Ohio Chemical Disaster

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Ohio Chemical Fire Disaster - The worst ever chemical pollutant disaster in America.  

First thought to be Vinyl Chlorine which changes to hydrochloric acid on contact with damp atmosphere; Dr R Young explains it is  vinylidene dichloride which combined with rain drops turns to phosgene acid rain.  Worse, that the burnt chemicals were illegal biowarfare stocks.

Thousands of animals and fish dead.  How long will it take for people to start suffering?  With many other industrial premises and farm fires at this time, (February 2023) people are discussing whether the train derailment was on purpose with an intent to destroy the rich farmland in Ohio, largely owned by the Amish.  

Pollution such as this is the reason I started my interest in the environment

March 2023 - Updates will appear at top of this blog, while developments continue. 

Several weeks later people are only now being told not to drink the water and the EPA has asked for an enquiry to measure toxicity.

Phosgene is extremely poisonous and was used as a chemical weapon during World War I, where it was responsible for 85,000 deaths.   It is a highly potent pulmonary irritant and quickly filled enemy trenches due to it being a heavy gas.  

An Eerie 'Spectre'!

"The source of the liquid cargo or chemical weapons came from Madison, Illinois, a so-called shut-down uranium-rod production facility of the infamous Dow-Mallinckrodt Chemical Company (of Agent Orange notoriety), more recently operating under the cover name of Spectruli

Biowarfare - even if by negligence.  Dr Young's article explains the origins of chemicals used to clean uranium rods of nuclear reactor plant and stocked chemicals also part of illegal chemical weapons stored....

“vinyl chloride”, a rather innocuous substance, in a cover-up of the actual content of highly volatile vinylidene chloride and the Unholy Trinity of nerve gas killing agents of warfare - sarin, tabun and VX called organophosphates, which were redacted from the EPA manifest of burnt cargo.....These four toxic/acidic chemicals were part of the illegal chemical weapons hidden in Madison, Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, the home of the implicated Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical and Chemical Weapons Supplier.

Transportation of such substances should be highly guarded in smaller trains.

"The vinylidene chloride, is a powerful oxidizing agent and also known as 1,1 Dichloroethene which was used by Dow-Mallinckrodt to clean uranium fuel rods for nuclear reactors at the Madison, Illinois facility, where it has since been stored in steel holding tanks."

"The detection of phosgene (10 times more toxic than chlorine gas) in the black cloud of smoke over the East Palestine, Ohio burn pit indicated the chemical content of the sixteen mysterious tanker cars, which was NOT vinyl chloride as falsely claimed by Dow-Spectrulite Chemical, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical, Norfolk Southern Transit and the EPA but actually comprised of the more volatile vinylidene dichloride (H2C=CCl2), a molecule containing carbon (C) and two chlorine particles (Cl, the latter lower case L should not to be confused for the numeral 1 or letter I)."

"Officials in Nevada, Texas, Indiana and Michigan are complaining they didn't receive any warning that contaminated water and soil from the toxic/acidic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, would be shipped into their jurisdictions for disposal without permission!"

Dr Young's blog updates regularly.

Its clear that the Ohio river leads right down through the Missisippi, and other States.  We will know how far reaching pollution is if fish start dying further down stream.

AGENT ORANGE-ING OHIOANS! | The Prather Brief Ep. 36

How to treat Dioxin

Jeffrey Prather talks to Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD.  The proper response was not enacted by the EPA nor people experienced in chemicals and bioweapons.  Dioxin is always a hazard when burning landfill.  (plastics)  Dr Vliet knows about endocrine disrupters inherent in these chemicals, much of her knowledge from treating veterans damaged from Agent Orange (dioxin contamination) when not much was known. Half-life of dioxin in humans is up to 25 years.  She urges measuring of levels of contamination in people.

Eric Coppolino interviewed by the Health Ranger over DIOXIN FALLOUT and the mass poisoning of America

Eric Coppolino (video interview)

Conflicting Information

Lawsuit filed against EPA as America awakens to the horrifying CHEMICAL COVER-UP in Ohio

Video with lawyer who says billion dollar lawsuit coming. Coppolino advises all pregnant women should leave the area.  Kristen Meghan calls in to discuss carcinogenic metals; cadmium.

Doc Pete Chambers returns from Ohio front lines for a post-catastrophe situation report – with Michael Yon and Mike Adams