Doctors in Parliament Democracy Truth and Freedom

Andrew Bridgen UK MP, got together a group of American doctors and virologists to make statements about the situation of the coronavirus vaccine roll out for a Parliamentary meeting 'For Democracy, Truth, and Freedom'.

Pierre Kory explains on his site that the committee room size was diminished to capacity for 30-40 people, disallowing live streaming.  Worse, the prerecorded testimonies of Drs Peter McCullough and Mike Yeadon were prevented.

"...making it impossible to play the pre-recorded testimonies of Drs Peter McCullough and Mike Yeadon by leaving the TV muted without a remote control available with AV staff available to help (this situation may have been due to institutional incompetence, but it was awfully “coincidental” with the above)"

Pierre Kory notes:

"Plus the UK governments amateurish actions against us backfired - we were all on fire that day (you be the judge below). I recall the quote, “In a world of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” And I consider my colleagues serious revolutionaries. The talks were incredibly powerful, none more so than the ones by Steve Kirsch and Angus Dalgleish (I trust my colleagues David Martin, Robert Malone, and Ryan Cole will not take offense as those guys are always brilliant and powerful)."

Videos were ready on 12th December, patched together from cell phone recordings : (others to be included)

Dr David Martin testimony

Dr David Martin explained the Wellcome Trust and Rockefellers' plans for 'coronavirus' "to modify and manipulate a healthy population" via pandemics, as early as 1966, with quotes from their own documents. "By 2020 the world will accept a universal vaccine"

He quotes Peter Daszak of Eco Health Alliance (Gates funded) in a recorded interview National Academy of Science 2015:

"To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs (medical countermeasures) such as pan-influenza or pan coronavirus vaccine.  A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype.  We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues.  Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process".

[See Daszak interview below]

He shows image of Ralph S. Baric CV: Dept of Epidemiology, University North Carolina, highlighting work on:

'Synthetic Coronaviruses.  Biohacking: Biological Warfare Enabling Technologies'

Other video 2 years ago where David Martin discusses Patents.

Dr Pierre Kory testimony

Dr Pierre Kory explained how Ivermectin had been falsely determined as ineffective. Andrew Hill had been tasked with determining efficacy and although he found proof of good efficacy, his final paper for the WHO was doctored, or he was made to re-write it, stating more trials were needed.  Media ridiculed Ivermectin as 'horse paste'.  An earlier post of mine shows Tess Lowrie's efforts with the traitorous Hill.

Dr Robert Malone testimony

Dr Robert Malone explains that the technology he worked with decades ago, he subsequently stopped, due to discovering toxic possibilities.  Pharma rolled out gene therapy based on his Patented technology; too quickly, and untested. (Except that we know pharma had a long list of possible reactions, which have become real for some)

Mike Yeadon's video was very stark. [add]

John Bown video on Peter Daszak of 'non profit' Gates Foundation funded ECO HEALTH ALLIANCE.  States working with Baric.  Bioweapons research.  [David Martin refers to]

The Mirror newspaper 25.11.23 ran a title 'Ex Tory MP Andrew Bridgen invites discredited Covid conspiracy theorists to speak in Parliament'

Its quite astounding that such verbage appears in a national newspaper. its proof that so many people have been totally mind controlled to disbelieve truthers.  Those who have followed this event since early 2020, have a better idea of who is worthy of believing.