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UK Column graphics show how UK authorities are coercing the public towards vaccine compliance. Screenshots from their programs. Starting November 2021, as the situation in the UK is now very serious in regard to government dictatorship over people's health.

All health authorities are focused on enforcing SAFE vaccines.  The evidence points otherwise... analysis by Biostatistician Christine Cotton Part 2.

Globalists choose numbers, like 100 Resilient Cities. Now its a '100 Days Mission' for G7 to collaborate pandemic plans: a political obsession with normalising yet more R & D funding for pharma, even though their work has been proven untrustworthy!

What Explains Rising Cases Among the Vaccinated?

Many virologists for example Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche have explained the mutations coming with vaccines...

In summary  [Dr. Mike Williams]  full article

Developing evidence suggests that an intrinsic component of the innate immune system called toll-like receptors, tasked with recognising and activating the immune system to respond to bacteria and viruses, may be altered after vaccination. That alteration may hamper the immune system’s ability to detect and act appropriately against SARS-CoV-2 — inducing, in part, an Immune Tolerance, and increasing the risk of significant infection.

The innate immune system, contrary to prior held views, can ‘remember’ past infections demonstrating a crucial adaptive ability called Immune Training and is essential to fight infection.

Current data may highlight vaccine-induced Immune Tolerance as a divergence between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, with an increase in case and mortality rates amongst the vaccinated compared to the Immune Trained unvaccinated.