Covid Sinister Agenda

Image: Scene from 'The Prisoner' series: manipulated balloon which captures the escapees, with added 'corona' spikes.

Article on Hill by Conservative Tree House - The Last Refuge

How the way was paved and coerced for vaccine rollout

If Ivermectin antiviral was approved as a reasonably good treatment for Covid-19, experimental vaccines would be illegal. 

In October 2020 Dr Andrew Hill PhD,  expert in the field of developing antiretrovirals, was tasked to report to WHO on world wide studies of Ivermectin.  In January 2021 Hill published his findings which were very favourable for Ivermectin.

Video when Dr Tess Lowrie challenges him on his paper which, despite showing efficacy of Ivermectin, has been dabbled with by other writers, to infer it could not yet be given to cure Covid-19 without more trials. 

Dr Hill is compromised by his association and funding from Gates Foundation, UNITAID, Wellcome Trust and Roche who undoubtedly coerced him to NOT speak out about Ivermectin efficacy, despite stating to that effect in paper to WHO.  He admits to Lowrie's questioning that others have the FINAL SAY in the official paper of his evidence; so has obviously been coerced to allowing a falsified paper to hide the trials truths.   Blatant interfering by big pharma in order to protect the massive trillion dollar business in vaccine rollout.  Thousands of lives could have been saved.  It could be argued his compliance was criminal; not only pharma.  I write as someone who had Covid with no treatment, when UK doctor refused me Ivermectin during repeated flare ups of the very damaging covid-pneumonia.

Ivermectin - Censorship of Journalists

Blogger Karen Hunt is suspended from Twitter for her article The People's Medicine vs Merck's billion $ pill

Big scam producing a pill like Ivermectin and charging a lot more than the cheap Ivermectin.  FDA responsible.

The time is Now (2021)

Dr. Ben Tapper, a small town chiropractor who is black labeled as a member of the "Disinformation Dozen" during the COVID-19 pandemic, rallies together healthcare professionals across America to share an alternate view point of the global narrative.

Many doctors and virologists have now reported their conclusions and Reiner Fuellmich has started exposing their agreed truths on the Grand Jury 'The Court of Public Opinion'

December 2021: Free West Media Interview

'Reiner has interviewed 150 experts: legal, medical, psychological:-   'When examining the lockdowns, restrictions, covid-vaccines, the PCR tests and other measures, he found that they are not supported by science. He describes that advisors on covid measures who are presented as experts in the media as, in reality are frauds that for example have been given a professorship from private universities, without performing any scientific work.'

Details on why the PCR test is fallible.  Where did Drosten get the original ‘virus’ to use for a PCR test?  Ferguson cooked it up with him.

The idea that a woman had asymptomatic cover and travelled from China to Germany, infecting many when she went to Bavaria, doesn’t wash.  She did have symptoms and was treating herself.   October 2021.


Many experts who have examined evidence surrounding the pandemic say openly of the event as a psychological operation as much as a disease outbreak, with origins in a biotech arms race.

Such authoritarian measures induce mass psychosis a result of Occult Rituals.  The Academy of Ideas gave a thorough examination of Mass Psychosis.

The Psychology of Obedience and The Virtue of Disobedience

Is a Mass Psychosis the Greatest Threat to Humanity?

November 2021:  New variants are coming with imaginative names. There will in fact be many changes in the spikes, both original bioweapon and vaksies.

OMICRON variant psyop - animating with a 'name' a microbial situation of which there will be thousands, from a mixture of bioweapon and jabskies

Omicron = Hebrew ‘Eye’. Seeing and knowledge.   Oncomir  = a mRNA associated with cancer.

1963 film ‘an alien variant rakes over the dead boy of an Earthling to learn about our weaknesses’.   2013 Visitor from Planet Omicron ‘an alien comes to earth with a botanical virus’

[Update November 2021: Denmark and Austria to impose lockdowns for the UNVACCINATED.  In UK Boris Johnson Prime Minister sees "dark clouds over Europe", when asked about lockdowns]

Lockdowns were implemented in phases, gradually allowing the population to feel free movement, before imposing restrictions again. Stress will have been caused across the population through job loss, economic decline and closed businesses.  Constant fear from media convinced millions to take the experimental vaccine, which seems obvious now was the plan.  The Hoover Institute with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya discuss the damage of unnecessary lockdowns.

