Author's photographs of chemtrails over Porlock and Devon.  The contrast between the totally unspoilt land and the abuse of the sky atmosphere is tangible.  An added feature of techtopian dystopia is seen in the surveillance video camera tower with spiked guard - a perfect picture of our creeping dystopian environment.

Geo-engineering - Chemtrails

METAL Pollutants are being added to the atmosphere through sky spraying (chemtrails) which has been admitted to on the west coast of America.

[add images of chemical barrels on planes + Mike Adams sun dimming video - Bill Gates crazy on cooling]

Fields have been filmed which have web type films which appear to have fallen from the sky.  These relate to many people's stories of strange threads found just under the skin, which are called Morgellons Disease and ignored by doctors.

[add video of story and other images]

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