Human Biome Takeover - Purpose of  Vaccines

"This is a 5-year program and all of humanity will merge with SynBio by 2025. Proposing teams must be multidisciplinary with expertise in nanocomposite, smart textiles, smart molecular or nanoscale sorbents, commensal organisms, gene and protein expression systems, immunogenicity, metabolomics, and medical device development."

~ Celeste Solumn (FEMA whistleblower) - Voices from DARPA

Listening to Celeste in 2020, this sounded far fetched into a sci-fi future.  Now in 2023, its being proven the intention of pharma, with proof of self assembling nano tech using hydrogel, quantum light dots and graphene in the vaccines.  Full article below.  Dr Ana Mihalcea's findings echo Celeste's warnings.

VOICES FROM DARPA - Episode 26 The Electric Biotechnician

Celest's article on 'Shepherds Heart':  DARPA's Insidious Eclectic Transformation of Humanity into Synthetic Entities

"In essence, what this is doing is engineering your own synthetic microbiome.  You must understand that your microbiome controls your whole body, everything from your organs, blood, brain, hormones, and more.  You are translated into a synthetic or artificial being or entity.   

DARPA wants to bring in other types of organisms that can live on and in you.  These are foreign invaders who have “evolved” over millions of years and have potential to live within you in a proposed symbiotic way (you scratch my back, I will scratch yours) known as commensal relationship. Commensalism is a type of relationship where one of the organisms benefits greatly from the symbiosis. The other is not helped but is not harmed or damaged from the relationship. In other words, this is a one-sided symbiotic relationship.

DARPA is going to engineer and gene-edit these ancient entities that they plan to make ubiquitous to protect us.  They can produce antibodies, vaccines, compounds that interact with bacteria or viruses or even chemical agents and enzymes.  Once again, supposedly breaking them down before they can hurt us."

This is a 5-year program and all of humanity will merge with SynBio by 2025. Proposing teams must be multidisciplinary with expertise in nano-composite, smart textiles, smart molecular or nanoscale sorbents, commensal organisms, gene and protein expression systems, immunogenicity, metabolomics, and medical device development. Proposing teams are strongly encouraged to include expertise across fields, as well as with industry partners familiar with FDA or equivalent regulatory approvals." Podcast:  'Voices From DARPA'

DARPA's plans for synthetic biology - all about CONTROL

[DRAFT  images in Maria Zee Video pt 2]

Synthetic biotech in blood samples - Dr. Anna Mihalcea's work Summer 2023 - Extract from Maria Zee video

Has entire medical system been weaponised??

“Nanotubes, nano spacers, nano-rods, nano-wires and many other single components are even utilized to make the nano-radio, as used in nano-medicine”

Woman had a meningoma removed from brain and discovered brain microchip. Image below.
Others had growths from nose or ears. Animal protein (Morgellan sufferers were making insect parts].

[Move to other blood post - or focus only on synbio  image of blood cells with lights from before - light spheres polymers moving stuff around], using blood as a substrate to grow
She says state of blood, destroyed in 20-30 mins is a new finding.  Shows slide from before of rubbery area, never seen before.  Its changing, and in unvaccinated blood!
The polymer network replaces the blood. A ploynano nano mesh using blood as a substrate [her earlier blue and dot videos]
Maria Zee asks if it conforms to what Celeste Solum says as goal to change all people into ?

[9 - image black ground of insulin has blinking lights transporting hydrogel manufacturing the clot.]
changing diabetics into soft robots, or genocidal?
[10 - image black ground of blinking lights, artificial intelligence, crating the hydrogels which make the clots]

Global Brain Chip and MESOGENS - Dr Ana's Substack

'Nano machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories' - Dr. Hildegarde Staninger. 2012 - 3rd Annual War Council of the Natural Solutions Foundation - ‘Derailing the Genocidal Agenda’

Mesogens are liquid crystals that have not only a specific smart function, but are used as the platform in developing new thin film transmitting nano ultra thin film coatings for biological sensors that have been used in ‘Brain Chip’ mesogenic bio sensors”. ~ Dr Ana Mihalcea

    'Mesogens are any compound that can exist as a mesophase and that part of the molecule of a liquid crystal that is responsible for its    particular properties. In medicine, the term “mesogenic” pertains to, or is relating to, the capacity of a virus to lethally infect embryonic hosts after a short incubation period, but is incapable of infecting immature and adult hosts. In other words, the mesogen has a host-parasitic relationship in which the parasite dominates, but the host usually survives.'

