Scorched Earth

Fires, fires everywhere, but not necessarily natural.

First clues were melted car wheel hubs in California fires 2018, and trees which burn from the inside.  Now we see same wheel hub melts in Maui and trees surviving in isolated pockets.

While some believe lack of brushwood care and prior-axed electricity poles could be to blame, (and that is part of it); others think that is the 'cover story'.  Big corps won't care what people think. Control arrogance knows no bounds.  We now see blatant acts of democide against humanity when people are prevented from escaping fires by car while no sirens were sounded to allow people at home to escape.  Other investigations find clues pointing in a more sinister direction.  The colour blue can save your property or car. Also drone footage shows isolated houses and trees totally untouched, not just blue ones.  Destruction was targeted on certain streets and building groupings.  Black fences are erected to hide the crime scene and dust which may be toxic.  Media blackout confirms something to hide, while alternative journalists are all over it.  More info and long drone footage street by street, the day after.

What could make fire ignite along a pavement?  People filmed from the other side of the street in amazement.  It appears as if the pavement had been previously sprayed with something.  The power line was not down.  The entire town could have been sprayed from the air, like the heavy metal chemtrails. Article aluminum dust fueling wildfires.  Dr Robert Young discusses the ring of fire.

Local resident 'Fish' eye witness. Roads were blocked

Media blackout prevents real news truth from reaching the world. This man saw blockades on roads, where the way was clear beyond them.  Officers said "following orders".  Some cars were wanting to check their homes and children going the other way.  Bad actors are operating full throttle out of control.

The event is like a horror film.  What sort of mentality allows burning of children?  2000 missing.  School was closed in Lahaina that day.  It wouldn't be beyond believable to suggest that not only a land grab, but a holocaust of children by demon decision makers, to stop a race from continuing in future; so not many will be alive to fight to keep their traditional 'Kingdom' town.  Its so awful, it could have been done by AI, especially if its used in advance defence systems.  Hawaii is a military base centre.

Maui Fires and Directed Energy Weapons – Greg Reese on the colour BLUE and 6.66

Whole cities can be scorched, but not if its BLUE. Proof of laser or microwave technology?

Images from Max Igan's Crowhouse video 'The Killing Time'.

Colour Frequencies

Blue has a 450 nm wavelength.  A 6.66 frequency.

More strange science we didn't know. Some lasers do not burn blue substances.

Colour Frequencies - Blue is 6.66

Climate hoaxers are burning the planet

Weather can be weaponised and has been so for decades. Dane Wigington at Geoegnineering Watch knows how they move hurricanes by forcing them via heat domes which they engineer.

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says the total incineration of Lahaina in Hawaii was caused by man-made weather modification called geoengineering. Wigington says this is really an attack using “weather warfare.” According to Wigington, they used climate engineering to create a “wind tunnel effect right over Lahaina” with wind speeds up to 100 miles per hour to superheat the fire.

~ Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog - Article and video

Attempts to dim the sun  by spraying, which are an admitted procedure, are ludicrous; beyond which they are causing severe toxicity in the atmosphere.  They even caused ice areas in the arctic to go black. [image link]

The build-back-better people are now BURNING-BACK-better !  Land is being appropriated by the state corporations such as Blackrock and Vanguard.  Climate Forums, the UN and the WEF will hold conferences repeatedly about converting the world to zero carbon, to 'save the planet'.  Maui has been scheduled to be a perfect smart city and no doubt now part of a land grab explains Sasha Latypova:  'The goal of the criminal cabal is well advertised': “save the planet, reduce carbon” by which they mean “we need all the real assets and resources for ourselves, and fewer of you plebs around”.  Her interview with Catherine Austin Fitts covers this.  "stealing real estate.....better to scare them out so they pay their own expenses of going elsewhere.  As much as possible, you want "free range" solutions."


Land and Real Estate Stealing Tactics

Catherine remarks on drone shots of targeted plot destruction and Sasha’s post showing GIS land plots.  Huge profits are made when initial development is so low, and redevelopment (leverage buy-out) is high from government funding.  Getting people out of properties is done by FIRE, FLOODING and with RIOTS.  Catherine showed this by her data on the locations with Fed Reserve banks, and found a correlation.  Minneapolis had 'Opportunity Zone'.  She noticed a burn across the zone. All for redevelopments.


Easy to target certain plots when isolated according to housing, business or natural growth areas.

Man in America with Dr David Martin - The Cabal is Dead  @31:09

“The dustbowl was a banking crisis.
“Watching forest fires burning with impunity, so why are we increasing carbon dioxide, taking trees out of circulation. The answer is land reappropriation. The best way is to have a fire. The case since the old testament. When humans cannot win on a fair playing field they use fire, use to destroy old appropriation of land and reappropriate it to a new use. No question whats going on in Canada is a massive massive land grab where the state will come in, in its largesse and propose new developments. Of what? Of things that will be pro-state.
“There’s no question thats whats going on around the world remarkably in places where climate change activists say there is a concern with climate change...necessary to create the cognitive dissonance”. ~. David Martin

'DEW D Hawaii Torched A Dry Hurricane from 800 miles away Manufactured Climate Change Agenda'

Video Channel of Deborah Travis - (against geo-engineering) - James Lee author of 'Paradise Lost - The Great Californian Fire Chronicles'- narrates video below, explaining the ancient people's land and the possible long term historic meaning for civilizations.

Destruction video with music.  Hurricane Dora was forecast to move south of Hawaii the day before.

