Quantum Dots Hydrogel Graphene Assemblages

Rounded groupings quantum dots with filament formed

IIMAGE Credit: Dr Ana Mihalcea from video below

“Different forms of assembly, even in non-vaxxed.
Need to eliminate the substrate of the clot building blocks!
Quantum dot technology is used for bio sensing.  Hydrogel is able to fuse with living cells and create synthetic biology.
Quantum dots are sensing every aspect of our physiology and sending that data to the cloud.
So this is a semi conducting material that acts like a battery.
Continues to grow, like ‘zombie blood’
All towards creating automatons and cyborgs."  ~  Dr Ana Mihalcea

Introduction to quantum dot nanotech findings (See Gallery below) -  Short VIDEO interview with Stew Peters

'Dr Mihalcea is part of an international collaborative research group investigating nanotechnology in the corona shots.
She observes ‘carbon peaks’ and self assembling molecules.  On a nano scale this graphene oxide has been used with gold to basically make the spike protein.   She finds colours changing from green to blue, self assembling is accelerating. Clots are made from the polymer which is rubber like. Nine solvents couldn’t dissolve it.  Polymers are using the blood as a substrate to grow.  Cancer rates also associated, with cadmium in quantum dots.  ~ Video description

‘In NIH document 2020, Francis collins discussed the development of ‘quantum dot nano crystals making spike proteins which created an antibody response as if there was a virus, and that they were using this.’
Further info:  Dr Ana's images on SUBSTACK  and related articles

All images screenshot from video, copyright Dr Ana Mihalcea

Dr Ana Mihalcea discovers self assembling nano tech in blood – Gallery images taken from Video

“Its a bioweapon, a multifactoral weapon of mass destruction.  Human blood has changed since this role out.”  ~ Dr. Ana Mihalcea

Ana:  "We’re running out of timed, with the lying mocking bird media.

“self assembling hydrogel, blue...there shouldn’t be anything in the body that colour...its growing from the lipid nano technology in the vials.”

Ana is shocked that the bio weapons are still being pushed.

"Dept. of Defence are part of the genocide...We need actionable consequences, to survive as a species...Everyone now has this in their blood; it was self spreading nano-technological".

"We’re inhaling 20m nano particles in each breath.  Transhumanists want to digitise every cell.  We now have quantum dot nano technology in us. (mRNA was not found in the vials)".

Its accelerating, she believes, from her research.  She found it in meat supply, and in insulin, and even on the labels, (hydrogel components like polyethylene glycol), and in rainwater.

Shedding happens from the vaccinated. (S.A. Post - Self amplifying vaccines). 

Anna states that Dr Peter McCullough and Jim Thorpe believe there is a spike protein from Wuhan lab.  [Are some of the doctors following a false line devised to cover up the truth?]

"NIH website states they developed a quantum dot crystal which was mimicking an anti body response, if you had covid, and it was technology.  (Karen Kingston showed)  If there was no mRNA in shots, then there was no reverse transcription, it was all technology".

WHO whistleblower Astrid Stuckleberger  says "Its all synthetic, nothing biological"

Ana's slide presentation: [Gallery above] 

  • Self assembling hydrogels
  • Hydrogel based protein microchips
  • Testing of vials list of ingredients.
    • RNA sequenced in some vials. (truncated, fragmentated, not entire sequence to produce a spike protein) size 180 daltons; none of those produced were that.
    • DNA and protein impurities detected in massive quantities.
    • Heavy and rare metals: caesium, barium, cobalt, iron, chromium, titanium, ceriumn, gadolinium, aluminium, silicon, sulfur, thulium, antimony (Moderna)
    • Large structures, blobs, particles, crystals, flat square shapes, fibers, ribbons, assembly and movement visible immediately from frozen state.
    • Different forms of graphene
    • Leftover magnetic beads
  • Protein microchips have been developed.
  • Every vaccination has undisclosed metals.
  • Silicon is used in nano robots.
  • Gold was used to create an AI spike which was a nano robotic device.
  • Video shows blinking lights, and metallic structure being built.
    • Blue blinking light is quantum dot technology
    • The background movement is working to build the metallic structure.
    • Light communication (Note: Interesting that Trump mentioned light; he had some peripheral knowledge)

'Hydrogel gold can dissolve the microchips'.
Nitric oxide to detox the graphene. Treatments to dissolve structures: ("this is the most important thing")

Ana's Substack showing EDTA chelation  shows improved blood cells after 'two EDTA Chelations, one Vitamin C Infusion 20.000mg and Epithalon'.  The rouleau effect is gone.
[?umic and fulvic acid. ?  dimethylglycine repairs metal]

All microscopy images Copyright Dr. Ana Mihalcea and Clifford Carnicom Institute.

Blood Clot Analysis From Living & Deceased Individuals Shows Consistent Findings: A Rubber Like Polymerized Protein - Microscopy Shows Filaments. Part 1 of 3 - Dr. Ana Mihalcea With Clifford Carnicom - Substack Humanity United Now

Dr Mihalcea looked at ‘fingerprint’ of the clots. All were the same, with hydrogel signature, polyethylene glycol, etc.

All three clots had the same structure from vaccinated, unvaccinated and deceased source. The difference was that the deceased clot had the least amount of stray red blood cells. It appears that the polymer is using the blood as substrate for its growth which is what we showed in our transformation of the blood experiments with low level electrical current shown above.

[Note:] This proves either SHEDDING from the vaccines (that has been invented): or everyone's blood is being affected by the atmosphere or FOOD, or water.

Have you been 'vaccinated' by your food??

How else are blood cells looking identical to vaccinated blood cells under spectroscopy.

Shows RNA microbes moving between people

Self Spreading Vaccines exist

Nano tech can be put in food

Surveillance platform in food

Nano tech small enough for any food


'the science' has been experimenting with electro magnetism and graphene - this video shows very similar to what is happening in blood, examined by pathologists, in particular Dr Ana Mihalcea and Dr. Robert O Young

The discovery of electro magnetism (from a tesla coil video 'Teslaphoresis') causing graphene to make self assembling filaments, seems to be the technology used in the nano tech assemblages in blood (vaccinated and unvaccinated).  Dr Young and Dr Milhacea have extensive studies of blood samples.  Self assemblages of nano tech filaments with quantum dots of light (hydrogel), forming rectangular crystals and longer filaments, often joining the assemblages.

This does seem, shockingly, to be the EXPERIMENT on PEOPLE through Covid-19 vaccinations to make people part of the Internet of Everything; borgification for the Internet of Bodies.

Vaccine investigation has come further since 2021, when Dr. Young found the affected blood cells in Phase Contrast Microscopy.