Author’s Mission

The Mission - To Educate and Illustrate

There are many facets to the highly synthetic world we have now, which has gone far beyond the manufacturing of useful things and sensible biomedical developments.

Big pharma (pharmaceutical industry) is embedded in a variety of biological interventions: agricultural herbicide profits, with such horrors as GMO food seeds which will alter human genes via ingesting (proven highly cancerous with rats). Yet they continue.

The vaccine industry is off the charts with interference; American babies being given 30 vaccines at birth, sometimes causing autism and death.  Vaccine ingredients are themselves shocking.  We currently see a big push for vaccination against SARS-Cov2 (Covid-19) which this site will follow.

Corporations don't always come clean with their intentions.  DARPA is not only exploring the atmosphere but setting up a mesh for future monitoring and surveillance as the Internet of Things, all run by AI and 5G.

The petrochemical industry cares nothing for the proliferation of plastics world wide which litter the environment in countries without recycling collections.   The micro plastics, broken down form, from waste plastic in the oceans are there for ever, and present in marine life and the fish we eat, even in Antartica.

All environmental organisations, media and groups, such as extinction rebellion need scrutinising for their background funders and supporters, in order to discern how the corporate funded connections work to bring us their Synthetic Agenda.  My design work opposes the Synthetic Agenda - all image studies are based on a veneration of nature's harmony on Earth, within the electric universe.  Design work focuses on natural forms, plants and seeds within the paradigm of natural growth patterns, always based on nature's geometry.

New work 2020 is to include harmonising natural forms, both drawn and photographic, with geometric overlays.  These combinations will be defined through exploration of natural patterns.

Author's Photographs and Paintings

My own photographs - focusing on gardens and wilderness - oceans and forest vistas -  are currently being uploaded to new Gallery sister site