AI Superorganism

Image credit:  Nate Hagens video - One Ring To Rule Them All #Frankly 45

Hagens's video uses imagery to express his idea of the  "SUPERORGANISM"  the quest for power which has been mindless and strong throughout history and will utilise AI to same advantage.

“...the leverage returns from AI, on top of all of it (food-energy-money creation), and even AGI, which leaves out the human in the decision process”

Nate Hagens

Humans have option to continue amassing power, which going by progress so far, will be total.  The organisations are all in place.  'Mollock' is the temperament of this superorganism, discussed in another video with Daniel Schmachtenberger and Liv Boeree.

Mastery over Earth took aeons of development from subsistence farming up to the recent industrial momentum which led to energy, power and control

Nate Hagens gives a nine-point overview of prime components of humanity's development.   These factors developed civilization;  from static farming - followed by very recent exponential growth through the industrial era to - ENERGY CONTROL - MONEY CONTROL - culminating in AI: which will be used by existing controlling technocracy.

Hagens explains how this continued superorganism lays one control over the last one: and so it will be with AI, another superorganism, which he describes as creating a final vortex of the civilizational superorganisms of FOOD - ENERGY - MONEY - (illustrated in featured tower image).  All is in the process of being swept up by the unknown power of AI, especially AGI (without human input).  The Tower of Soron with AI at the Apex as a superorganism illustrates his point where those controlling AI, the TECHNOCRACY, and increasingly military ruled MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP of PHARMTOCRACY, will rule everything.

Putin said that whichever nation builds the most powerful AI will rule the world.  Ask who is developing these systems.  On the one hand it looks like the technocracies in America are, but with the dollar downgraded, its money power is removed from the AI power vortex, while it squanders funds on wars, and maybe nations like China or India will come to dominate.

‘Stockholm Impact Week 2023’

Daniel Schmachtenberger rings alarm bells over AI: realizing the immense power it could have, especially in wrong hands.  Notes taken from Video from 11:00

“Studies done on the relationship between publicly deployed large language models (GPT 4 like things) which are ‘jail broken’, without restrictions....and the relationship between those and biological development tools; the ability to synthesise genomes of pathogens and things like that, just asking questions to an AI which can talk to you, that knows all of chemistry that is published on Wikipedia, and on line, knows all of biology, knows all of technology...and being able to ask which companies can buy gene synthesis tools which are not government monitored, without triggering oversight... and what are the most virulent pathogens, and how many people can I kill for $100,000 ...and questions like that and answering...

"This is totally nuclear weapons catastrophic possibility... radically decentralised, cannot be limited to G8.
Economically exponential curve goes up, without using as many resources per dollar.
Moving fast in US in the hope that it will fix the stagflation and allow us to deal with the economic situation.
The radical enablement of the distribution of human purposes as they exist today is super problematic.

He was asking someone ..."How do we regulate that type of AI and that type of synthetic biology, that has with nuclear level catastrophic capability and which non state actors can get."

They said the companies would self regulate.
‘Are you kidding!’ says Daniel.

[Note: We know big tech has done no self regulating, other than control what it wants, and as bidden by government to control populations]

“...we are at the end of history, (grounded in physics and biology) meaning at the end of human civilization defined by characteristics of what we call written human history from early Egypt or Sumeria” “Peaceful civilizations were wiped out.”
“...the thing which has been more successfully dominant, extracted more, grown its population more, increased its violence capability wins, and that thing with exponential tech and planetary boundaries self terminates”
Either at the end of history, or at the end of our species being defined by those parameters requires.... the complicity of the weak with the wicked, that allows the evils of the world”