New Zealand Whistleblower Data

New Zealand authorities are now making it illegal to publish (spread) this information.  Why would they want to hide it?  Because its very damaging such a lethal experiment was carried out on New Zealanders.  NZ authorities immediately say that the data presented by whistleblower is misleading.  Why? If nothing to hide.  Obfuscation is everywhere, as John Cullen proves in the video at bottom of this post.

NZ Whistleblower originally interviewed by Liz Gunn – which caused the furore in NZ and on social media news

December 5th 2023: UPDATE: Whistle-blower Barry Young freed from detention

Fast moving story... A few days later... Barry Young talks to Alex Jones and Steve Kirsch about how he wrote to NZ officials to warn them, but was ignored.  When he went public via journalist Liz Gunn, he was blocked from the database, then had his house ransacked, and subsequently arrested.  Strange heavy handedness for someone who was trying to bring safety attention to the public.  He is very credible; having been a top rated data administrator and worked for Swiss Banks, with a top level clearance.  If more administrators came out from protecting their jobs, we would hear more, similarly world wide, as data bases of life insurance companies already know. [See Ed Dowd Uk data]

Talking to Barrie Young

Barrie has slept well having got it off his chest; otherwise he would feel complicit.  He didn't want a safe house, and has received a lot of support.  Steve Kirsch states Barry has done something no one has ever done, exposing 'the man behind the curtain' (Wizard of Oz). Expert statisticians have reviewed his data set.  NZ authorities confirm identities are completely obfuscated from the data.

Barry Young, Steve Kirsch and longer talk with Liz Gunn.

Liz Gunn explains during video the irresponsibility of NZ politicians who ignored a seriously vaccine damaged young woman early on in the jabathon.  She started a new party when she realized Jacinda Ardern did not have the people's health in priority.  Arden has gone to Harvard, rather than stay in NZ and face the music: a university renowned for producing high level operators for political positions and corporate power.  During the past some have set depopulation agendas, which is know.  She's deep in the global 'jet-set' to reset the world via the WEF and climate change propaganda.

7th December 2023 - Steve Kirsch challenges Health NZ for not publishing their own analysis on the data.
John Hopkins Centre used Cullen's original ORACLE mapping tool
  • NZ Cases (red) - deaths (white) occurred some while after being vaccinated (green)
  • NZ administrator whistleblower's data has the dates of vaccinations and deaths, which can be correlated with this, and why it is so important that many experts have the data to disseminate.

My Notes from Barry Young's original interview with Liz Gunn

November 2023:  Government 'whistleblower' was a major contributor to creating the data system to record 'pay-per-jab'.

‘Winston’, not whistle-blower's real name,  sounds convincing, not an actor.  He is sensitive and emotional at the start, showing he has thought about what he would say to the public.

“Every atom in our body is 400,000,000,000 yrs old.
We are so precious.....We’re seeing human lives being destroyed”

He makes an important point about epigenetics.  Alterations of our DNA code and ability to use immune system being tampered with by genetic engineering (CRISPR-Cas-9) could change human genetics forever.  [Goal of the transhumanists to monitor all life forms]

NZ is a Tier 1 country with good IT, so as population is small, only one person was needed to compile data for the whole country. (US and UK would need more people). He designed the whole government system for payments per vaccines, started noticing deaths soon after jabs; and was the only person to know the facts. (Only coming out with his truth November 2023 although he was in communication with organisations two years ago.). He said he wasn't ready, while accumulating the data.

There were 119 individual batches: (Website ‘find my batch’). Mostly Pfizer in NZ.  He counted the number of vaccinated within that batch and then he found out who had died.  Data included dates of vaccine and numbers dead in each area.  Then he used data for top 10 vaccinators, who have highest ratios of mortality.  His data shows that in some areas 20% of vaccinated died after the jab.  Others have looked at the data and come up with 10%.  Names of vaccinators and dead were redacted for privacy.

During a video call with Liz Dunn seen on Twitter: whistle-blower states he is not used to talking about things, but is now fearless since he had a near death experience, which made the difference to doing the expose.

Steve Kirsch:  SUBSTACK 1st December 2023

Time for Criminal Charges to be filed against NZ Ministry of Health officials.

