Weather Warfare

There is a lot of evidence that some extreme weather events have been engineered; partly to promote 'climate change'; partly to re-engineer '15 minute cities' for land grabs to control agriculture, and total technotronic surveillance.

Fires in California were dubious, [link], Reports on Maui opened our eyes to just how ruthless and devastating such engineering can be. Hurricanes appear in Mexico without rain.  Its likely that science is testing technology, such as HAARP [Angels Don't Play this Harp by Nick Breggich] and DEW, earth weapons which could be used by those in power creating chaos.

[Previously envisaged by Jacques Fresco's Venus project - for AI cities].

Most news is a complete distraction; the 'chaos' plan; keep people giddy with shock drama; 'plandemics' (big part to kick this off) and even horrific genocidal wars, people feel powerless to change. It just leaves them happy to not be alive and not part of it, and so suckers for whatever is dictated to them, such as CBDC.  Surely the real war is about who becomes the winning banksters of CBDCs then control of everything (IoT) via AI. Check out Project Salus by Ice Age Farmer, AI to control every inch of agriculture. Technocracy controlling all land, all food production. Laws are being made for the takeover, such as recent Australian prohibitions on use of Aboriginal land.

Even genocidal wars go unstopped.  Only in a world of chaos, "an angrier world" to quote Klaus Schwab, can the Reset be implemented. WWIII is already on: foundations of stable cultures are already being eaten at the ankles with social engineering; race, gender, education (as old books and documents show planned).  World Wars have always been for a 'reset'.  Schwab said China is the model for the reset.

Everything points to a reset of dominance being by Russia aligned with Eastern countries; BRICS.  The end of US dollar based hegemony.  Middle East conflict (Gaza genocide) results in the utter craziness of freight going round Africa, due to Houti attacks. All towards China Belt and Road initiative. (likely western planned). China owns many ports around the world.

D R A F T To be continued...