Image: The Liberty Beacon 29th August 2021
Dr Young – electron microscopy – description below image – from his website

Dr Young's website with many images. Also videos.

Dr Young has worked in microscopy for decades. His recent work shows whats in vaccines.  He understands what happens to blood cells.  Cells are only as healthy as the fluids they are in.  When blood cells loose negative charge, they clump together, forming chains.

He determines many problems are improved by re-alkalinazation of the blood environment when it is too acid, described in detail in video He recommends Niacin flush (B3) Bicarbonate of Soda, more water and Avocados. And we need salt.

Dr Young- Micrograph of a Carbon Cluster of Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) in blood

Due to our external environments having EMF, we need to become more actively aware of sympathetic resonance technology; which is another area of Young's studies.