Pharma Dictatorship

Monumental fraud of pharma

Nothing stops the plans of big tech and big pharma to infiltrate our bodies with synthetic augmentation and unsafe genetic changes.  Now we see the rapid advancing of biotech industries towards the Internet of Bodies where every aspect of humans must be monitored and controlled through biotech models.  [Add diagrams below]. When AI is charged with this task, all hell will be let loose as AI will not have real understanding. 

Covid treatments have brought to the fore an awareness of the forceful intentions of  big pharma daring to introduce negligently trialed damaging vaccines for a poorly diagnosed or mis-understood disease and/or bioweapon.   Statistics of deaths are so high, that many now believe there is a depopulation agenda.  [Add Books and Document quotes]. Before Covid-mania it was well known that investigations proved damage is caused by vaccines and other drugs.    People like Robert Kennedy Junior have been following and fighting the vaccine trail for some time via Children's Health Defense.

The Survival of the Wisest - Salk, Jonas, (1914-1995)

Various writers have covered the idea of depopulation control by medical means, which wasn't always clear until 2021.  Julian Huxley, Jonas Salk [Man Unfolding] and Jacques Attali, long before we heard Bill Gates boast of the need to reduce population.  These writers were aware of what the Nazi chemists created for warfare.

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Sasha Latypova talks to Jeffrey Prather about the DOD ownership of pharma

“novel covid virus posed national security threat”


Sasha reveals an overheard transcript of discussions about designing new types of vaccines within 60 days after a 'pandemic'.
Design the pandemic, a bioweapon, then design the vaccines!!!  "Science Fiction". (stated in audio).

Audio recording leaked from AstraZeneca: Covid was classified a national security threat by the US Government/DOD on February 4, 2020.

the audio confirms that the DOD pandemic pharma consortium was established in 2017 and the DOD, (not pharmas) was, and remains in charge of it.

The CEO of AstraZeneca, Pascal Soirot is on record stating that millions of people in the world cannot be vaccinated by mRNA shots because they have autoimmune conditions and other vulnerabilities. They always knew.

'DOD funds and manufactures biological and chemical weapons by simply renaming them into “biomedical research”, “drug delivery technologies”, “vaccines”, and “pandemic preparedness”:
“reclassifying bioweapons as legally identical to pandemics”!

[Here another use of language misinformation: used deliberately to disguise the truth.  A pandemic is supposed to be a natural illness spreading, whereas a bioweapon has been manufactured by humans]

Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium 5

Sasha's presentation (scroll forPart3) shows how only the US Dept Of Defence (DOD) had all power of authorisation. This would only need to be the case if a bioweapon had been released.  Even so, the lack of comprehensive trials and safety precautions for what we now know is a dangerous injection of body-incompatibles and nanotech, is surely criminal and medical negligence. Sasha Lapytova's Presentation - Video section on her Substack coverage of the Symposium.

BELOW Sasha's slides/Katherine Watt.

FORBES article - based on work by Paul Novosad and Eric Werker 'Who Runs the International System' - Harvard

(Harvard is an advocate of big pharma control, from where many of the current scenarios were formulated)

'Perhaps the most surprising finding in the survey is the degree to which burgeoning economic powers such as Brazil, India, and China, have remained underrepresented in the Secretariat [United Nations] —ranking 83, 89, and 95 respectively.'

  • The United Nations is arguably the world's most representative international organization. Even so, it was set up by a particular set of nations, the victors of the second world war, with the goal of sustaining a certain kind of world order.
  • In spite of significant changes in the balance of global economic power over the past decades, the post-World War II balance of control at the United Nations has been largely sustained.

"You can look at this in two ways," says Werker. "Either in spite of being a military and economic power, these countries haven't yet been able to project soft power. Or, you can take another view, that these countries are rejecting the global system. Either way, it's not clear that it's in the best interest of the world for these rising powers to take a back seat when it comes to solving international conflicts."

This article suggests countries with more economic power do not have enough representation.  There's a far cry from having representation - to having the United Nations taking total control!  It seems America is welcoming this takeover, which implies America is already taken over from the inside.  We know from Covid-Cult that big pharma has huge reach and control already over legal decisions in America, Europe and most countries.  After the Covid experiment it became clear countries easily followed what the WHO said, which was in fact what big pharma wanted.

Time's up for big pharma, as RNA gene therapy developer Malone speaks eloquently and purposefully with undisputable facts around vaccines.  "INTEGRITY DIGNITY COMMUNITY"

"The science is settled, they're not working...The Davos oligarchs have demonstrated their gross incompetence to all the world over the last two years... They have neither the right nor ability to govern America"

TOMAS RENZ talks to Alex Newman, The New American, about his current law suits.

Does the government have authority to lie to the American public?

I had to have the courage to do it because I knew I would be ripped apart.

Reiner Fuellmich, (Corona Auschuss - Corona Investigative Commitee) German lawyer who took on corporations.

Had it not been for the PCR test there would not have been a pandemic.

Behind this is an ongoing financial crime.  They've been looting and plundering our world assets for at least 20 years.

Sen. Ron Johnson Round Table - Covid-19 Second Opinion

'Attorneys Tom Rens and Leigh Dundas cover how the DOD has covered up the massive increases in miscarriages, cancer, neurological damage, and hiding the data being collected in Project Salus which show 71% of new COVID cases and 61% of hospitalizations are fully vaxxed.'

Sen. Ron Johnson Round Table - Covid-19 Second Opinion

'Dr Pierre Kory goes off on the suppression of of basic medical information in the national response to COVID.'

Notes from Testimonies - Covid-19 Second Opinion Round Table

Dr Harvey Risch - 40,000 patient studies in several countries, shows Ivermectin dramatically reduces risk of hospitalisation and mortality

Dr Pierre Kory- Innumerable failed policies, written by pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Richard Urso - Italy, found blood clotting.  He was surprised to be attacked by people who didn’t want him to use anti inflammatory drugs.

Sen. Ron Johnson's Round Table discovered policies which we can see in the World Economic Forum, The IMF, and the United Nations.

Truth Exposed!  January 24th 2022 - Senator Ron Johnson holds 'Covid-19 Second Opinion' Round Table.

Doctors and nurses heard on alternative news media for 2 years NOW give public evidence revealing shocking bad management and corruption at all levels of health authorities.  5 hours of testimonies and discussion, from doctors and nurses who have had to resign due to not being allowed to treat patients to the best of their ability. Several clips featured by Harrison Smith on American Journal give a good snapshot introduction to the level of corruption and malfeasance.

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Vaccine Economy

'This year, next year, vaccine policy is economic policy ... without it we can not turn the fate of the world economy around ...' - Kristalina Georgieva, Head of the IMF, April 2021

“The US gov along with 50 other governments signed an illegal treaty with Pfizer and the United Nations to put our countries into total receivership to them, if they would give us the drug to save us.”

~ Alex Jones Video @05:20

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