False Flag Food

DM Morens and Dr. Fauci blame farms for Covid19

Predictive programming says animals are causing pandemics.  Propaganda to get people into smart cities, and re-wild farms. ~ Christian Ice Age Farmer.

"Pandemics started 12,000 yrs ago when humans settled to domesticate animals and cultivate crops" ~ Dobson and Carper 1996, Morens/Fauci 2020.

Rockefeller Foundation is pushing their Reset The Table

'Reset the Table' in response to Covid19 has been codified into Senate Bill S.4453 'To protect the continuity of food supply chain' covering Covid-19 food plans.

In the past five years, venture capitalists and corporations have invested over $9.5 billion into 2,100 deals around the world - all with the aim of replacing or supplementing traditional methods of growing, manufacturing, processing and distributing the world's food, according to data. ~ Ice Age Farmer.

Today's events were simulated 5 yrs ago: 'How a Game helped us understand the future of food'  (Problem-Reaction-Famine).  Started from Podesta Centre for American Progress and WWF, predicting food shortages. Cargill projected that as result of a pandemic this would result in a meat tax and universal carbon tax.

Brucellosis may be deliberately introduced into the food supply: it would deliver the Corona '2nd wave'.

In UK too plans are being set out to stop animal farming. English Lord Birkenhead (eugenicist) wrote 100 yrs ago that by 2020 farming would be a thing of the past.

"Killer virus from chicken farms could wipe out half of mankind, scientist warns." ~ UK Mirror newspaper, May 2020.

Physics.org 2.09.2020 - Sheep Farmers could profit by shifting to forest, research shows' - Uni of Sheffield.  Carbon offsets will now pay the farmers to not grow food.

"Top scientist declares 50% UK farmland be converted to woodland" ~ Intelligent LivingFebruary 2020.  Despite land providing 20% of UK food, Prof. Sir Ian Boyd, a former chief scientific adviser to UK government advises 50% land conversion.  "We need a large radical transformation and we need to do it quickly, in the next decade.  You can tick an immense number of boxes simultaneously....As far as the 20% of food production lost by converting 50% of farmland, he suggests the development of vertical farms where the crops are grown indoors in a controlled and more efficient environment than outdoors." 

Codex Alimentarius - Guides and Food Regulations set by UN and WHO.

'The Manifesto on the Future of Food stated that "bureaucracies like the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Codex Alimentarius have codified policies designed to serve the interests of global agribusiness above all others, while actively undermining the rights of farmers and consumers".

"To understand the meat shortages and push for fake meat, we must appreciate the technocrats' agenda for a totalitarian, transhumanist future -- and use of FOOD as a weapon to achieve it." ~ Christian, Ice Age Farmer

Christian looks more deeply into the genesis of this agenda, the history of Rockefeller takeover of agriculture and seeds, the more recent marriage of Big Ag and Big Tech ("AgTech"), and the new AI systems being deployed to achieve "perfect information awareness" -- and total control."

"The Ag-Tech revolution is the unholy alliance of Big Tech, Big Data and Big Ag" ~ Ice Age Farmer

Rockefeller took over the medical schools and made sure only the big pharma system took over.  (See 'Seeds of Destruction') Natural remedy knowledge is discouraged by big pharma. Doctors do not learn it.  (In UK for instance its is illegal to treat cancer with anything but expensive chemo therapy. David Noakes is in French prison August 2020 for selling GcMAF from Guernsey, with successful cure and alleviation rates).

Monsanto bought up all the seed companies: Syngenta, which relates to all of them was purchased by China!     (Find LINK image)

Ag-tech - Gates Foundation

  • (16:45) Gates announced January 2020 that the 'green revolution' was not moving fast enough.  This sounds good, but in fact is about moving farming from the countryside to the cities and lab based obsessional food control.
  • He has thrown more money to “Gates Ag-One” to get farmers into high tech.  The Ag-Tech revolution is the unholy alliance of Big-Tech, Big-Data and Big-Ag.

“We didn’t think the research was flowing down to the crops that matter most to smallholder farmers is a timeframe that could reach them (…) we needed to accelerate the access to the kinds of product and services that low-income people and smallholder farmers need (…) get the products from the labs into the fields, faster and more massive than before”   ~ Bill Gates

...'from the labs' refers to gene editing (CRISPR) with billionaires putting their money into realising the dream written by Lord Birkenhead in 1920.

New technology - ’Field View’ owned by ‘Climate corporation’, created by Monsanto. Bayer bought Monsanto to get the predictive analytics data. 'Climate Field View' (LINK?) is digital agricultural technology. Total information awareness.

The UN says we must end meat. A large company is funded by Jeff Bezos, planning indoor farms around the world.  See WIRED - The Hydroponic Robotic Future of Farming Greenhouses.  Chemicals and artificial lights.  Giant cricket farms creating millions of crickets 24 hrs a day to replace protein.

EY global - ‘agribusinesses are working to solidify their place in Ag 3.0' -  ‘how the AgTech investment boom will create a Wave of Agriculture Unicorns’ '4.6bn thrown at small startups - the unicorns.

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