'This statement is right on target for how the mesogenic liquid crystal phase, and its other nano architectural designed smart functions, would interact with the biological system of the human brain or other target organs of designed choice. Mesogenic payloads of liquid crystals can be unreactive until triggered into activation for their ultimate purpose. This is the new nano medicine, new smart WIFI communication system, weapon, industrial espionage device, or component for mind or body control devices.'  ~ Dr. Ana Mihalcea

'A mesogen is primarily composed of liquid crystalline segmented copolymers systems that are composed of thin films of isotactic compounds that contain nano wires, tubes and other similar materials. They can function as sensors, transducers, actuators, and other related devices that are utilized in neurological mechanical device application or internal biological monitoring system. The side chain of the liquid crystalline compounds create new closes of materials that offer the potential to couple the response of liquid crystals and elastomeric networks to applied mechanical strains. In the activation and design of functional strength and/or size parameter - such as pH, halogens, frequency (type) - hard and soft continuous domains and solvent solubility play vital roles in its design from nano material building units into an actual functional nano machine.'

Brain Menginoma which could only be cut with a diamond saw.

(Image taken by Applied Consumer Services, Inc., Hialeah Gardens, Florida ©2011)

Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories - Dr. Hildegarde Staninger TM, RIET1. January 8, 2012


PHOTOMICROGRAPH 4 - Brain Menginoma (“Brain Chip”), reactive nematic mesogen.

Graphene squares found in ear wax - Ear specimen had same elements as in 2023 blood, inc amide polymer. [image]. 

(Image taken by Applied Consumer Services, Inc., Hialeah Gardens, Florida ©2011)

Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories - Dr. Hildegarde Staninger TM, RIET1. January 8, 2012


Dr Ana microscopy - video with Sean of SGT report

SGT:   "It must come from a nation state. A directive.  DARPA/BARDA?"

Ana:  “Part of a shadow government that is a military industrial university collaboration because all of the technology was developed at universities, like Georgetown”...."Technocratic goal of creating automatons."

These filaments and nano structures have also been sprayed on us for decades. (science since 1970s)

SGT:  "Was it an experiment to see what they could program us with, different strengths?"

  • Filaments blue red or transparent, carbon nanotubes.
  • Filaments in non vaxxed blood. Cells dying trying to digest this stuff.
  • Hydrogel polymers

Clifford Carnicom investigated Morgellans 'disease' in June 2014.  [Morgellans videos seen on G+ 2015 where people had irritating moving particles under their skin, but doctors said it was their imagination]. He developed them in a tube with an electrical current.  Ana’s, Mike Adams's, Clifford Carnicom's are all similar.  Mike Adams found self assembling polymers.

Ana:  “They have cross bread all three domains of life - synthetic biology, fungie, AND ?/ to create polymer plastics, like rubber.”

  • Polymeric alcohols and polyamides; scaffold to create cyborgs
  • Butanal

"Also electro magnetic component.  Artificial synthetic signal. 4hz electromagnetic radiation"

"millions of quantum dots using the blood transforming it replacing organs, creating rubbery clots."

"Plan to become immortal, upload themselves to the cloud.  They’re insane.

[More on this: Link to Harari posts]

"People preloaded with caesium changes them into a transducer, a transmitter, a battery amplifier and cloud computing node.  Vaccinated people have been turned into Syn-bio (borg).  Papers exist, wide open to public: 90 pages of pathogens are listed.  Caesium binds to living tissue, being amplified.  Bodies to be used as transducers and transmitters: 1.ghz energy in = 1.thz energy out."

