Reductionist Beginnings

Science is developing with predominance of AI, pharmaceuticals (planned to be used together) and bioweapons, according to funding directions by ambitious players and power hungry corporations.  This line of development needs investigating.  I start this enquiry on my site Resonant Visions, highlighting artist William Blake's earnest belief that science was running amok, with too much measuring, quantifying, rather than involving metaphysics, and a guiding line of staying in line with nature. This has led to a shallow society which has absorbed consumerism and entertainment like a religion.  Much propaganda and social engineering is inherent in entertainment.

Various writers from the WWII era such as H G Wells, Bertrand Russell and Jacques Attali, among others, are known for advocating material reductionist science leading to a dystopian one world government future.  Those plans are being implemented by Klaus Schwab of WEF, and the United Nations.  Biotech tyranny is coming and a new financial system, while billions have been profited by pharmaceutical and big tech industries.  Looking at things now, it seems Blake was right to be concerned.  [Copyright A J Hoskins, March 2023]

Jay Dyer on Bertrand Russell

"Russell is an example of reductionistic, naturalistic determinism and the "evolutionary" process of societies toward a single new world order government where life is regulated from womb to tomb by cybernetics and mass genetic control and experimentation, as well as the extermination of much of the population. Russell was a fraud and a propagandist, not a philosopher."     ~ Jay Dyer.
  • Propagandist for scientism.  Pragmatism and relativism.  The state becomes God.
  • Russell plays the liberal. Natural corollary to evolutionary processes.
  • Dark ages-  Galileo and Freud heroes of new age. (But they were propagandised to be the fathers of modernity)
  • Zionists based on a weird Hermeticism.
  • Scientific technique for controlling mans mind. Bell rings in school, time for breaks.
  • ‘No telos, no purpose in nature.’ To give a new metaphysics of radical materialism.
  • Dogma is not worthy unless given by the scientific state.
  • Predicts GMO babies,
  • Hero’s of modernity delete past heroes. Hollywood and scientists are new high priests.
  • Natural for him, is how it evolves.
  • Multifarious definitions of science and scientific method.
  • A tool or investigating the natural world.

’Science is power of manipulating nature’

‘Science is merely inductive methodology’ (Jay:  "no, some aspect of deduction is inherent")

A body of scientific opinion is not fact. ‘Scientism’.

‘Science based on assumptions undefiable’.  Yes. However authority and science is not reliable opinions.

‘Grand materialistic narrative’

’Science is in decay due to radical scepticism and quantum physics’. Jay: "Why? He means assumptions of materialism is in decay."

‘Geometry has nothing to do with external world!’

‘Reason involved with science is social construct, evolutionary survival mechanism’.

‘Death is merely a positive result of all evolutionary processes’.....Minds and souls and persons don’t really exist, just determined chemical interactions.....Choice and creativity is illusory.....Scientific method is a kind of specialist mysticism, hidden and removed from the average man.....Specialists make science the true religion.  (This is actually more an argument for living in harmony with nature, in harmony with NATURAL science, not man-made science)

He predicts Monsanto. Test tube babies. 'Lenin is the model!!!!!’  2 years prior to Brave New World.

‘Impact of Science on Society’

Part 2.

‘Impact of Science on Society’ (Nobel Prize winner)

'Under the guise of “SCIENCE” and “REASON” we see the obvious scam of globalism, technocracy and a call for the absolute necessity of a one world order based on fear-porn, peak oil and other such nonsense like climate disasters – far prior to the Club of Rome. Russell was a buffoon and a fraud and it is evident in in this talk, as well as the previous talk on Scientific Outlook. The supposed “democrat” and man of the people was not only a lying deceiver, he called for mass genocide and re-education of all who still believed in God, family and nation. Russell was a maniac.'   ~ Jay Dyer

  • No clear definition of what science is.
  • ‘God of the old testament is mean’ Savage.
  • He wants mass depopulation. Good for state to depopulate en mass.
  • ‘No purpose in nature’
  • No purpose in our lives he says.  No purpose in our sentences.
  • “You can’t remove TELOS from the external world, and then say there is Telos, no purpose, in his book”!
  • Plan outlined is complete technocracy.  All on board with same plan.
  • Nations state must end.  No more borders.  International body. Global gov, UN comes to take place.
  • He doesn’t like Christian philosophy and Bible.
  • Altering man through diet, injections and injunctions.  Significantly change population.  GMO babies and world state will regulate ever aspect of everyone’s lives.

Scientism has been promoted through Hollywood.  H G Wells films.  Pop science propaganda.  Target Russian population because their Christian religion is holding things back.   He worked with Frankfurt School and CIA.  East and west must come together in 3rd way.

Bertrand Russell is the mastermind of synthetic science.  Norbert Weiner who studied under Russell, developed work through to interactive nervous systems - trying to reprogram the brain.

'The Human use of Human Beings - Cybernetics and Society' - 'Circular causal and feedback mechanisms in biological and social systems' ~ The Minds of Men. (3 hr video MK Ultra program history)

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