Futurist Technocrats

Futurists and biotechtopians have been planning our bio-tech future for a long time

Technocracy is now ruled by AI Dreamers, unleashing their dire dreams of tech surveillance and biotech control systems... under the guise of pandemoniums, while people see their freedoms being eroded under more authoritarian control.  It has already been termed by some as a global 'Bio-medical security state'.  This is our own physical freedom, which is under threat of biosecurity measures which technocrats would like to implant us with along with tech surveillance to reduce and monitor movement, such as implementing movement restrictions of 15 minute cities.  Cryptocracy is going whole hog!

There are many books by futurists and eugenicists predicting the future, always through messing with the human brain.  MK Ultra was a brain experimentation program.  Now (2022-23) we have Organoids, started by Hanz Cleaver: bio computers, tiny lab grown cell culture, originally stem cells, powered by human brains; thousands of little brains growing with eyes.  'Nature' periodical suggests organoids may be sentient. They require hydrogel, and cri-preserved at -80 to -135 to preserve for 6 months.  Eventually they will try to put these into robots, for transhumanism. ~ Debbie, UK Column 30.11.22 [get link]

Pharma-cryptocracy is really run amok!

Big corporations are funding DNA research.  Blackstone acquires Ancestry.com for 4.78 billion dollars.  It’s not just a family history business but to collect DNA signatures.  "DNA identification signal is the new weapon." ~ Jeffrey Prather 15.03.23

Biotechnocracy will be implemented through wealthy pharmaceutical foundations in league with big tech corporations and the entertainment industry as predicted by Jacques Attali.  (I've been astounded recently to discover American TV progs are "brought to you by Pfizer"!!)  How sick and insidious considering the C-19 vaccine reaction outcomes.  The World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) has imminent plans to be a medical dictator with their Pandemic Treaty whereby every nation will be legally bound to obey all WHO directions and likely be injected with transmitters. [links]

Jay Dyer of Jays Analysis gives video talks elucidating relevant details from books of the futurists and eugenicists, such as Jacques Attali, H G Wells, Bertrand Russell, Jonas Salk and government whistle blowers.

Rockefeller Foundation is deep into knowing the future:

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

Click image caption to enlarge views Pages 17 - 22

World controllers plan future outcomes from their advances in experimentation with gain of function

The contents echo the events of Covid years 2020-present (2023). We are currently at the stage of predicted protest by the people and predicted pharma advocates becoming fall guys for the entire enterprise. [Fauchi of the CDC and Hancock UK Health Secretary).  Pharma industry is about money.  In the case of Covid-19 its gone too far with the treachery and malfeasance and no accountability when it causes harm.  Biotechtopia may not get away with it.



The John Hopkins Centre for Health and Security  produced a book in 2017 on a projected pandemic scenario:  'The Center’s SPARS Pandemic exercise narrative comprises a futuristic scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future.'

SPARS - the psyop  (notes from Jay Dyer's video talk)

(Ch. 3). 'The document’s purpose is for health officials to know how to act to get people to take vaccines (similar to 'Event 201', pandemic exercise): what to do to scare people to take them.  SPARS story originates in amorphous Asian region, spreads in America as a ’novel’ virus with dangers of death toll exaggerated. 

Cure is a drug: ‘Kalocivir’, (like Remdesivir). Seems it will spread through airports.  Mass culling as believed spread through livestock.  Vaccine is rushed due to Emergency Powers Act and expectation of adverse effects.  Government comes under heat because non of it is tested (similar to Covid-19 vaccine trials). Social media is key element as comments go viral, so crucial to control the narrative, via celebrities.  Vaccine is called corona vax.

It covers potential reactions against 'fake science' movements.  Rushed vax might bring actions against Pharma.  Convince gov to work together for intense surveillance to monitor the real time discussions.  Push a narrative that it’s not fair only few will get it, to make scarcity attractive.'

(Ch. 12)  Power grid fails.  Rolling blackouts.  Multi disasters at once. [we have chaos in 2023 which may be intended]

'Encourage religious leaders to step up and promote vax (some did for Covid-19). Televised vaccination of leaders will prove safety. (Its known politicians were exempt and many prominent people took only saline during Covid-19)).  Utilise leftist student movements who worship science. p.53. Target youth, throughout documents.  Main purpose of document is to control social media.  Bizarre outbreaks of pneumonia.  Shortages of drugs and antibiotics.

Predicts tremendous growth of anti-vax programs and the side effects.  p.57 be prepared to steer the echo chamber, using anti virals promotion among health types.  Big tech and gov must cooperate, to ensure the tech industry can convince people to take vaccines.'

(Ch. 17).  Adverse effects. Vaccine Injury

'Children experience neurological problems.  Parental anxiety brings mass lawsuits.  (This is happening 2022). Demanded removal of liability shield for the harmed.  Protection act was set up to pay out in advance.  Science bloggers start quoting VEARS.  (as they did from 2021).  Only gov can talk about science, no payments out until proof.  (WHO say ‘we are the science’ in 2022).  Formally vaccinated people will begin to oppose vaccinations.  Dissuade people from getting information from crowd funding.  p.64. Although public officials could have pointed out that the people went along with the vax.  Large scale anti pharmaceutical groups will arrive, but CDC and FDA officials will take the heat p.67 and step down, to preserve and protect the global vaccinations movements, to combat distrust of anti Pharma movements.' (which they do, Fauci, Mat Hancock; the 'fall guys').  [Mat Hancock 2023 docs of him saying "frighten the pants of them"]