‘Data from US Medicare and the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows, beyond any doubt, that the COVID vaccines have killed millions’

'SUMMARY:  Record level vaccination-date/death data obtained from a whistleblower in the New Zealand Ministry of Health was analyzed using a standard time-series cohort analysis. The results remained consistent even after varying all four of the key independent variables (observation time window, days after shot, age, and dose number). The only way that can happen is if the COVID vaccines significantly increased mortality for those aged 60 and older, the very population that the vaccine was supposed to help. All five Bradford Hill causality criteria are satisfied. From this data, we can accurately estimate that overall, the mRNA vaccines led to the premature death of more than 1 person per 1,000 doses on average over all doses.'

They are so afraid of this data that the best strategy was to censor it: they convinced Wasabi to inactivate my account!

When 40GB was downloaded from Steve Kirsch's Wasabi account, it violated the T of S.

'The data from New Zealand is not perfect; it is not a complete sample. For example, for some people, the first record in the database is Dose #3. Also, only vaccinated people are in the database.

But, by using a cohort time-series analysis, it doesn’t matter. There is no possible way that this data is consistent with a safe vaccine. I estimated that the vaccine killed, on average, about 1 person per 1,000 doses. That means an estimated 675,000 Americans were killed by the COVID vaccines.'


Others, like Igor Chudov, 2nd December challenged the accuracy of the information, whether it may be misleading.

The data he extracted includes 4 million records containing:

    • Individual person ID
    • Vaccine type
    • Batch Number
    • Vaccine dose number
    • Vaccination date
    • Date of birth
    • Age
    • Date of death, if applicable

Prof. Norman Fenton 2nd December 2023 gave a balanced view, that the information is still valid.


'If the dataset is a real, unbiased and representative subset of those vaccinated, then it is potentially one of the most important publicly available datasets for examining covid vaccine safety, despite the fundamental limitation imposed by absence of data on the unvaccinated. It provides evidence of lack of safety of the vaccine. However, some of the conclusions drawn from the data would be confounded if the claims that it contains a disproportionate number of vaccinee deaths is true. Steve Kirsch is adamant that there is no such bias because it a complete record of all ‘pay-per-dose’ vaccinations. If Steve is correct about this, then his conclusions about the evidence of lack of safety are reasonable.

What we can probably discount is the claim concerning batches with exceptionally high mortality rates. The claim that these batches were especially deadly due to the contents of the vaccine or its delivery is confounded by their very different age and time of vaccination profiles.'

Hypothetically Speaking: Dr Dave Collum and John Cullen Discuss The Pandemics, Illusions and NEOs

4 hr video with John Cullen showing data presentation of Influenza and Covid, viewed more truthfully than the public have been made aware.

NOTES:   John Cullen created the mapping data design [top featured image] decades ago for ORACLE; which John Hopkins Institute used in mapping covid data.  He recognised their adoption of his system, and observes only RED is used for cases spots and peaks; no other colours to denote lesser cases, lesser deaths, etc. Hopkins input was for propaganda use.  Cullen uses a range of data to overlay peaks and troughs of not only Covid-19, but of a parallel pandemic of P & I, pneumonia and influenza. Data for P & I was found on other world health record charts.

In 2017/18 Fauchi said 80K died; which was considered a bad year.  In fact it was more, even up to 120,000.  Since 2009 the influenza vaccine industry needed to have a 'war manufacturing capability'.  In 2020 flue and pneumonia graph went sky high.  Flue vaccines weren’t working, in fact they were causing more disease!  Fauchi couldn’t hide the P&I pandemic without the escape goat pandemic.  They therefore lumped influenza with pneumonia, and by way of a specifically designed PCR test, looking for certain variables of the cell codings, enabled a 'result' of 'Covid'!  5% of the deaths (of 500,000 deaths listed) were called ‘Covid’.
Note: [Vid clip Deborah Birks ‘taken a liberal attitude’: this was her pathetically feeble statement, shocking to hear at that time, of the conflation of figures to dupe people. i.e. anyone dying of anything, and testing 'positive' with the fake PCR test, was counted as a 'Covid death'!].

Note: The WHO guidelines themselves issued codes to declare a 'Covid Case' literally out of anything: recorded on this site at the time.

So the 'parallel pandemic' was a professional obfuscatory ruse to save the flue jabs.  After all, billions are invested by pharmatocracy in constant manufacturing and supplying of such vaccines. Topic of manufacture and delivery of 'Covid' disease is also discussed in the video in some detail. [to be continued]

Ideas presented of near mis asteroids as reason for 'Nightingale hospitals' erected, then dismantled after asteroid scare had passed.  Plausible. Only one is known to have hit in Nigeria.