Purpose of The Vaccines:

[November 2021] Beyond the 'spacey' video introduction:  Surveillance is the goal of the implanted hydrogel sensors.

"...hacking the software of life and its changing the way we think about prevention and treatment of disease" mRNA the critical information - so we think of it like an operation system"

More detail in another 01:30:00 minute AlcyonPleiades video on hydrogel implants.

DARPA's Transformation of Humanity Into Synthetic Entities - Celeste Solum 

[19th May 2020.] [Replace censored/deleted video with another one or with Alison McDowell talking to Celeste]

VOICES FROM DARPA - Episode 26 The Electric Biotechnician

Celest's article on Shepherds Heart:  DARPA's Insidious Eclectic Transformation of Humanity into Synthetic Entities

"In essence, what this is doing is engineering your own synthetic microbiome.  You must understand that your microbiome controls your whole body, everything from your organs, blood, brain, hormones, and more.  You are translated into a synthetic or artificial being or entity.   

DARPA wants to bring in other types of organisms that can live on and in you.  These are foreign invaders who have “evolved” over millions of years and have potential to live within you in a proposed symbiotic way (you scratch my back, I will scratch yours) known as commensal relationship. Commensalism is a type of relationship where one of the organisms benefits greatly from the symbiosis. The other is not helped but is not harmed or damaged from the relationship. In other words, this is a one-sided symbiotic relationship.

DARPA is going to engineer and gene-edit these ancient entities that they plan to make ubiquitous to protect us.  They can produce antibodies, vaccines, compounds that interact with bacteria or viruses or even chemical agents and enzymes.  Once again, supposedly breaking them down before they can hurt us."

This is a 5-year program and all of humanity will merge with SynBio by 2025. Proposing teams must be multidisciplinary with expertise in nanocomposite, smart textiles, smart molecular or nanoscale sorbents, commensal organisms, gene and protein expression systems, immunogenicity, metabolomics, and medical device development. Proposing teams are strongly encouraged to include expertise across fields, as well as with industry partners familiar with FDA or equivalent regulatory approvals." Podcast:  'Voices From DARPA'

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