Alternative Climate Conference

William Happer - Noble Lies and the Evil They Allow - Heartland Inst. Climate conference

William Happer Ph.D, highly qualified scientist; in 2018, Donald Trump appointed him to the National Security Council to counter evidence linking carbon dioxide emissions to global warming.

Well-meaning citizens have drunk the cool aid. They want to save the planet.

William Happer

Follow the Science_ The IPCC's Backdoor Science Agenda

Howard Hayden Ph.D examines the errors in the equations used by the IPCC's own graphics.

Patrick Michaels - Climate Models vs. Reality

Computer models have been trained only on C20th data.  Nobel Prize was given to most extreme prediction; whereas the Russian model (left dotted line) was closest to actual.

Powerpoints:  Patrick Michael [screenshots] heartland Institute Climate Conference

The modelling is 'tuned' to optimise on particular metrics.  How is a modelling of global climate data anything to do with 'cultural identity'?  What does this mean? Is there some data which certain cultures are not prepared to work with, or has some 'allowance' for cultural diversity made its way into the ethics of computer modelling of natural events?

Michael thinks the models are doing only what they are told to do. If there is an agenda to prove excessive warming, this is what they are aiming to do.

UN’s IPCC Gets it Wrong on Greenhouse Gas Effect – Dr Ross McKitrick, Ph.D.

Dr. Ross McKitrick, Ph.D., explains how the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's method of attributing greenhouse gases to global warming is "fundamentally flawed." McKitrick's newest academic paper, published in a top climatology journal, shows that the basis for claims of certainty around climate attribution is mathematically flawed and invalid. 

BASIC POINTS in video: Click McKintrick powerpoints to open as Gallery