AI Surveillance Personal Tracking

Cell phone tracking To Monitor Social Distancing


"Surveillance Fast-Tracked Under Pretext of Fighting Coronavirus" - Brian James of Take Back Your Power 

Google has announced that it will use its storage of electronic data to track and publicly report on the movements of individuals at the population level during the COVID-19 pandemic. The electronic surveillance initiative utilises information that Google has collected on users of Google cell phones and products, such as Google Maps, to create reports on the degree to which populations in different areas are conforming to government “social distancing” measures.

Dystopian Drone World.

and Amazon Launches Surveillance Drones Inside Your House.

Drone surveillance may be illegal.

2014 article on whether drone surveillance is illegal.

Several government departments and police forces have increasingly used remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), however the legal guidance warns it is “probably unlawful” for security services to “retain or use surveillance data” captured by drones under current laws.