Todd Callender with Maria Zee - Homoborg Genesis

Todd's term ‘Homoborg genesis’:  (Notes from video 2023)

Todd:  Nano sensors.  Transmitting millimeter waves. An 18 ghz signal pulsed will cause nano particles to swell and release payload inside subject.  Marburg and Ebola have been found in their Patents, encased in lipid nano particles .  FDA no longer care, there is no manufacturing practices or protocols.  50% of ingredients could change from what they say.  Is it possible that those pathogens have been already injected into people.  Dept of Energy sells the patents.  PCR tests recorded.  Pathogens can be inserted encouraged to grow with radiation.  Directed signal via vax.

Preloaded people with cesiums changes them into a transducer, a transmitter, a battery amplifier and cloud computing node. Papers exist, wide open to public. Vaccinated people have been turned into San-bio (borg).

Maria: UK (Human Augmentation doc I have.  Military application.)

Todd: China ability to cause military to be weak and sick (forced military vaxes).  Biowarfare - ‘Minds at War’ - China’s Pursuit of Military Advantage through Cognitive Science and Biotechnology by Elisa B. Tania. Boosters in body every 30 days.  ModeRNA called it a software upgrade.  Authorities say ‘get your boosters, like getting a computer upgrade! People familiar and therefor gullible to such language of subterfuge.  Bodies seen as cyborgs they own.  The Internet of Bodies

Todd:  We know it’s nano-sized. Callender says his colleague found Caesium in vials by mass spectrometry.  90 pages of pathogens. Caesium binds to living tissue, being amplified. 1.ghz energy in = 1.thz energy out.  Bill Gates Patent 2060606 (file saved?).  Military use of device in study EPCR  C4591001 read in real time changes after soldiers became test subject.  Building system now.  Nano sensors are transmitting.  Plan for CBDC was designed to measure biometric sensors within us and to trade from carbon credits.  Programmable down to cellular function.

Maria:  Smart cities. Australia already implementing the CBDC plan.  Kill switch in cities.

Todd:   Aim is to genetically modify all living things; people into slavery.  Synbio division. (See Celeste Solon)

Maria:  WHO Pandemic Treaty amendments. Obliterates Human rights.  Medical Martial Law.

Todd:  Public health authority was moved to under DOD.  Tedros then becomes a dictator of the planet.  They may do it with Marburg.

Maria:  New stockpile for ebola vaccines.

Todd:  Law put in place, predicts hemorrhagic fever will scare people into quarantines.  You will have no say in it jabs, as rights have been removed.  (Dr chambers, Green Beret, Ozone, ABendozol and FenBendozol treats Marburg one dose.)

Achieving Foundational Security for Food Systems

DARPA planned changes in food, SynBio manipulation, already commercialised. Unique alpha-numeric identifier.  03.01.23

JUMP 2.0Micro Electronics Revolution.   7 University centers. Next generation AI architecture - Center for Ubiquitous Connectivity, Columbus Uni. - Intelligent memory systems.  Centre of Multi Spectral Centers. Micro electronics will be in our clothes tracking from cradle to grave.

Silvering of clouds with sulphur dioxide can affect health.

Implantable Sensors Based on Gold Nanoparticles for Continuous Long Term Concentration Monitoring the Body

2022. Celeste Solum Nanomoment - Implantables

Nanotech In 2000 Food Items!!

Nanotechnology used in Over 2,000 Food Items Goes Unlabeled Due to Weird FDA Loophole(one news) 23.12.23. BioNanoTechnology Wageningen University.

Also see mRNA vaccines in food.


"...hacking the software of life and its changing the way we think about prevention and treatment of disease" mRNA the critical information - so we think of it like an operation system"

Beyond the 'spacey' video introduction:  Surveillance is the goal of the implanted hydrogel sensors.  More detail in another 01:30:00 minute Alcyon Pleiades video on hydrogel implants.

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DARPA's Transformation of Humanity Into Synthetic Entities.  D R A F T 

Celeste Solum has working experience of DARPA's enterprises.  Talking to Dr Carrie Madej who has found nano particles in vaccines. [censored video gone]

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