Vernon Coleman 17th November 2021. Covidian Tyranny

His equipment has been hacked to prevent video uploading.  Covers selling of DNA.  Lockdown of the unvaccinated in Austria.  WHO backtrack, say not to vaccinate children.  Pfizer subcontractor accused of falsifying information.  Tromethanin in vaccines not tested in trials. Pfizer told shareholders its an experiment. Australia told not to mix with unvaxxed.

(November 9th 2021 update... privateers and racketeers being exposed)

Corporations who own everything

  • “We will not return to normal” : FORS, MARSH - branded cover propaganda.
  • PALANTIR - Gotham Data Tracking (UK Mat Hancock gave NHS data to Palantir)
  • Bart Hangman built patents around coronaviruses; MERS (2012-13).
  • Moskowitz owns Sherlock Biosciences which owns CRISPR technology joint venture with China, gene editing the human genome. (emergency use authorisation)
Statute 18 US code section 175   Bioweapon crime definition:

Whoever knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains, or possesses any biologic agent toxin or delivery system for use as a weapon or knowingly assists a foreign state or any organisation to do so, or attempts threatens or conspires to do the same, shall be confined under this title, or imprisoned for life, or both.

1999 Fauci used protein sequence as a vector. He asked Ralph Baric to make an infectious replication defective clone.  Patented in 2002.   Contract Operation Warpspeed went to ANSER. 'armaments, biotechnology, eletromagnetic operations, space technologies, advanced materials, shipbuilding' : "A propaganda expert for US dept of Defence".   ANSWER is a way for criminal gov never to be held responsible.

"Developing and patenting Coronavirus has become a biotech arms race with political overtones"

By 2014, after funding ceased, they off-shored the research by channelling funding gradually through various agencies (Martin shows); setting up the research in Wuhan Bio weapons lab.

David E Martin Phd, National intelligence analyst appearing on Plandemic 2Documentary discovers the fraudulent Patents of the Center for Disease Control (CDC)   He looks for companies which "...either blur the line between biological and chemical weapons or cross that line; in 168 countries..."

David Martin was ahead of the curve in assessing the origins and Patents around Coronavirus. He takes a staunch stand (Video) to bring action against CDC, NIAID and Fauci for illegal commercial activities with patented viruses, and illegal domestic terrorism.  Discussed 13.05.20 with John Michael Chambers interview" Under House Arrest as a Result of a Crime Committed by CDC."

"The patenting of human gene is illegal.  2003"

"The CDC owned not only SARS, but the ability to detect it."

“…commercial activity with an illegal act, in violation of the Sherman Act.”

“It appears that, during the period of patent enforcement and after the Supreme Court ruling confirming that patents on genetic material was illegal, the CDC and National Institute of Allergy and infectious Diseases led by Anthony Fauci (hereinafter “NIAID” and “Dr. Fauci”, respectively) entered into trade among States (including, but not limited to working with Ecohealth Alliance Inc.) and with foreign nations, specifically the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences) through the 2004 National Institutes of Health Grant R01AI110964 to exploit their patent rights.”  Dr. David E Martin

In 1999 a million patents were digitised by IBM, the first time that human innovation had been put into an electronic digital searchable format.  Martin took that information and using linguistics genomics technology he made the horrific assessment that approx one third of all patents filed in US were functional forgeries.

In March 2003 a coronavirus outbreak in Asia was a gold strike for the CDC; a virus which could be easily manipulated, so they made sure that they controlled the proprietary rights to the disease. the virus and to its detection; all the measurement of it. They controlled 100% of cashflow which built the empire around the industrial complex of Coronavirus.

