Smart Cities

Artistic impression: utopian desert city

Billionaires plan new city: Telosa - from Greek ‘Telos’ - highest purpose.

Telosa, a utopian city dream of technocrat elites, funded by shopping cart billionaires.  Language subversion - language misappropriation

100 Resilient cities – Rockefeller Foundation

Building Resilient cities: 7 Points For Action

Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund

Resilient cities promotion with emphasis on climate change disasters, and helping the poor which is never actually realised by globalist foundations. they are in fact a 'Human capital bond market'.

"Smart Cities", the Transhumanist Game and "Lifelong Learning"

Alison McDowell studies the plans of technocracy and traces their actions designed around full control.

Diagram of data control loops

Pay for Success Panopticon – data circles of control – Alison Mcdowell

Powerpoint from Alison McDowell ‘Smart Cities’

“Human capital bond market.”  Poverty management as investment opportunity.  Social welfare net comes with medical geo fencing programs to track you as an investment.  They are inventing ways to secure debt product.  Wealth has only become more concentrated, and technology more sophisticated.  You are a debt burden on society, based on your genomics, home, parents attainments, etc.  pre=-crime predictions.  Their games are fictions. (Blackstone took over in 2009)  All embedded in managing poverty. New economy is to replace humans with systems.  Like a parasite they need to learn us, then kill us.

Singapore - Synthetic City

Technocracy News article: Singapore is Turning into a Surveillance State Nightmare

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