The Road to Techno Dystopia

Morgoth's Review - Author's notes from video: Oswald Spengler's ideas on the dominance of money and the drive of the west can be seen in current times, as we are now in the final battle for the Western mind.

The press brainwash the masses: what Spengler would call the ‘money power’.  The 'money power' is now completely unbound before our eyes in 2021-22, with persistent falsified news and non-information on a pharma takeover. (money-pharma-tech-power)

Whenever there is an outlet (press) which isn't in the grip of the money power, people will develop different ideas. He sites recent populism; a disaffected mass who don't believe the money-power press and see there is no real democratic process.

Science and technology develop in the interest of the 'money-power', causing artistic and religious culture falls away.  The technology side imposes itself upon us directly. “the money merging itself with other forms -  with the science (which is a big thing at the moment which we have to obey! Especially technology - digital currency.  The technology lining up is so devoid of other meaning, the horrible technocratic world is forcing us all to take part.

There is no longer any breaks on it... rules by experts, immoral and utilitarian, run the numbers and crunch the data.  The scale of the ambition to merge world with machine is unbound by anything higher than itself.  Once again offered infinite space - ‘cyber space’ as in the past pioneers breaking through NW passage - a thing which is attractive to disappear into it.

They too have all fallen by the wayside.  Money - technology - science.  Buying up the world and creating the grid for everyone to live in.  They exist like priests in middle ages, because they have access to knowledge most of us do not.

2nd religiousness may be transhumanism; people wanting to disappear into infinite space. (VR metaverse)

Faustain ideas.  Infinite space (?)

Caesarism is coming.  There will be a 2nd elite.  At late stage civilisation comes the fellaheen, a drive of people exhausted with current materialistic state of things, and fakery.  They long and yearn for the more rooted life back in the land, because everything has been territorialised by capital and technology, by the metropolis, by the thinking of the city.  Technology imposing itself on everybody.

We can see this now.  People getting sick of fake life of the treadmill and going off grid.  Grim dark nationalism/ or traditionalism.  (This happened with Arts and Crafts Movement who rejected mass production, preferring the caftsman)

Most population are very comfortable. Do not feel need to become politically radical.  However, the materialism may wear thin in future, when digitally monitored night and day, when social credit scoring non stop; and when goodies disappear.  You can have life with modicum of meaning, but you pay the price without the modern goods. The grid will not help one.  Can they reject paradigm entirely.  Maybe seize the assets of oligarchs and tell them to get lost. (how?)