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Author’s environmental interest was cemented when discovering many stories of global environmental concerns on Google Plus media blogging platform, where I had an  Environment Collection publicly ‘featured’ by Google gaining 90,000 followers by 2018. Since Google disbanded the platform I have wanted to compile so many of these interests in a separate site. All of the issues are still standing, some with an increasing cause for concern. Consequently many stories will be added from previous years, as well as updated news on their developments.

Topics to be developed throughout Synthetic Agenda ...  [Site under construction 2020-21] 

Genetic engineering - How far do molecular biologists manipulate nature until they make a chimera which cannot be gotten rid of and dooms us all? Bio labs are not doing responsible research, witness Wuhan bat lab.  Gates and mosquitos to vaccinate the world. (Add Corbett Reports, Spiro Skouras - Bruce Lipton; genes adapt to environment, DNA is permanent.)

Communications Tech - Mega-cities.  Mobiles.  How will surveillance and 5G affect people?  From 2020!  Internet of things.  (WEF Reset)! How do electro magnetic frequencies inherent in our invisible working world, interfere with plants and humans?

Anonymous Dystopian AI - Bat-crazy technocrats and techtopians working to surveil and connect everything via the internet of things, and have it all 'known' via AI and 5G Skynet which is already reading your fridge, recording you in your home. All it can do is implement the commands of a techtopian's limited mind, based on control of all resources.  AI is limited. Human consciousness is not. (Add Ray Kursweil, Nick Bostrom ignorance)

Synthetic Food - Genetically modified, chemically infused and pesticide nurtured - you cannot tell what you are swallowing and what harm it might do you. Big Ag allied now with Big Pharma and Big Tech, intends to take over all food production. To do away with natural farming. Now (2021) Bill Gates is developing synthetic meat, while being the largest farmland owner. (Ice Age Farmer and others)

Plastics and Polyester - (fashion separately) Seen to be durably useful, but the unseen chemicals are  escaping.  Bi-phenols are leaching out from plastic into food.  Monomers ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid used to make polymers for polyester are mostly carcinogenic and all are poisonous.  Landfill Leachate. (add video leachate) 2021 update: lipid nanotparticles in vaccines are now coated with polyethyline glycol to facilitate their movement.

Water Pollution - We cannot see what is being dumped in rivers, to pollute drinking water for many; human waste including medicines causing hormone disruptors even after treatment plants.  (Add Vernon Coleman)  Pesticides run off into rivers, eventually into drinking water, and eventually to pollute the ocean.  Invisible Fukushima nuclear product radiation.  How is sea life affected Globally?

Author Notes: Technology in harmony. Technology creating discord. #TechnologyRunAmok #ScienceRunAmok #SyntheticAgenda. Frequency interference. (Barrie Trower) (Plus Content from previous Google Plus account)

Fake Environmentalism: Carbon Tax, global warming scam and bankster funded Extinction Rebellion (Social Engineering) 

English Investigative Journalists:

Mike Henningsey - 21st Century Wire, Brian Gerrish - UK Column,  James Delingpole

Smombiegate -Website for action(add others)

American and Canadian Investigative Journalists:

James Corbett - Corbett Report, videos, articles.

Christian Westbrook - Ice Age Farmer, Videos, articles.

Mike Adams - Articles, videos. Natural news, Brighteon Founder

Alex Jones -  videos. Infowars founder

Last American Vagabond - videos and research

Jay Dyer - Jays Analysis, videos articles.

Dane Wittington - Geoengineering watch, videos, articles

Robert F kennedy Jnr. - Children's Health Defence, videos, articles, books.

Catherine Austin Fits - Solari Report, Books, videos, articles.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Videos, articles, books.

Dr. Peter McCullough - videos, reports.

Dr. Mercola - Books, videos, articles.

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