Agenda 21 Control Of All Resources

'What You Need to Know About Agenda 21 & the New Agenda 2030 - Eugenics in Action'

Maurice Strong's Marxist ideas of land grabbing

Debbie Bacigalupi is a 6th generation rancher, businesswoman, biotech consultant and activist who's ran for congress in California. She speaks about controversial topics, but as we know, reality is crazier than any TV show. Debbie broke down Agenda 21 to us and explained the new revamped Agenda 2030 being pushed at COP21 (the Paris Climate Talks). Agenda 21 was created at the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.

The idea was to find a way to save the planet from humans which included depopulation, taxation, land grabs, etc. The idea mimics similar ideas going back to early Marxism. While it seems like science fiction, it's actually being implemented and that can be seen throughout the world. It was pushed largely by Manitoban Maurice Strong and former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. Using the anthropogenic global warming movement as a foothold, countless taxes and depopulation agendas have been created under the guise of saving the world.

While most of these actions appear to be initiated with good intention in the climate change movement, it involves complete control, collectivism and eugenics which should be outrageous to most people. With GMO foods, fluoride in the water, stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering in the skies, war, cancer, disease, pharmaceutical dependency, taxes on carbon, laws against collecting rainwater and growing your own, propaganda in schools and so much more, the agenda is taking full affect and can be seen basically anywhere you look in modern day society.

According to supporters of the agenda, humans are worthless maggots that are too stupid to be responsible for themselves so a higher power must control everyone and slowly kill off the human race. Sounds crazy right?

The Hidden Agenda Behind The Planned Destruction of America with Rosa Koire

“You are going to be remade as the new global citizen” 

"Agenda 21 - 170 nations 1992 - agreed inventory and control of all land, water, plants, minerals, energy, law enforcement, education, information - humans.

...A plan to disrupt and destroy existing systems.. taking away your voice through local governments to global government systems." ~ Rosa Koire - June 2020

Rosa Koire, a top expert on the United Nations Agenda 21 who authored the book titled 'Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21’.

Rosa Koire died June 2021  [Add notes from interview]

'Architecting the Beast System: AI Control of Food Supply'

AI to control all food items, strangely interlinked with weapons systems

PROJECT SALUS - data aggregation platform: 

Large stores are giving all details to the Pentagon. “feeding grocery transactions into an AI weapons system’.  Everything can be traced back to origin.  If you were gifted some green beans, they would be deemed black market.  Big companies are being forced to re-tool for online ordering and kerbside pickup.

'it may become a part of the Joint-All-Domain Command and Control or JADC2, a massive effort to digitally interlink weapons, vehicles and personnel.”    ‘Pentagon looks to expand JAIC’s supply chain pilot’

‘The Defence Dept should shift more funding toward “big bets’ on emerging technologies including software and 5G capabilities.’

‘Tech Pioneers 2020': World Economic Forum has chosen technology partners.

BRIGHTSEED - AI is cataloguing the edible plant kingdom and identifying new nutrient sources with high potential health impact at a much faster pace….  Instead of 50,000 yrs, they will take 5 years they say. - 'Informed soil insights. Smarter crop decisions. Harness the power of soil science and machine learning to increase profitability.  ‘Test your Acres’ Access the most comprehensive soil biology and chemistry analysis available.'

PHYLAGEN - 'bring transparency to global supply chains through microbiome analytics,  ‘First application for Phylagen’s technology is a microbial forensics service to identify provenance for retail and apparel products.’

How the UN's Agenda 21 Influences Every Aspect of Society

Discovering the Real Meaning Behind Agenda 21

From a communist childhood in Romania, Ileana Johnson Paugh PhD recognised what was happening.  She noticed the 'collectivist' taking of land in America and discouraging farmers; one of the prerequisites of Agenda 21.

She noticed everything was covered by organisations focused on SUSTAINABILITY - which sounds environmentally good, but there are deeper plans other than simple ecology.

Add Catherine Austin Fits video - links Agenda 30 to the coming economic meltdown and The Great Reset.