Fracking for Shale Gas

Toxic Air and Water

Fracking gets approved because no one can see the pollution it makes.  It uses millions of gallons of water, which can never be recycled due to toxic chemicals being used, sometimes also acid.  A complete waste of valuable resource of water.  Extensive fracking in Australia has caused gas to filter away into the rivers and garden roses to turn black and dead (find screenshot).  Tap water in both America and Australia, in places, catches light.  The air around a frack-well is polluted by ethane exhaust from the drill area.

'Voices from the Gas Fields' by Ian R Crane, was a groundbreaking shocking documentary film about Australian frack wells in Southern Queensland, family victims of their land grab where the property became worthless, while their health deteriorated as did the environment: this showed me what a dreadful thing it is.

A fracking king gets Knighted!

AV8 Can you Feel the Winds of Change  Ian R Crane has campaigned against fracking tirelessly.  The UK anti-fracking community has contributed significantly to the fact that the Country has remained 'Frack Free' since spring 2011! However, this quest has not been without much drama and personal cost, with one of the Fracking Companies, Rathlin Energy, pursuing Ian through the Bankruptcy Courts for over two years!

INEOS also didn't get far with fracking in the UK due to protests and campaigns, while their millionaire CEO Ratcliffe got knighted in the process!

Ian R Crane - RIP 2021.  Ex oil executive, fighting the synthetic agenda.