Background image - Chemtrails sunset

My photograph of chemtrails over Porlock, North Somerset coast, and Devon.  The contrast between the remote and totally unspoilt land and the abuse of the sky atmosphere is tangible.

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Surveillance Techtopia

The techtopian surveillance video camera tower with spiked guard at a rural station, is a perfect picture of our creeping dystopian environment, seen beneath a chemtrailed sky.  [image from train window]

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

Recently plans have been admitted to DIM THE SUN, under the delusion of global warming.  2018 article.

The Technocrat plans for geoengineering are now official and publicly declared: the goal is to dim the sun with stratospheric spraying, thereby quickly cooling the earth.

Official story:  'One way to cool the earth is by injecting aerosols into the upper layer of the atmosphere, where those particles reflect sunlight away from the earth. That process works, according to Douglas MacMartin, a researcher in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell University whose team received funding. “We know with 100 percent certainty that we can cool the planet,” Dr. MacMartin said in an interview.'

VIDEO: CounterThink with Mike Adams: TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” plot to EXTERMINATE humanity revealed

METAL Pollutants - aluminium, barium, strontium have been found in samples.

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Find POEM about the sky!

Fields have been filmed which have web type films which appear to have fallen from the sky.  These relate to many people's stories of strange threads found just under the skin, which are called Morgellons Disease and ignored by doctors.

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