Gain of Function Research:   In 2012-13: National Institute of Health (US) had a moral and legal reason to create a moratorium on research and stop funding of ‘gain of function’ research on Coronavirus:  ‘Role of uncharacterised genes in high pathogenic human coronavirus infection’ - Ralph S. Baric, PhD project Leader  [Add 2021 info Peter Danzak leading search in China for bat coronaviruses]

The Screw is Tightening ~ Dr Vernon Coleman (daily videos 2020 and frequent in 2021).

Vernon Coleman has written extensively about vaccines since 1970s 'The Medicine Men', and is extremely concerned about new mRNA vaccines and by all aspects of the Covid cult scenario.  His YouTube videos are being censored or banned: videos now on Brand New Tube.  His main concern is the danger of vaccines to many vulnerable along with the persistent media propaganda to coerce vaccine takeup.

World Health Organisation (WHO) - A Global Deceit?

Many people have been investigating the statistics of Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2) due to the fraudulent guidelines on Covid diagnosis, including 'cause of death emergency guidelines'; given by World Health Organisation (WHO), the results of which have been briefed to countries by governments.  Nurses and doctors are coming forward with stories of fraud; as they have to give people a Covid diagnosis.

NOTE Appended November 2023: The WHO 'guidelines' link above no longer shows this code listing, but does state that Covid 19 in 2020 was given a code if deemed 'probable'; i.e. totally unscientific.

Corbett Report examines the WHO in detail: "Who is the WHO?"

Questions for Corbett #066  It was supposed to be a 'milestone in the history of human rights' but now it seems to have too much control and too much geared towards the pharmaceutical industry, now the WHO business is PANDEMICS.

Article 29: 'These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.'    This means everything has to be the WHO's way.  Corbett explains how this implies people must comply and cooperate to achieve bio security.

'The health of all peoples is fundamental to the attainment of peace and security and is dependent upon the fullest co-operation of individuals and States.'

A big question is how much are the WHO propagandise merchants for pandemics as an agent of big pharma?  They declared 'a pandemic for the relatively mild H1N1 outbreak (2009) in order to trigger billions of dollars of automatic vaccine contracts.'  Also the WHO changed their definition of 'pandemic virus' just as it was considering whether the emerging swine flu fitted that criteria.  They changed it from 'enormous numbers of deaths'  to a 'mild pandemic'The WHO flu pandemic definition changed from April 2009 as needing 'enormous numbers of deaths' to 'an influenza pandemic may occur when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity.' (just prior to declaring H1N1 a pandemic)

Report: Council of Europe: The Handling of the H1N1 Pandemic: More Transparency Needed. (2010)   The BMJ also noted conflicts of interest on the advisory panel which was advising the WHO on H1N1.

William Engdahl - WHO 'Swine Flu Pope' under investigation for gross conflict of interest. - (2009) [Corbett's articles]


A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communications


The John Hopkins Centre for Health and Security  produced a book in 2017 on a projected pandemic scenario:

'The Center’s SPARS Pandemic exercise narrative comprises a futuristic scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future.'


Chapter 14 - Communication Dilemma - shows foreign opposition to vaccine, with scenario of Japan not approving vaccine.

In 2021 Japan abandoned mRNA vaccines, settling for anti viral treatments instead.

Comedian Michael Bernician was forced to retire after his popular screen plays were censored when he refused to kow-tow to film industry demands.  He was subjected to authoritarian harrassment and restrictions after his successful Action exposing mortgage fraud.  Now he has brought lawsuit challenging the UK government on the Coronavirus Act, for lockdowns and fraud.


The DNA is an amplification test and not meant to be used to indicate infection.   The side effect of his experimental testing was to duplicate the signal. He was looking for something else.

We see more and more bio-tech companies like Helix promoting 'clinico-genomic' data: they are inseparable from big-data and big-tech providers.  Helix offers Covid Testing.  A new source of profit.  PCR tests have been discredited due to 97% false positives: (countries using 30 - 45 cycle process), which its inventor Kary Mullis said was not suitable for detection.  Still we see big-bio-tech cashing in on this 'demand' led by governments and now employers, and airlines as we move towards more restrictions without testing.

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