International Covid Summit

“...elite misinformation experts spreading misinformation ...fact checkers are non vaccinologists."

Part of Dr Bridle's speech

“If judicial notices are to be taken of public health information, one needs to ask if these agencies are truly looking after the best interest of the public.  Concerns arise from the fact that many regulatory bodies around the world have transitioned from being funded by tax payers to being almost entirely funded by the parmaceutical companies that they are tasked with policing”

“Companies pay regulators massive fees to have the applications reviewed and the introduction of performance standards means there’s a risk of losing as much as an entire reviewer’s salary if things aren’t done quickly.  The net result of this is that the safety of drugs have declined.  For example drugs that get approved in 300  day review process have about a 20% chance of a having a serious safety warning after rollout to the public. This increases 1 in 3 chance if approval process is reduced to 180 days."

"Many regulators around the world have adopted similar models, the European Medicines agency now receives 89% of its funding from industry.  It is 96% for Australia’s therapeutic goods administration.”

Key Concerns

"De bunking of misinformation is being done under the guise of promoting public health.
Its a tool used to censor experts that have scientifically valid concerns, and is being used to destroy their careers.
However misinformation ‘experts’ are prolific spreaders of misinformation.
This can be definitively proven.

This is often being supported by tax payers and publicly funded academic institutions.  Although there is science outlining how to identify and debunk misinformation it is all too often practiced as a nefarious art by the so called experts.  Genuine subject matter experts sharing inconvenient truths need immediate help.  They must be protected against censorship.

A researcher’s reputation dictates their success in obtaining funding.  Health care professionals and scientists are being punished, defamed and are losing jobs because of so called misinformation gurus who lack expertise, lack integrity, lack professionalism, and are in and of themselves profound spreaders of misinformation.
They are misleading the public and discouraging discussions of global health.
For the sake of global public health, protecting bodily autonomy, and protecting freedom of speech, the deputisation of misinformation experts must be stopped.
These people and those who support them need to be investigated and brought to justice"

He gives the example...
“A huge swathe of the public were led to believe that the immune system could no longer function naturally.”

From the ICS WEBSITE introduction.

What were once labeled ‘Conspiracy Theories’ are now facts that are openly discussed and accepted as truths. The same details that were constantly categorized as ‘fake news’ are now being broadcast as crucial ‘newly discovered’ findings, often by the same reporters that condemned these truths throughout the pandemic. Data that was viciously censored is now being reported as ‘new ground-breaking information’.

Throughout the pandemic a group of informed and brave professionals fought relentlessly to expose these truths – often losing everything in pursuit of veracity to protect our freedoms. Many of these fearless professionals will unite for the ICS4 in Bucharest, Romania where the population still remembers what it is like to live without freedoms. It is because of their history that many Romanians were able to recognize the violation of human rights that occurred during the pandemic faster and more deeply than the rest of the free world. They banded together and were not swayed by the coercion and restrictions forced upon them.

The ICS4 will bring current data, statistics, and information to Bucharest, Romania, and draw inspiration and knowledge from a country that fought tirelessly for decades against injustice, censorship, and the restriction of human rights…and won. By virtue of their history, Romanians know very well the value of their freedom and quickly recognized the signs when it was being taken away.

International Covid Summit - International Crisis Summit - November 18th 2023

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