Why did they attack Hawaii?  -  "They’re going after the ancient Lemurians".
James Lee offers an esoteric understanding that Lahaina was destroyed because of its ancestry. He explains, with images from his book that Hawaii was the centre place for all of Lemuria, in the Kingdom of ancient Mu. King Kamehameha of the Atlantic Kingdoms: the royal bloodline of dragon serpent kings of Hawaii.  Serpent culture is still alive among indigenous. [Elites may be in a bloodline war]. Mu was their capital and thought to be highly evolved in fields of agriculture and astronomy, fishing and navigation. They had no kings, no war lords, no armies, or law system. They were peacefully evolved. The conquering Tahitians considered them of no power. The power they did have was of spirituality.  Ancient Hawaiian culture believes they are embued with energy. It was the capital of the ‘Kingdom of Hawaii’. the “volcano passes through the heart chakra” The volcano matches the Schumann Resonance, the Earth’s heartbeat”

That is probably why the inhabitants of Lahaina are adamant they won't sell their sacred land to developers.  More sinister is the trapping of children in their houses, with no fire sirens or evacuation procedures.  Bad actors controlling the planetary agenda are seen increasingly to be willing to kill children; as with the Covid shots.  More people must face up to the fact that there are people who literally despise humans, with no empathy for fellow mankind whatsoever.  Its like living a dystopians novel.

James Lee book referred to in video:  One World One America 2 - Tartarian Antiquetech and Lemurian Giants

Earth's Chakra helix pattern. Gate 10 Maui. From James Lee's book

Weather Warfare

Michael J Murphy made his third film 'UnConventionalGrey' before he disappeared in 2016

His other films were about chemtrails:  'What in The World are they Spraying?' (2010) and 'Why in the World Are They Spraying?' (2012).  Murphy was creating pressure groups to lobby local government to accept locally collected specimens of proof of toxins in the air, to call the sprayers to account.  Synchronistically with Maui fire news, video commentator at 12:36 shows water in MAUI had high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium, even years ago.  Aluminum can cross to brain in small children.  The heavy metals are getting into plants, and changing the whole chemical structure.  ‘In Maui, a third of forest is actually dead’.  ‘Aluminum Toxicity and Forest Decline'. [screenshot paper]

"A dictatorial industry, corporations demanding what we do. This is much bigger than the American Revolution, this is much bigger than the EU, not just a little bit of money, the biggest plan to transfer monetary and political power in the history of the planet.”

VIDEO notes:  Filmaker Michael J Murphy was saying back in 2016 what some are saying only now, after covid.

HARRP can create an artificial high, by hitting the jetstream.  Weather man explains how this causes more rain and drought.  When a drought is official, the gov can take the land by corporate means.  Land is sold for pennies on the dollar.
Restrictions on fruit and veg growing.  Water wars.

Abiotic stress is anything which effects the growth of seeds, food.  ‘Seeds of Destruction’  - Monsanto introduce GMO abiotic resistance seeds.  ‘terminator seeds’.

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025’
Johnson admin were using it in Vietnam.

False melting of ice.  13% land mass available in arctic, Oil up for the taking. Black carbon dust on ice to cause warmth.
Paper - Edward Teller, to warm or cool. [find]

“to make the convention on climate change  legally binding...the blue print to inventory and control all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, all construction, means of production and all human beings in the world”. ~.Rosa Koire:

“UN states implementing sustainable development plans will cost 90 trillion $.  Follow money and look on other side, who will receive that money.” ~ Patrick Wood

A new unelected government body. UN. IPCC to micro manage our lives. “To bring every country into alignment” - Patrick Wood.
TPP document is a back door to the agreement. A mega corporate plan.  No world boundaries. Global corporate tribunals, able to sue local municipalities, that might interfere with their ability to make profits.  People think they are doing something good because media has sold the idea to them.  ‘Commodifying carbon’ - to create new money.

“Soon we will be back to middle ages where there was the serfs and the ruling elite.  Thats where they’re heading with all this” ~ Edward G Griffin

Man:  “The government funded scientific community all march in lockstep.  They don't criticize each other. They do whats popular because thats what gets them funding”. “The Paris climate agreement created the framework to legalize geo-engineering and other climate legislation and mandates”

Questions which may have made Murphy unpopular!

Murphy at an official meeting: asks:  “Is it possible to maintain the sovereignty of nations, and what are the risks of a carbon dictatorship?”
“What effect would jet stream manipulation have on regional weather?”
Indian rep:  “I cannot give you an answer, ‘how much is being contributed by CO2 and how much is contributed by black carbon, still needs to be investigated” [document - Black Carbon (from jet airlines he said) and its effect on .

Man: “To make any judgement based upon those models would be deceit and fraud”

 “The Paris summit of Dec 2015 made specific to legitimatize geo-engineering.  The spit out conclusions, X, Y and Z, then you need to do A, B and C.  Completely bogus but it works for them!”

“The moral restraint has been removed by the UN to open the door for the legitimate, fully in the open, geo-engineering projects” ~  Patrick Wood

Murphy started aerosol project; people collecting air samples to take to courts around the world, to get court injunctions, proving that climate models are incorrect, that geo-engineering has been ongoing and has been a major factor in climate change.

Patrick Wood:  “Scientific dictatorship".   193 nations have signed up, to accept geo-engineering.

Murphy:  “Do we want to give someone who we didn't elect, the power to spray toxins on us?”

With ideas of ‘taking back our freedom’ the scientific dictatorship has already sprung into action with Covid restrictions and false pandemic.

Irish man:  “We need to realise that this small group of criminal elites are counting on misinforming us and us believing their misinformation.  They are counting un us believing their lies”


(to be researched...). UK 'dragonfire' laser 2017. -  microwave weapons 

Dr Robert Young

SUN and the GALAXY drive climate

Planetary climate is driven by the sun and ocean currents like Beaufort Gyre, particularly from arctic. have videos on this topic.  The power of the galactic system has way more influence than fossil fuel burning.  We are in a short warming period within an ice age. [link to climate post]