic modification is an aberration to the Earth and will be well focused on in this site.  Author's environmental interest was cemented when discovering many stories of global environmental concerns on Google Plus media blogging platform, where I had an  Environment Collection; publicly 'featured' by Google gaining 90,000 followers by 2018.  Since Google disbanded the platform I have wanted to compile so many of these interests in a separate site. All of the issues are still standing, some with an increasing cause for concern. Consequently many stories will be added from previous years, as well as updated news on developments.